English Bulldogs, Like Thor

Hi Tamara and Thor!!! Well I can see why he makes you laugh; I’m not with him in person and he made me crack up! And I see from this series of awesome shots that he is a character which you either really went to pains to capture his genuine self or he is a ham in front of a camera with natural acting ability! What a good boy and companion who loves to be loved and give it back equally which the last photo indicated to me, that is a really adorable shot!

He really knows how to win you over and get those goodies in me “lookin cute” on the couch!

Has Thor been routinely trained or this is all just his natural ability or way!?

I was finishing this response as a comment and then said what am I doing; I have to reblog this great “Thor Blog Post!” He is a really cool dog dude that Thor! Now I know two Thor’s, yours and a neighbor who is a man! Both are very good!

Thank you for the fun Doggie Blog Post which got my mood and energy level way up! No complaints here but lots of smiling and laughing!

God bless Y’all and see you again soon!
Dogs Best Friend,



BBYCGN Writing

My nerves vibrate against my rib cage in excitement when I happen across the stunning statuesque pose of an English Bulldog.

English Bulldogs, Like Thor, BBYCGN
Me polish floors

I find their unfettered under-bite, which allows for their thick drool to grace floors with an exquisite gloss,their drunken cherry eyes, which they often trip over, and their rolling hills of collagen-depleted skin wrapping a condensed body of 50% pure muscle and 58% obnoxiousness, a few of the English Bulldog’s most priceless qualities.

English Bulldogs, Like Thor.. BBYCGN
Me get Apple n’ Peanut Budder

Built for strength, a human can get down on their own four legs and face the challenge of holding their own during a fierce wrestling-match with one of these brutes. English Bulldogs areoblivious to their own power, which is apparent when they walk into walls and look around, befuddled, for the cause of the loud, hollow thud.

English Bulldogs, Like Thor, BBYCGN
Dis just de appetizer

Bullies possessmachine-like jaw strength, which…

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8 thoughts on “English Bulldogs, Like Thor”

      1. Yes I understand and one of my sisters has fancied Pugs over the years and some similar concerns as I see it but like you said always well worth it and they need good people like you!

        I just saw the other post and it’s a riot I love the idea! I will get back to you on that one. I was about to take care of something and take my dog out for her nightly business!

        That Thor has me still laughing, I’m not kidding he is adorable and a fun dog!

        Thanks so much!
        Some good dog pots are coming up I’m sure!

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    1. Aren’t they though!!! Me having been a photographer since childhood and at times as a kid a ham in front of the camera I could see these Beautiful Creatures from various perspectives and I’m wanting one of these guys to love and let love me back, because they are adorable loving pooches!
      🙏 ❤🌹🌈🌞💗 ✝️ 💗🙏 💞🤗❤️

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