Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Thanks for getting the primary research for this posting done so I can just tell you that what you posted as far as I’m concerned is fully trustworthy and accurate!


In any event the ruling class corrupt politicians, with Big Pharma and the globalist community have pulled off the biggest scam in human history and it’s not over till the fat lady sings; so we have a war on our hands one way or the other! Now the Truckers which I can relate to because I’ve driven Semis commercially hundreds of thousands and upwards of a million miles over the years not just shifting gears but shifting from careers a few times and I can tell you this is where and how the rubber meets the road which I mean is the way “The People” the hard working middle class silent majority can get all of those elitist evil bastards by the balls and make them cry uncle; and shut this fucker down! I’m not driving commercially now, but, if I was I would be right on the front line of this movement for the people to take back their human and civilian freedom rights like these good people are doing!


I’ve been saying as far back as March 2020 that the whole thing had telltale signs of falsehood and as Hamlet said in Shakespeare’s famous words he penned; “something is rotten in Denmark!”

I wrote that in spring, Pandemic to Pandemonium as my honest God Sent insights of what to expect down the road with the phony pandemic and sadly I was right; that we were and still are being conned! I went on to write many forthright essays that included data and bold honest statements from Dr. Hoffe, Dr. Bhakdi, Prof. Bishara in Israel with his extensive experience working with such deadly viruses like Ebola or the very virulent Gulf War Syndrome epidemic during Desert Storm, when the US was fighting Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi troops in Kuwait!

Keep praying and be devoted to Jesus Christ while you try living as wise and as sensible as you can, so perhaps with God’s will being such we can turn the tides as they say; on this evil and make the devils pay!

God bless you!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Did You Know

Five New updates below, on the gofundme problem. The last one is Bonnie Henry from BC.

If you want to know what is really going on listen to these interviews with truckers on the ground.

There are people there from BC, Ontario, Quebec, a lot from Alberta,

Hope I didn’t miss any participants.

They have volunteers from Ottawa and Quebec helping the truckers. They are doing a fabulous job, taking care of the truckers.

There is a lovely lady, who came to Canada from Cuba. She give Canadians a warning.

There is a fellow from BC that has had videos he posted removed from facebook. Censorshit is alive and well.

There is a trucker talking about how hard it is to gets parts for trucks.

One fellow from Alberta has a web site people might want to check out.

Unify the People

A lady from Ontario has a lot say…

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