‘Shouldn’t Be Mentioned’: Denzel Washington Has Grown Tired Of Hollywood’s Diversity Obsession

Met him years ago and I know how I see all of this PC and CRT now; and will venture to say that Denzel as I know and like him, thinks it’s a lot of bull shit! We’re not in any perfect world nor will it ever be, so people need to get a clue and get real, so they can face any challenges with determination and “singularity of purpose,” knowing that what really matters is that surviving requires “adapting” to any and all circumstances in a “sensible and determined way” not any government or group covering one’s ass for them because life isn’t fair; and it isn’t, but so what! Take what life hands you and make something positive and good out of it instead of being a complainer or malcontent that ruins everything they touch! Doesn’t that remind you of a certain political party that Hollywood is so entangled with! I left Hollywood decades ago just because of these factors, which only got worse over time, and now to me it’s a cesspool!
I know what I’m talking about and anyone that doesn’t listen is an ass!

That’s the way the cookie crumbles Bub!




God Bless You!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

PA Pundits International

By Gabriel Hays ~

Legendary actor Denzel Washington is tired of all the forced diversity and inclusion foisted on our culture by Hollywood.

From his point of view, the “Macbeth” and “The Book of Eli” star gets that diversity is good and should be celebrated. But, the fact that pop culture is fixated on superficial characteristics like race means we are losing focus on the real talents, abilities and humanity in people of all races and identity groups.

In a roundtable interview with NBC BLK (NBCNews.com’s section devoted to the African-American perspective) and various corporate news outlets, Washington claimed he thinks that “diversity shouldn’t even be mentioned.”

“You know, in my humble opinion, we ought to be at a place where diversity shouldn’t even be mentioned, like it’s something special,” the actor told the outlet. “These young kids — Black, white, blue, green or whatever — are highly talented and qualified. So…

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