The Cavalry Rolled In


God Bless Y’all…..I’ll be straight-out with you here and say first I congratulate all of the Truckers and Associates for pulling off this monumental feat for Justice and Truth in a world where both are fading into the darkness of Corruption and Deception the likes of which this world has never seen before! I’ve known since the start of the Pandemic that its was a Huge Lie and set out to prove it each day searching for Truth! You see after some things that happened to me over the last 15 years I got shocked into a reality of what this world was becoming and what kinds of nefarious persons were in charge, even a Pope who I had written to at the Vatican about some horrible corruption in my locale that involved the church and many public figures and how I was targeted by some of them to be destroyed and the False Pope Bergoglio a Marxist Freemason never responded to my very eloquent and from the heart factual letter so that told me then the world is out of control because that same man is so tight with Xi Jinping and Biden obviously following the same marching orders from hell. So what I’m saying is a global operation has been for years in the planning and is now underway to take all of our human rights and FREEDOM away to subjugate us humans into a totalitarian hellish nightmare of control and eventual elimination! I knew your Trudeau was in on all of this, like Obama was for 8 years as a fraud president, and is nothing more than a self-serving elitist cut-throat liar. I used to say those Canadians are going bonkers up there letting their country slide into Socialism and way left thinking! Even bringing Chinese Troops to Canada on the US border for exercises and much underway with building Internment camps already! But, things had not gotten bad enough here in the US yet, to make me see how our nation was and is on the same exact glide-slope to disaster! Biden authorized upgrading as well as adding more structures at GITMO!!! Now we know the whole planet is being placed under this Nazi type control which is all spurned and promulgated by the despots’ sheer hatred and evil! I wrote many essays about what I sensed and then began to pick up on as being telltale signs of a wickedness getting a tight grip on many leaders and governments along with massive corporations primarily Big Pharma and Big Tech to lasso all of us with a specially designed net; that up to this time and age has never been possible because Digital Global Technology was required and that precise time has arrived where they the evil powers that be, are going to control and kill all of us that they see as expendable, group by group and person by person if we don’t totally resist them with all we’ve got!

I just wrote yesterday and today how these demonic henchmen with massive earthly wealth and connections have been able to easily manipulate and brainwash the populations up till now but we as The People globally are a Sleeping Giant and with Billions of us willing to lay it all on the line and face death, even they are going to be scared shitless and hide like the dirty rats and weak evil things that they are!!! Are they going to blow up the world if they don’t get their way? I say so be it; but they are more afraid of us than we should be of them, and too many people have been living in unnecessary fear and foolishness! There has been no pandemic or dangerous things going on that required all people to get a vaccination and then digital passports; that is all SHIT LIES! But MSM and the whole Crooked Ways of The World System have been playing all of us and had the upper-hand, but they lost that, now that the Cat is Out of the Bag and the Sleeping Giant is Awake!!!

Now let me tell you this about me, I should have been dead already by the traps and deadly things that were done to me by nefarious persons and government cronies but I’m only here because God Himself kept me going and wanted me to serve Him the best I can for now! This all took a horrible toll on me as I’m only a man with flesh and bones and did fight it all with practically nobody helping but Jesus who actually led me through the fire; he made sure I had a couple of key good human beings in my corner when I needed them and helped me to be my own lawyer even when I was almost ruined in a work injury set-up; I am gifted with a mind that could figure out how to work in the legal system pro-se, but I could never have made it without Jesus guiding me as what to write and say in court; all of it while very ill!

I’ve driven nearly a million miles as a commercial driver myself so I identified immediately with every one of these people when these events occurred for some time now! My best way of helping at this time now has been to dissect information in the world and digest it; then analyze it with the help of the Holy Spirit allowing me to speak out as an instrument or servant of God’s as to what I’m seeing and feeling in my heart. I love the movie Brave Heart and William Wallace was my kind of man that I totally respect; and I see that in another time I would be out in the front of the battlefield willing to die fighting for Freedom! And I still feel that way regardless; so I say this to all the world, I only fear God Almighty who has the power over my soul for it to end up in hell or heaven, and so therefore, I’m committed to loving Jesus Christ while trying my best to make it to heaven; as I pray more and more of you out there are realizing you are also committed to that same goal too!


This whole world and everything in it is in God’s hands so the final outcome and analysis is totally His to decide and we are required to seek His will serving Him with all of our Love for allowing us this opportunity to exist and live a life that can go on into eternity in His holy Perfect Kingdom; to truly be His perfect children no longer in a world of pain and suffering or finite sinful flesh and bones! Our glorified bodies and existence await ahead, but, for now we must seek His will and power to guide us step by step always holding onto His Truth, Hope and Love that will absolutely overcome all the darkness and evil; “God has the last say in everything,” so remember that! He loves you dearly and doesn’t want you to choose evil over Good and His Love for you! We have to make up our own minds and hearts like Dismas did on the Cross next to Jesus at Calvary, being perfect isn’t possible for any of us, but, He God knows our hearts through the Salvation of Jesus with the Holy Spirit, and whether we truly love Him above all things; wanting to be with Him in His Glory and perfect Love. Amen.

Check these most recent essays I wrote and I will provide a few older ones too, as you get some time; but most important keep seeing the Truth now by talking to and praying to Jesus and our Father in heaven! His Holy Spirit will keep feeding you what you need to keep pushing forward and accomplish only what He wills for you!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


“The big thing that has become crystal clear these last two years is that our prison here in Canada is in many ways self inflicted. We are the wardens of our own speech. And when we share our fears and our joy and especially our hope, we are giving others permission to speak and to be free.”

These are the words of Dan, whose full name is proudly included at the bottom of the letter you are about to read. I received his letter midday on January 29, 2022, after discussing the Canadian Truckers Convoy onDarkHorse, and posting about ithere, both on January 28. I thank Dan for his words, his honesty, and his courage. The letter speaks for itself.



First, thank you for covering the convoy.

In my rural northern Ontario city of barely over 50,000, 7,000 people spontaneously showed up on the…

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