Fine article to broadcast far and wide over and over again! I’ve been writing how the whole pandemic atrocity was a lie from the start and wrote with determination to explain that truth in effect; so I did reblog numerous articles and along with their containing comprehensive vital statistics they quoted absolute top notch experts swearing that this was all wrong!

To restore my faith in humanity it will have to be nothing short of arrests, convictions and speedy executions administered to all those responsible for this absolute Mass Murder Crimes Against Humanity, a Planned Mass Murder Atrocity eclipsing Auschwitz Nazi Death Camps War Crimes of WWII, and the list of all those that perpetrated or facilitated it is very long, but, does now absolutely include specific individuals like Biden, Pelosi, Gates, Soros, Xi Jinping and WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; along with numerous federal, state and city government officials with their many other crony minions that should be executed!

For this Rule of Law and Justice Being Served I do pray! Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


They’re Killing Our Soldiers’

In the US, Department of Defence whistleblowers are testifying, under oath and penalty of perjury, that data for 2021, when vaccine mandates were introduced by the Biden administration, reveals: ‘300% increase in miscarriages, almost 300% increase in cancer, over a 1000% increase in neurological disorders’. This is compared to the 5 year average amongst military personnel and is just for 2021. 2020, when Covid hit, was normal. The massive increases occurredafterthe jabs were rolled out.

Search ‘Thomas Renz’ on Twitter. You’ll find many more damning tweets. It is staggering.

Strange Death Spikes in the ‘Unvaccinated’ Coincident with Jab Rollouts

This articletalks about apaperrecently published by Professor Normanton Fenton of Queen Mary College London. The author writes:

Statisticians based in England were trying to get to the bottom of strange spikes in the death rates of unvaccinated people in certain age…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com


    1. Yes Dr. Christa! It has been a long time in coming this slipping of civilization into a quagmire of globalist control due to the communism in the world and the overly gluttonous wealthy individuals who have acquired too much power and influence over the masses via the digital communications, mass media all being bought out by them so they have brainwashed and mesmerized too many people, while also creating conflict between major groups which is the old Roman Empire method of divide and conquer in battle; which has been employed throughout modern history too though much more sophisticated; and now its exponentially worse! Countries should be punished but certain leaders are guilty of atrocities and will they be held to account remains to be seen; it doesn’t look that way so much! Xi Jinping, Biden and Trudeau just for starters have been in cahoots selling out their own people and planting seeds of destruction globally!

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      1. See, that is the horrible thing. Selling out their own people, not caring who gets the poison in and who dies. I believe their punishment day with God will be one they won’t ever forget. But for now, how do they think they will keep the “power” they so need? It is a bunch of very old people.

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      2. Yes my Friend but this kind of absolute power corrupting absolutely is like a cancer that spreads and may very well set the stage for the mother of all wars; with so much going helter-skelter now! Look at history and prove out what I’ve ascertained by doing so. It can become easily generational, look at North Korea and China’s CCP or Putin! Karl Marx was an atheist, antichrist Satan worshiping Hitler and all those that followed him or preceded him were just as much! Yet younger people now have been brainwashed or desensitized by thoroughly corrupted education systems to accept and embrace what they flippantly call socialism; while they go along with a godless inhuman ideology, and even believe they are so right; which makes them all exponentially more dangerous to all of humanity! Sorry but because of this being engrained so deeply and extensively I cannot see any readily available or even humanly possible solution to alter the course of this current slippery slope the human race is being plunged down! I remember an old adage my dad and others used, “It’s too far gone,” and sadly we are living in such a world! But I was also taught to never quit and as you said so wisely, there will be an accounting for all things before God Almighty which is going to be beyond pain and suffering for this current infernal pit bound lot!
        Thank you for your insight and interest!
        God bless you and yours!


    2. I worry too! But to see the reality of the situation and not sugar coat things is best as I see it, because then I’m calm knowing that my job now is to try my best each day to do God’s will and know that it will come out as it should; so “there is nothing to fear but fear itself!”
      Romans 8:31: “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

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  1. I’m not discussing thermodynamics and or particle physics as those debates in the world at large continue, as to whether the basic laws that govern the time space continuum are set or have absolute boundaries as Einstein was referring when he stated that “God doesn’t play dice,” while there are those that still concur that beyond the fourth dimension which they believe quantum mechanics appears to indicate there are fluctuations or vibrations that function outside of all established know physics leading one to consider alternate universes and the like, or multiple outcomes are randomly possible for the same static event or particle’s path when considered in the expanded time space continuum based on that conjecture; but some would or try to say that any such intriguing possibility that seems to be presenting such a potentiality; this is to me for all intent and purposes the God particle as a reference here far exceeding our conceptualization capacity, or that aspect that all else is based on which is God, which nobody is infinitesimally capable of understanding let alone competing with such enormous and vast power and understanding that which knows anything and everything! Take a look at what we really are to equate what I say; otherwise we are heading down the rabbit hole of atheism and nonbelief in any highest intellect and presence in the universe and that in itself is ridiculous on its face, because it concludes that all is just random and there is no order or design intelligence to anything while reaching such a conclusion based on Nothing; making it all gibberish and a total fool’s errand; so in such a mindset anything goes and morals or integrity should be non-existent as well, so there is no right or wrong and if you hail from a that arena I can tell you categorically you are totally a wet blanket and dead wrong! In such a world murder and any malicious act is fine and all that matters is who gets the advantage over someone else say like the way the CCP in China function where they as of 2014 had exterminated 1.2 million Tibetans, and so my point is morality counts above most things on earth and there is a reason it does, and was meant to be such!! It is not meant to be the opposite of rule by the toughest and wickedest or only the most vicious bloodthirsty can prevail with brute force and cunning! I have even experienced supernatural events that proved to me 100% that there is absolutely way more than meets our puny minute vision and comprehension! Oh and yes, there is diabolical evil it exists, and is a force that one way or another we will all grapple with to some degree in our own short lifetimes, or in the least when each of us dies and our immortal souls are then presented with the absolute truth; then each soul will see the basic truth and finds whether it has been in alignment with the inner light of God or instead the opposing force of darkness and evil. Which I have to tell you or anyone interested you don’t want to be on that side of the ultimate judgment equation, because the agony of what awaits such souls is far too difficult to fully comprehend in this present state of being; but, it is real and eternally final for such souls! I would only tell you no matter where you stand in all of this you owe it to yourself not to cut yourself off from the life giving source, that which is all encompassing and made all things. Your point is based on the finite particle physics world, and what I’m talking about is far beyond mere matter and energy extrapolations! You’ve seriously put yourself at a great disadvantage speaking about the spiritual in this limited finite closed system of terms! For now I can assure you there is far more to existence than meets the eye or what any equations arrive at as conclusions, all basically missing the bigger part of the picture, and therefore; not knowing enough to say there is no evil. This all takes many years of delving into multiple disciplines to break it down deductively; and or experiencing events beyond the ordinary to have any valid concise conclusion of science and beyond it; unless of course you’re happy with your limiting process, then you get what you pay for or pay for what you did when your time comes to face the music! The choice of course is and must be your own, but, I have made my mind up long ago and nothing in this world or anywhere else can alter my perception or understanding in a negative way! I’m all set!
    I want to provide a bit more for you to consider what I’m saying about evil, and how real it is or how it manifests in human beings intellectually and physically; by reading these two previous essays and then I hope you will begin to understand my accurate perceptions that provide enough of a solid footing to say I have the best possible answer to our human dilemma or condition!

    Two Men;One a Servant of God the Other a Minion of Satan

    “The Marxist Propaganda in a World Going Bonkers”

    I must warn you I only offer this outpouring to you as a conscientious solid faithful believer in God Almighty, and I absolutely do not believe in arguing with set non-believers who have drawn what they believe is their proper conclusion based on nothing but rebelliousness, and I have to say darkness! I do this for your benefit not mine; I am all set, thank you!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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      1. I like the way I think, and like you, am convinced of its truth and as well, am grateful for your point of view. The big picture? It’s about writing, good writing and I can tell you like to write. Thank you for taking the time. It was an exciting and enlightening read—all the love to you, in Christ’s name.

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      2. Good!
        Thank you for your sincere interest and worthy insightful comments.
        Let’s take this opportunity to consider some words of wisdom here.
        These quotes from the writings of Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations.”

        “Everything which results in something beautiful is itself beautiful and is complete in itself, with praise holding no essential role. Therefore, whatever is praised becomes neither better nor worse because it is or is not praised. I assert this also of things which are commonly called beautiful, such as material things and the various arts and crafts. Does that which is beautiful really need anything in addition? No – no more than Law does; no more than Truth; no more than kindness, than modesty. Which of these is beautiful or ugly on account of being either praised or slandered? Does an emerald become ugly if it is not admired? What about gold, ivory, royal purple dye, the lyre, the sword, or a flower?” 4.20

        “Take pleasure and rest in one thing only: making your way from one communal duty to another, always remembering god.” 6.7

        “Stop philosophizing about what a good man is and be one.”10.16

        And again some additional great insights and words of wisdom from a saintly man the venerable Fulton Sheen.

        Regarding unhappiness he wrote: “One basic reason for tiredness of the mind is the conflict in all of us between ideal and achievement, between
        what we ought to be and what we are, between longing and our having, between our powers and the incomprehensible mysteries of the universe.”

        He had this to say about the deep seated need of humans to search for Life, Truth and Love.

        “These three things are not to be found in this life in their completion: on earth life is shadowed by death, truth mingles with error, love is mixed with hate. But men know they would not long for these things in their purity if there were no possibility of ever finding them. So being reasonable, they search for the source from which these mixed and imperfect portions of life, love, truth derive.”

        Fulton Sheen also pointing out how we imperfect and greatly flawed humans upon seeing this fact about ourselves is very demoralizing but is the beginning or preparation to then realize it is necessary to take a step toward humility for without it achieving real joy is not possible; as humility is Truth and I say the facing of it makes us stronger not weaker!

        “Humility is truth about yourselves. A man is six feet tall, but who says: “I am only five feet tall,” is not humble. He who is a good writer is not humble if he says: “I am a scribbler.” Such statements are made in order that there might be a denial and thus win praise. Rather he would be humbler who says: “Well, whatever talent I have is a gift of God and I thank Him for it.”

        “…this perennial tension in man can be accepted and made bearable only by a surrender of the self to God. Then whatever happens is welcomed as a gift of love; frustration cannot happen to us for we have no clamorous, selfish will.”

        “Joy can be felt in both prosperity and adversity. In prosperity it consists not in the goods we enjoy but in those we hope for; not in the pleasures we experience but in the promise of those which we believe without our seeing. Riches may abound but those for which we hope are the kind which moths do not eat, rust consume, nor thieves break through and steal. Even in adversity there can be joy in the assurance that the Divine Master Himself died through the Cross as the Condition of His Resurrection.”

        And all things in moderation is something I learned as a boy from my parents which they obviously learned through experience and from their parents and the teachings of Fulton Sheen I happen to know!

        “The most intense and lasting joys come only to those who are willing to practice a certain self-restraint, to undergo the boredom of a preliminary discipline.” The Venerable Fulton Sheen.

        So these are the kinds of things that truly matter to me and should to any sensible sane person in my humble opinion! Because the seeking of praise or confirmation by others is a vain and fruitless cause and an actual illness or diversion from Truth, and is rather a delving into foolish arrogance, conceit, self-worship or confusion which are not of God at all but the opposite! And those are the attitudes or behaviors too often times displayed and propagated on the internet, what become the actual motivations behind many of the bait clickers as I call them, and following chasers or praise seekers, by the multitudes of lost souls spending far too much time living in an artificial, fake and deceptive false world that has many allures or even snares to trap those foolish enough to partake of such a Pandora’s Box!
        Time as we live it out in our short lives is far too precious to be frittering it away with triviality and non-reality such as we find on the internet; but those precious moments should be spent with the actual living in person and accomplishing tasks that need to be accomplished in order to do good in the world that which must be God’s will not our own!

        God bless you and yours.

        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        Lawrence Morra III

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      3. I will take one statement only from what you offered. I have an advantage as I choose one that favors my point of view.

        “Stop philosophizing about what a good man is and be one.” 10.16

        “Stop fighting the devil and be a good man.”

        Which one best encapsulates a tenant of your belief?

        Cheers, brothers in Christ, we are. May God’s grace carry you.


      4. Neither! I see you don’t understand me or what the messenger delivered to you! I was illustrating only thought there of Marcus not my belief system or my compass or the prism by which I view my purpose for living which is and can only be Jesus Christ and Marcus doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what God’s Truth is! You missed my point entirely, and you are argumentative or more precisely an atheistic minded type fellow! That is your issue not mine; so Cheers!
        You certainly didn’t come back with anything plausible either, which I stated from the get goes atheists do all of the time!
        Such final conclusions with not a leg to stand on to base it, but, you see what you see, only what you want to see; and you do not see so much that is in your face!
        I’ve given you far more of my time and energy in this matter than I would have most others, so I bid you adieu!

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      5. Because it’s about writing, focus is what I meant to suggest. It’s a lot of reading and gets confusing. Pic one or two issues and work with those. You might move some minds.
        Best wishes.


      6. You really have a crazed perspective! I don’t try nor should I have to move anything! I gave you the benefit of the doubt and you abused it as well as proved my point that I made to you at the start; about how I saw into your behavior! Now it would be best for you to get lost; I’m not interested in anything you have to say ever! Is that difficult for you or are you so childish you can’t go away when you’re not wanted!
        Devote you time to Facebook that’s my point to you; I’m sure that is your best venue!


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