What is wrong with people and other related questions

Abigail; sorry about all the what I see as undue stress by the multitudes of people who’ve been fed outright lies and propaganda from day one and it still is being handled that way when you have a Mass Media that is an appendage of Big PHARMA and crooked in bed with government aka Fauci & company, CDC, NIH the WHO etc.! There has been way too much in cahoots activity going on and that was actually obvious to me right from the start of this fraud! You do realize that for the majority of persons around the planet that the survival rate has been shown by honest experts to be, depending on which data and reports we are talking about, anywhere from 98.9% or 99.7% for all practical purposes is a cold type corona virus, but, the world was set off into a panic like a herd of wild beasts running for their lives from a ferocious hungry pack lions!

This has all been orchestrated and played for all its worth by the power mongers and corrupted government officials; that are in pretty much all nations like a network of sophisticated gangsters or the Mob Gone Wild. And the lies are overwhelming from our officials as well all of the major news propagators who have only served to fan the flames of fear and control which about 6 Corporate News Giants along with the equally biased and sinister Big Social Media companies. You are correct about examining data but that data has to be ferreted out carefully and it takes much effort to find the Truth sometimes, while the lies and complete falsehoods are in our faces for the taking on a moment’s notice; just turn on the TV and tune into a networks! I once worked in Network Television News and left many years ago, because I saw the writing on the wall and hated the cheap tricks and underhanded malarkey going on, because “profit and ratings” were the name of the game, not true journalistic integrity to keep a public at large well informed with the Truth!

So now I don’t even watch any of those corporate media titans at all! I find the truth and I search until I’m satisfied that I’ve got the reliable data! I’m also pretty adept in the sciences and fought my own massive injury case in court that I sustained in a work environment with the continued severe repercussions from that injury ongoing at the time which was a respiratory chemical injury with many bouts of pneumonia and walking a fine line at times of respiratory failure! But I managed to stay out of the hospitals and by a blessing had a saint of a doctor, she being the precise right one to keep me away from the traps out there that really could have killed me on many occasions. But I fought against a major law firm hired by the Big Insurance Company for the employer, and, I fighting hard with the best data, my own skills along with blessings, in the end with a whole lot of pain and suffering over a few years in and out of court on my own with no law degree; as the judge put it, did as well or better than any lawyer would have or could have done for me! And I learned fast at the start they were not going to protect my best interests at all, the system doesn’t work like that, so that was why I went it alone; blessed was I to have the one judge in that system that gave me that break to do what I did, God bless his soul!

So now with this mess of Covid it’s a giant case like I was dealing with, where public authorities “don’t have our best interests at heart” and just like my wonderful doctor told me, to make sure anyone I was involved with on my case did. Those public authorities and employer often times are lying, cheating and pulling fast ones in a rigged system all they can to screw over the people for self-gain! Sorry to deflate any perceptions but I know what I’m saying and, have been there done that, with the wicked system we are all caught up in!

Keep praying and be wise and not too easily trust any of these so called officials!

You continue to have a very nice blog!
To answer the big question now; what is wrong with people? People are easily led and manipulated, always have been; but its exponentially worse now with the digital age and everyone walking around with a digital device; people are not thinking and doing for themselves as they should be but are behaving like a bunch of frightened herd animals; that is not what God created us to be and I refuse to live that way, so that is my honest view and I trust God through Jesus Christ, not any man-made or ordered system of living! North Korea and China are two examples of that style and both have murdered millions of their own people over the decades since WWII! Too many so called leaders in America have been pushing our nation in that same direction, so thus we have a madhouse in effect presently!
God Bless You and Yours!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III




No Half Measures

As 2022 begins and the world is once again beset with complications involving COVID-19, this time with the Omicron variant, I find myself pondering many things. At the forefront of my mind is the question, “What is wrong with people?” This one comes up a lot in varying levels of frustration.

There are more people affected by COVID right now than at any other time in this pandemic, the hospitals are just as full as they were in March of 2020, with pediatric admissions up approximately 400%, and yet the least amount of people (or so it seems) are taking it seriously. I keep hearing a variation on, well, we’ll all get it anyway, just get it over with.

The way I’ve always looked at safety measures is that there are many available/possible and, at times, it is reasonable to utilize all of said safety measures, at other times, less…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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