Looks like we got us a convoy

This is the Stuff the Guts and Glory that we Need not all this siting around waiting for somebody else to do all the heavy Lifting like most people these days do being couch potatoes and Digital Queens doing Jack about the actual Problem! I’ve driven hundreds of thousands nearly a million miles commercially and no accidents that is work and stress but you digital queens what have you done about the existing slip into the Elitist Made Abyss Death Trap that we are all heading into; this while throw back Neil Yong Whines like some old grandmother over diddly; what an ASS? If I was still driving commercially I would be with these boys on the front end and no stopping me! Too much candy ass talk and not enough substance that can actually change the course that these Hitlers have us heading on; into oblivion!

All you Truckers this is the way we have to say cut all of your lying shit or we will break the whole system and then come for you devils and stop this once and for all! They put a fear into the masses for two years with all of the lies, jabs, lives ruined and all of their evil deceptions; and yet we are billions of people so they don’t stand a chance against us all! They want war they got it!

God bless all the good souls and those that care enough to make a difference along with all of the innocent and helpless; you freeloaders take a hike!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III



The Tree of Life

Canada Freedom Convoy

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

29th January, 2022

I understand a large convoy has arrived in Ottawa. I do hope they maintain anti-freeze antisocial distancing in case they catch the Convid 19 a.k.a. the ‘flu as they fly along the highways. It is very cold in Canada at the moment. I would love to join y’all but I ain’t gonna be able to jern yur. Or something like that. But old Baldy is with you in spirit.

So that will have to do. My understanding is that they are there to talk to Justin ‘Call me Jesus Christ’ Trudeau. What Jesus Christ calls him is unrepeatable.

It appears that poor iddums widdums Justy wuss-ty caught Covy Wovid and has had to self-immolate…..we wish.

I should have said self-isolate. Perhaps it is just as well Justin. The truckers are just a witsy bitsy peeved at you. They might have thrown…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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