Big Tech Planned all of this: Proof!

When I first saw this guy Russell I asked myself who is this Hippie Throwback Jesus Freak Style Character of the sixties; and immediately wondered is he trying to be funny.

Now I can say I’ve grown to like this guy’s style more as time passes! I’ve seen how he can be funny and entertaining in these serious times talking about the real shit that matters on a day to day basis, when the world seems to have lost its grip with sanity and honesty, but sadly how those qualities along with genuine integrity; those being things that generations past had placed some substantial value on as rather very important for anyone that wanted to be a decent human being; are fading away! But whereas now in contrast with today’s pagan riddled societal culture we see most people are scheming and looking to see how they can screw the other guy over before he screws you; a time when too many people are on the take or just taking! If not that, at least most are indifferent to their fellow man or woman and “don’t give a rat’s ass” what harsh things are going on as long as it isn’t in their own crib! Today it’s more about get what you can while you can; and “worry about nothin!”


Well, I’m all for listening to the alternative news and commentary sources over say being a pudding head fool and listening to and even worse believing any of those corporate news media talking heads of the “MSM Corporations of Lies and Great Deceptions,” The Propaganda Machine! What good can I possibly accomplish by listening to people that are “high white collar criminals” who don’t have one Iota of compassion for any of us underlings that could all be exterminated for all they care; and actually they have had a leg up on promoting that with the whole Vax Fiasco and move toward passport Totalitarianism on the horizon; while international sophisticated global criminals like Soros, Fauci, Gates, Xi Jinping, Biden and Pelosi get richer and have no consequences for any of their most sinister rampant criminal activity!

So far they all get to laugh at all of us, as the old adage goes, “all the way to the bank” and don’t bat an eyelash at all of the death and destruction they have caused for so many innocent citizens around the planet!

Yes, for now I can stay as informed as possible to what truth is being presented, where I can find it, and, if I have a few laughs at the same time that is a good prescription, that doesn’t involve any pills from Big Pharma; and that is a great thing in and of itself!!!

God bless you and yours!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Russell Brand

Professor Shoshana Zuboff explains how Google ALWAYS intended to be what it is today – a company that harvests our personal information as covertly as possible and invade our privacy for profit. They pretended that they are a service we could use but really they are using us. Are we only just starting to realise how bad it is now?!

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

6 thoughts on “Big Tech Planned all of this: Proof!”

    1. Hi Dr. Christa, and thank you for your excellent honest comment! I totally agree and I know you are correct because many top experts have clearly pointed out the many inherent dangers in using such vaccines, which they’ve backed up with appropriate data! Look what these Big Pharma Titans have done to the entire human race, with these vaccines that were never put through proper standard long term trials of testing for safety and efficacy! But they were instead rushed blindly into direct human use making the humans, “the guinea pigs,” while these behemoth corporations were granted full immunity from any legal actions brought against them as a direct result of any harm that these experimental products of theirs ultimately cause to human beings!

      Furthermore these obviously dangerous vaccines were quite nefariously granted immediate approval under the EUA which was a complete categorical Lie, as there was no emergency need to necessitate such an action by any government or global health authorities such as the WHO! And these Giant Mega Corporations being granted full legal immunity is on its face additional absolute proof of their sole interest to shield themselves from any and all potential damages or responsibility, not to save humanity! So they calculatingly knew in advance these substances would do harm to millions of human beings, and they were only looking to protect their “bottom-line which is profit;” demonstrating that the entire operation was all about making money and seizing more power, in order to have “more control over the human race.”

      Of course this is fine with totally corrupted people like Joe Biden, Xi Jinping and his CCP along with Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci and numerous international globalist criminal liars. If justice is to be truly served in this criminal matter, all of those who are responsible for this atrocity should already or very soon be awaiting trial for Crimes Against Humanity; and when found guilty, which would be easy to prove; they should receive the full measure of appropriate justice!

      Many blessings for speaking to truth!
      God bless you and yours!


      1. Hi Dr. Christa! Oh you are quite right, these despots of the world may have an upper-hand for now with their nefarious sinister plots and schemes but their own greed and manipulative shrewdness is also their own undoing or Achilles heel; as nothing in this world lasts forever or as in this case they can run but they won’t be able to hide from their appointment with their own destiny; which they themselves have constructed setting their own trap! Evil only begets more evil and eventually destroys itself! The hard thing to face for all of us now is the suffering and mayhem these fiends have “injected” into the human race with so many innocent persons yet to feel the pain!
        God help us!

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      2. Absolutely my Friend Dr. Christa!
        That is the great takeaway and the saving Grace! The positive Hope and knowing we are not alone in this struggle, but, God’s ways are not typically mankind’s ways! Hard lessons being learned! I know; been there done that!

        I just left this long reply comment on another posting that I had reblogged and I think it makes sense to share with you here!

        Sure thing Joyce! To me the little things in life or as they say the best things in life are free; to me that is wisdom and too many people think the opposite in today’s materialistic self-centered focused civilization (worshiping self) where its more about gaining stature and a following or attention and I see all of that as a trap or lie taking one’s soul away from its God given intended purpose!

        We are here in this existence to be the servants and first we must realize we are to love and serve God, being completely humbled and ready to do His will; otherwise we are self-righteous arrogant fools who think they have a corner or handle on the universe and know what it’s all about, but do not know diddlysquat! Today with all of our High Technology far too many people are deluded and mesmerized by these tantalizing or titillating toys we have to think we now have achieved some greatness, when actually the opposite is true, we have brought humanity and life on earth closer to its demise, which is the Devil’s Dream!

        But by watching these simple animals I see God at work telling me that is who we should be too, be simple and look to God’s plan as the only plan that matters, not this everyone for themselves, claim to fame! All this grabbing or doing what they please and getting what they can while they can; which is turning out to be a world of mayhem that human beings are setting up, and, will absolutely come crashing down at its tipping point!

        The so far two years of fraud concocted artificial pandemic should make this point perfectly clear to anyone reading my words! If not they are asleep at the wheel and I do pity such a person! Delusion has set-in!
        I hope you might see a bit of what I see and be a better person for it! Amen.
        God bless! 🙏

        Catch me if you can….

        Have a good day Dr. Christa!
        God bless you and yours! 🙏

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