Tucker: Terrified, fully-implicated mainstream media is turning on Biden to save themselves

“MSM is Throwing Biden under the Bus”

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January 18, 2022

Looks like Tucker is calling it as it is! Truth be known MSM is Guilty!

Screenshot_2022-01-18 Tucker Biden is now getting bashed by this trusted group

So now we see the proverbial Shit has hit the fan and nobody on the left wants to own it let alone get any of that Poo on their fine threads, Especially MSM talking heads where it will soil their TV appearances; and could end their careers, let alone put some of them behind bars; where they truly belong, these “ACTUAL TRAITORS AND INSURRECTIONISTS,”  who have accused so many others of being and have been pointing their fingers and sharp tongues at the innocent with hostile condemnation during the 2020 election, and, especially the January 6th election protestors!  God forbid these just as sleazy as the Basement Dwelling Lumbering Nitwit, over the top “Looney Tune Cartoon Character Cutout Mannequin,” should have to own up to being a big part of the runaway train of Communist Oligarchy knee-jerk like appendages for the criminally infested Biden Camp; that comes from a 50 year history of pulling punches, stunts and backdoor deals out of their own asses, as a way of life; while selling out the American People and trashing the US Constitution, any which way they can, any day of the week, including and especially Sunday on MSM with all those loyal Biden promoter Pundits or so called news anchors!!

Screenshot_2022-01-18 Tucker Biden is now getting bashed by this trusted group(1)

What I want to know; so I won’t think this is the CIA covert plan to mess with our heads and turn the tides now that Covid is absolutely seen as a fraud monstrosity, that was criminally perpetrated on all of us, as in the whole human race, by our own governments and the most evil corporate Billionaires in history all of which was facilitated by corrupt corporate MSM!  So when are they going to start locking not down, but locking up, many insiders in our government and corporations “including the MSM for Crimes Against Humanity” and prosecute them to the full extent of the law, or am I to naturally think this is another “Deflection Tactic” to cover the asses of all the Guilty as Sin SOB’s? (BitchBastards) The liberal commie socialist MSM that made sure they did all they could to get Biden elected are covering their own butts now!

God Bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III






Please Hurry Tucker, I’m peeing my pants waiting for the BIG CLINCHER!

Could it be true the Corporate MSM is Throwing Biden under the Bus?

Tucker Carlson MSM Biden under Bus Sm Print

Tucker: Terrified, fully-implicated mainstream media is turning on Biden to save themselves

January 18, 2022 | SuzAnne Smithson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson once again pointed out how the mainstream media moves in lockstep on every issue, even one as uncomfortable as the admission that Joe Biden is failing as president.

In the opening segment of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, Carlson began by noting that, by the numbers, support for Biden has dropped in most constituent groups — Hispanics, African-Americans, more moderate Democrats, Independents — but most frightening for Biden is the impending loss of the constituency who, for all intents and purposes, got him elected: the media.

The mainstream media successfully campaigned on behalf of Joe Biden in 2020, Carlson asserted, allowing him to stay in the basement instead of “hold[ing] rallies or giv[ing] speeches or tell[ing] the public what he might do if elected.”

As Carlson described it: “The media hid Biden’s faults, they attacked and censored his critics. In general, they gave no hint at all that you might be electing a senile mannequin with a lifelong history of sleazy behavior.”

Carlson noted that these same news organizations — organizations that went to great lengths to keep the “real” Joe Biden hidden from voters — are now, in concert, admitting his shortcomings. He included a few soundbites as evidence:

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN: President Joe Biden has had a very tough week with setbacks for his agenda. COVID complications and the Supreme Court blocking his vaccine mandate.

CHUCK TODD, NBC: One year in Mr. Biden has the second-lowest approval rating ever measured in the White House. And it has never been less popular nationally.

MARGARET BRENNAN, CBS: 2022 is not exactly off to a good start for the Biden administration.

JOHN KING, CNN: The country is frustrated, his party is frustrated, we are two weeks into a midterm election year, a few days away from a one-year anniversary, and it is very dark for him right now.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: Now he’s in the midst of what famous children’s book writer called “a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” time.

One commentator on MSNBC, Donny Deutsch, finally said out loud, in what may be the understatement of the decade, that Biden is not as young as he used to be: “How many people do you talk to and they say, ‘he seems old.’ And I don’t mean that as an ageist thing. It really started with Afghanistan where he just didn’t seem to have his hand firmly on the wheel. I think a lot of this has to do with the messenger versus the messages itself. He doesn’t feel in charge.”

Carlson marveled at this “a-ha” moment coming from the Left; he noted that they seem to be surprised by this turn of events: “They had no idea Joe Biden was a lumbering, desiccated husk. No idea at all. They never saw Biden call anyone a dog-faced pony soldier. They didn’t notice him sniffing anybody’s hair or staring blankly into the middle of the distance like a lobotomy patient. They never saw it. They are as shocked as you are.”

And, to Carlson’s delight, even Don Lemon on CNN admitted the doom-and-gloom that is hanging over the administration:

“President Biden left Washington tonight to spend the weekend at home in Delaware. He probably couldn’t wait to get out of town after one of the worst weeks of his year-old presidency. A series of setbacks from voting rights, the Supreme Court blocking his vaccine mandate for large businesses, and soaring inflation driving up prices for consumers. And today we saw the news that retail sales last month were awful. Plus Omicron is still causing havoc, with staffing shortages and empty shelves, and some say Democrats are upset with the White House over testing shortages. I could go on. It’s a bad week for the president. Is there any other way to cut it?”

This comes in stark contrast to the overwhelming display of emotion Lemon showed immediately after it was determined that Biden had won the 2020 election: “I almost can’t talk right now because of the emotion. … Everyone is welcome under this tent. We don’t care who you are. We don’t care if you voted for us or not. You are all part of this American experiment. I was so overwhelmed to hear that. I don’t care what people think of me if they think I’m biased or not….I am so happy.”

Carlson jumped on Lemon’s use of the words “we” and “us” — the admission that the media, at least at CNN, was on Team Joe.

“That is the tape. There you have it. If this were a trial, that would be the pivotal evidence. The glove fits, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You cannot acquit,” he said. “The media foisted this Biden calamity on the United States, they got him elected, then they lied and distracted the population as he and the marionette operators who controlled him wrecked a lot of this country. That happened and it’s too late now to deny responsibility. These people are fully implicated in what they did. Lots of them are. Not just Don Lemon.”

Carlson also highlighted another hypocrite among the Democrat elites in Congress, Silicon Valley Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA). He apparently has now decided that censorship is wrong.

“I am not for having either the government or tech companies ultimately being the arbiter of truth, I’m for making sure we don’t have speech that incites violence, but I’m very wary of censorship,” Khanna said. “In the book, I write about how I thought it was a mistake for Twitter to take down some of the stuff about Hunter Biden or Facebook to do that and I think that story was still hogwash. I think Joe Biden was unfairly attacked because of his son, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t belong in the public sphere.”

Carlson wondered aloud why this is happening, and why it’s happening now. In Khanna’s case, staying silent on censorship prior to the election was apparently the right thing to do because, according to Carlson, ” Donald Trump was just too scary. Trump was an emergency so we had to suspend the Constitution to make this into an unfree country. We had no choice.”

But now, after experiencing just one year of a Joe Biden presidency, people seem to be reconsidering things.

As usual, when one media outlet sings, they all do; messaging is key to the Left. Carlson provided evidence of one recent day in the life of the MSM, where they all spout the same talking point as they reflect on January 6, 2021:

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN: Lies that would bring us to one of America’s darkest days.

MSNBC REPORTER: …became one of the darkest days in American political history.

DON LEMON, CNN: The very next day was one of the darkest day in our history.

CNN REPORTER: one of the most dramatic and dark days in American history.

CBS REPORTER: One of the darkest days in US history.

YAMICHE ALCINDOR, MSNBC: This was one of the darkest days in American history and we expect the president to say just that.

Carlson again expressed wonder — not about the fact that there is no diversity of thought among the MSM, but instead about the timing and the motivation. What is the end game for the Democrat Party if they are allowing the media to speak ill of Biden this early in the game? If they pull support from him now, who exactly is poised to take over?

(Video: Fox News)


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