Parasite Empire Unravelled

Anyone that believes one word Biden says needs their head examined and the quicker the better!!! The man is a traitor who worked-out so many backdoor deals with Communist China over his 50 year stretch of being a Professional Career Politically Connected Criminal Racketeer!

The new work his administration is doing to refurbish and add on to GITMO should include a specially planned cell for him!
The following essay I published back in May 2020 gives him some dishonorable mentions along with many of his party cronies that you’re all too familiar with I’m sure!

This is beyond nuts, this is evil.

evil-joe-pervert creeper

Here too I have some specific things to point out about Crazy Joe
in another essay from May 2020 with a short video clip of him, and when you check this out don’t have a full stomach; you more than likely will blow your lunch!

biden-devil-docu now

All he needed here was a pitch fork to be in true form!

What did all American’s do to deserve this poor excuse for a human being as an actual President of the United States of America?

We all truly need to pray for a huge miracle that this monstrosity is removed from office and preferably from the country as far as possible!

God bless America!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

Struggle for Emancipation, David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1961

By Hiroyuki Hamada

Wrong Kind of Green

So before Covid, a local school where one of my kids used to attend had prominent race issues. Namely, teachers were being accused of being blind to obvious racist incidences against black students. The normalized notion of racism was so rampant that the school was forced to embrace some sort of deprogramming sessions by a parent-led committee on the issue.  However, this committee itself was ultimately deemed rather racist in its own way by the school’s black alumni group. To me, at the end, it became rather obvious that the whole momentum was part of a corporate political campaign for the Democratic Party establishment.  The same people who raised their fists and said “Black Lives Matter” turned out to be the supporters of Joe Biden who has bragged that he was the architect of crime…

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