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Very nice posting Joyce! I have something to share that fits so well and I know you will love it!
I’ve had squirrels in my property area that know me so well they take peanuts from my hand and as they do I brush my index finger across their heads! Some that were injured or had only one eye functioning I started to care for those, so they get to live much longer staying close by than if they were handicapped and out in the surrounding area where they become easy targets for the predators!

I had to write this after seeing your very good photo! Your sentiments are appreciated by me and I’m sure by our little furry friends especially! You give much encouragement to the little creatures and inspire some of us bigger ones too! I’m trying to link to a photo of one squirrel that was caught by a rotating car tire as it tried to cross the street at the wrong moment and was flung through the air slamming him head first on the pavement! He should have been dead and could barely move as he clung to a tree with neurological damage; so I rushed him to a wildlife clinic where he took months to rebound but was never going to be completely normal like the other squirrels. The Veterinarian and clinic staff named him Larry and I was given the honor to attach his wooden house to one of my trees at my home where he lived well for another 4 years but eventually became a target of a hawk! He would visit me every day and take a peanut and sit and watch me working on my property with my dogs tagging along!

I also saw how much he loved being in the wild those years he got to live the way god intended, and he and I both knew how that only happened because I saved him that day when I found him lying there on the road. His second chance was joyful and full of interesting dynamic natural adventure and intrigue which he could handle well enough all those years to eke out his survival, but to live in a cage away from all of that would be a sad drawn out litheness ending! He instead was willing to take the brave and proud departure he got! I still miss him though!

A man I once worked with who studied to be a priest but never went through with it told me after the loss of one of my beloved dogs seeing how hard I was taking it, he said I didn’t let go of them not because I feel sorry for them but instead I was feeling sorry for myself! I agreed, but the caveat was I miss us being able to continue on and on what we had before the departure! Yes we humans want eternal happiness and for all the good to go on indefinitely, we do long for that if we are truly alive, but that only comes when God gives it to us; meanwhile each of us pays our dues!

Here is a link to a former essay that mentions him with a couple of photos! Hope you enjoy this and will always have the good experiences you have now with those little furry friends!
God bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

UPDATE 2/4/2022

Sure thing Joyce! To me the little things in life or as they say the best things in life are free; to me that is wisdom and too many people think the opposite in today’s materialistic self-centered focused civilization (worshiping self) where its more about gaining stature and a following or attention and I see all of that as a trap or lie taking one’s soul away from its God given intended purpose!

We are here in this existence to be the servants and first we must realize we are to love and serve God, being completely humbled and ready to do His will; otherwise we are self-righteous arrogant fools who think they have a corner or handle on the universe and know what it’s all about, but do not know diddlysquat! Today with all of our High Technology far too many people are deluded and mesmerized by these tantalizing or titillating toys we have to think we now have achieved some greatness, when actually the opposite is true, we have brought humanity and life on earth closer to its demise, which is the Devil’s Dream!

But by watching these simple animals I see God at work telling me that is who we should be too, be simple and look to God’s plan as the only plan that matters, not this everyone for themselves, claim to fame! All this grabbing or doing what they please and getting what they can while they can; which is turning out to be a world of mayhem that human beings are setting up, and, will absolutely come crashing down at its tipping point!

The so far two years of fraud concocted artificial pandemic should make this point perfectly clear to anyone reading my words! If not they are asleep at the wheel and I do pity such a person! Delusion has set-in!
I hope you might see a bit of what I see and be a better person for it! Amen.
God bless! 🙏



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