Praying the Angelus Everyday


I was just looking over some catholic sites on social media and stumbled across a site called

Renewing The Real Presence. On their site, they had an article about the Angelus, a very short bit of info, and then the prayer. Please read it and prayerfully consider adding it to your daily prayer routine. We are still at the beginning of the year, and it is the perfect time to implement these changes to your prayer life that you have been wanting to do for some time. God bless.

The Angelus brings an indulgence of 10 years for each recitation, and a plenary indulgence once a month for those who say it three times every day. It may be said standing or kneeling. The whole Angelus, as commonly printed, has to be recited. Those who do not know the prayers by heart, or who are unable to read them, may…

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