Covid 19 Light Bight

Thanks for the positive knowledge! Been doing this and no masks since Spring of 2020. I had an industrial chemical injury to my lungs years back and weaned off of meds and antibiotics feeling better than in years while using all naturalistic approach to health! It works for me as I’m meds free and doing better than many people half my age! Use your heads folks and live right. Don’t abuse your bodies and health; making sure you eat the right things to keep that immune system powerful that God blessed us with! Amen.

An herbal tea I like is Green tea then I add fresh grated ginger root, half a fresh lemon with pulp, raw honey, cayenne pepper and it you hate such a bitter strong taste add some favorite fruit juice when ready to drink it. I add all the ingredients in a big mug then pour in the brewed tea so as not to cook those powerful components keeping them potent; really kicks the immune system into play during the winter months especially good! Keep your gut health strong; the key to excellent health.
God bless.
Brother in Christ,

The Tree of Life

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th January, 2022

Or Covid 19 Lite Bite. Take your pick. I am trying to complete a post on the Australian statistics on Coronavirus. This is coming together.

I am also trying to hammer together a post on Jay Pritzker, governor of Illinois. As he is rather a large man, and there is an awful lot of stuff on the internet about him, or a lot of awful stuff on the internet about him, this is a bit of a struggle.

To be honest, you could write a book about him. Then throw it at him. This would hopefully knock him senseless as it would be extremely heavy, and you could then chain him up for life.

Anyway, I thought I would do a small post to fill the gap for the starving masses (!) by producing a snack which will hopefully be of use. A healing…

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