Blessings Through Barrenness

This is very accurately pointing to how it must always come down to the stripping away of the extraneous and really seeing the core or bare plain truth allows us to see beyond this temporary skewed or half-truth existence, When we can see in this way then the great beyond and the reality of God as being present in all things, in each of our lives; His seeing and knowing everything that there is, allows us to “see His glory enough to be rapt in awe” which must draw us closer to Him and thus make our lives more about understanding His will for each of us while in these flesh bodies as for what they really are; only a stepping stone or path to Him in all of His glory. I think what you explained in your experience is that this more stark forest appearance was giving you an opportunity even in the dead of winter when as you said the trees are dead if actually only sleeping until they awaken in the spring to their fullness or potential of the then powerful sunshine or light giving them new energy to manifest that potential fullness. We are not in our fullness while here in this almost sleeping state needing to awaken to God’s fullness, which can only come after our own long winter period of life. But this winter time when those trees are dead as you stated they have an opportunity for life ahead just as we are now dead in that we do not and cannot have a continued life from this world now burdened with sin, to one of real fullness when we truly bloom and spring forth in a complete fullness of life everlasting in Paradise that we can have through our Savior Jesus Christ, who will give us eternal life through Him and so much beyond our comprehension; when in the Presence and Absolute Glory of God our Creator! So the shimmering radiant and magnificent colors you saw through those dead or sleeping trees, is what awaits anyone who seeks God’s glory and accepts the hardship of winter or the difficult times of living here, because in that, we gain more power and strength being humbled and knowing we are nothing without God; thus growing our faith while on our path to Him! We live for Him and His glorious purposes so that is all that matters. When we see and look into the world and at own personal lives through that prism we then truly draw closer to Him and begin to really know Him, just in the way that Jesus our beloved Savior looked upward and cried out to our Father in heaven; “why have you forsaken me!”

Listen here to this fine explanation as to this one massive point of what Jesus went through for us, and then you like me will see; that any suffering I can do here is nothing, absolutely nothing, in comparison and I should be thankful for my own personal trials and tribulations; my suffering on the cross that the Father has willed; he knows what is best for me as He does every single one of us! Amen.

This brings to mind someone that spoke this language of understanding the meaning of pain and suffering extremely well and that is Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.


“Mother Teresa chose the little way. She heeded the simple call of caring for the least, the lost, and the lonely. .

This is what we are all called to. To care for the one that is presented to us each day. Though Mother Teresa reached worldwide recognition, she remained humble. She remained true to her faith.

Life is the most important gift we are given. She cared for those who were seen as useless, dross, to be discarded. Some view a mass of cells who will become what we call a human as an inconvenience or not really life. But a life is a life. Whether a leper, a lame person, a disabled person, a child recently conceived. Mother Teresa saw each human life as sacred and beautiful and cared and had compassion on each one. She exemplified Christ in his compassion for each of us, who are also the least, the lost, and the lonely when separated from Christ. Mother Teresa showed the light of Christ to each person she encountered, even in their dying moments.”


“Now imagine, you have been serving the least, the lost, and the lonely—the bottom of the barrel according to the human condition—for fifty years. Would you not have moments of doubt in your faith? Would you not wake on some mornings and wonder if anything you did yesterday mattered or would matter today? Would comforting another person dying in your arms truly comfort that person? In Mother Teresa’s diary it was revealed she had doubts in her faith. She had dark moments, as though God was absent in the care she was providing or the love that she was showing. This is the way of the cross. It is a comfort to know that even Jesus Christ had a moment of crisis in faith as well when he shouted, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Is this not our cry in the darkest moments of our lives? At least that is what it feels like—that God has forgotten us. This language is riddled all over the Psalms, the greatest prayer book.”

I weep watching this, so this is a powerful thing to watch!

The only perfect human being was crucified without a blemish of sin for us who are riddled with it and He took every sin committed by the human race upon Himself willingly accepting that chalice and His becoming the Sacrificial Lamb of God which is truly inconceivable to even begin to understand what that is in reality but it was reality on that cross for Jesus Christ and we all deserve hell where you saw the Devil in the bottomless pit where he belongs; but, God our Father in Heaven by His endless Grace and Mercy says we do not belong there, and that we will be with Him, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit for eternity, if we each just accept Jesus as our Lord, Savior and Redeemer; loving Him with each of our hearts!

You see as I hear what you are saying you are seeing beyond the cold, dark, lonely dead trees in that state to the light beyond them which is always shining and there, but, we don’t always see it for one reason or another being caught up in everyday surviving and living in the ways of the flesh material world.

“After fifty years of serving, there were times it all became mundane and seemingly worthless. But God truly honored Mother Teresa’s work. The way of sanctification is suffering and grace. All the great works that Mother Teresa did, did not save her. Redemption has come through the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. The suffering that Mother Teresa had in her thoughts was grace. These suffering thoughts caused her to turn to Christ in her darkest moments. In the book, The Diary of a Country Priest the main character (the priest) is declining in health and suffering quite a lot. But as his suffering increases, his spiritual growth increases all the more. I believe this is what happens to “spiritual giants” as some call them. The same is true for Mother Teresa. She suffered with the those who were suffering. She comforted those suffering. And in turn, her suffering in mind has brought comfort to us saints who doubt our faith, stumbling around as we do. But in suffering we are drawn closer to Christ who is our redemption.
Let us honor Mother Teresa for her fortitude to bring light to the suffering world. And honor her as a saint and Saint. She is one of many who points us toward Jesus Christ. Mother Teresa pray for us. Amen.”
C. N. Dudek is a writer and editor and has written for as the Baltimore Christianity Examiner. You can read more about him at On the Galilean Shores.


I know this is truth because I found myself being thrust into a huge amount of unjust punishment and suffering brought on by other humans who were my enemies and I wondered like Mother Teresa and so many countless others why was this allowed; and after long suffering, pain and struggles I had to arrive at the place Mother Teresa did knowing that I’m in God’s Glorious hands and His only Son our Savior Jesus took all the punishment of the entire world, every sin and misdeed all for the eternal love of our Father who doesn’t want to forsake us, but, we must give total respect and love to His Son first of all for His total sacrifice and in turn love our Father in heaven completely so that we can be sanctified; then being able to join them in there perfect glorious holiness and eternal love. We should welcome our suffering and the dark times we must get through just like we appreciate those times when the bright shining light is gleaming through the obstacles or dead things in this world, but, yet we can see it so beautifully and know it is always there beckoning to us to keep seeking and having faith that grows by the day! Amen.
God bless you and yours!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Thought you might enjoy these thoughts that I posted a few years back:

This is the time of year that I used to dread.  Most of the Christmas decorations have disappeared from our neighborhood’s homes, the warmth of holiday music has dissipated, the air is bitter cold, and the trees are dark and seemingly devoid of life.

Blessings Through Barrenness

My husband and I commute to work together, and lately I have been struck with beauty that I haven’t noticed before.  One thought has been swirling in my mind for a few days now.

There is great beauty to be found in barrenness.

This thought strikes me as my eyes take in the awesomeness of those trees that in the past I would describe as cold, dead and dull.  What I see now is entirely different and enlightening.

As we drive home after work, the winter sunsets are almost overwhelmingly…

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4 thoughts on “Blessings Through Barrenness”

    1. Beautiful, isn’t it Deborah! I get tears in my eyes often when focused on these foundational truths that our Precious Lord Jesus wants us to hold near and dear to our hearts as that is a sign of our clear path to Redemption and absolute Salvation; He is so happy when we have these revelations and tears of happy joy from deep in the heart and soul! So wonderful that you are so aware and certain in your beautiful faith, as Saint Mother Teresa was by her so hard time dealing with constant suffering, now she prays for us here who suffer, as she being one of God’s special saints, and I know how you are by your suffering, and yet great heart; that persevered and does through it all!
      God bless you Sister Deborah!


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