The Gnostic Roots of the Trans Movements

Fantastic article that pointed out a few aspects of that ancient beginning period of the Church of Christianity as it was being established by Peter the way Christ Himself instructed him to do. But then how it was marred with some truly deceptive interpretations and practices early on which was clearly to me the work of the Devil, just as we see happening now in earnest by all those that are not aligned with Jesus Christ properly, but, are instead running amuck with falsehoods woven into their beliefs.

You did get right to the root of such a major issue in current modern life and faith or the lack thereof! I see a massive push by the diabolical taking place over the last 20 years, but, just in the last several this internal attack has amped up exponentially; the heat is on and the Devil is looking to get his due setting all kinds of snares and great mass deception into place to catch the unwary! I’m actually planning to publish a long essay that points out this now decadent over the top campaign in America to tear at the heart of what made this One Nation under God so great a country for a time; but now sadly, the evil permeates throughout ruining what was once deserving of God’s Mercy!

Thank for this excellent lesson!
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Some things just won’t go away. Denim jackets, bell bottoms, vinyl – some things tend to creep back into the mainstream just when you thought society had finally forgotten about them for good. Not just fashion either: ideas have a habit of popping up again after thoroughly being put to rest years or even centuries ago. Though less conspicuous, ideas tend to be a bit more consequential to society than hipster fashion is. One idea that just won’t die – even though all its most fervent followers have – is Gnosticism. Gnosticism, a religion that hasn’t been taken seriously for 1500 years, has crept back into mainstream thought by disguising itself in new movements. The modern transgender and transhumanist movements borrow some of their most essential doctrines from the ancient religion. 

What is Gnosticism?

Gnosticism was a collection of religious sects that arose out of early Christianity in the late…

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