Media and Other Censorships to come.


Yes I agree the Lies and Great Deceptions will continue to the point where most of civilization will be under the thumb of the globalist tyrants who collectively are paving the way and ushering in the arrival of the great deceiver who we call the antichrist!

This all has been a slow conditioning process for decades that most people have either bought into or just ignored the many atrocious warning signs building up all around them, because they have been too busy trying to get the brass ring while having their pleasures on the big global merry-go-round ride! That brass ring is the prize of material wealth and or fame with fortune; and our elected officials are the prime example of what I’m saying; as being proof positive absolutely the case!

tibet-china-human-rights-2015 2

We have all been hoodwinked into believing the two parties Democrats and Republicans have been vying and dueling with each other as some of these politicians are doing the work of the People while others are the renegade radical left, who are trying to turn America into some form of Socialist Marxist Dictatorship; but the propaganda has been that the battle ensues and down the road things will balance out so the American middle class or Silent Majority will prevail as the Cavalry saves the day and our Democracy along with our Freedom will also be saved! But the truth is all of these politicians are playing “The Game” and are nothing more than “Con Artists” out for their own good and that of their big sponsors or “silent partners” those “Huge Tech Corporations” and “overseas interests” of mammoth financial investments such as in China, where most of these scoundrels are deeply entrenched with Chinese investors and kickback schemes for political favor why do you think Biden’s brother or criminal son Hunter was involved with all those shady deals for the Big Guy, and the “selling out of the American People!”


Did you notice all of the Chinese Delegates and Officials during the 2020 election popping up in the battleground election state like Georgia, as in so many other key election states, and we know Governor Kemp in Georgia along with others got big campaign dollars from the Chinese, because the election was being rigged and we citizens don’t count for diddly-squat anymore! “Everything is political” now and that is a key giveaway to tell us what is coming! We now have the worst US President in history outside of Obama, this now 50 year Career Professional Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer Politician Total Fraud President Biden, who is “America’s Man of Perdition” while he is held in great esteem and fully supported by the “False Prophet Marxist Freemason Heretic Pope Bergoglio” in the Vatican which just by the fact of those two Political figures alone, “being in cahoots,” spells out to those of us who care, that we are in the “Last Days” of human history; and the “Second Coming” is on the horizon without a doubt! This is all abhorrent diabolical evil at work in top global political affairs, and Satan is making his big chess move to seduce and claim as many human souls as he can before the final battle between Heaven and Hell; “God’s final judgment” between good and evil which will occur just as divine prophesy has taught up though the millennia!

Pachamama in Vatican sm print

This means that if you and I are not devoting most or at least much of our free time to worshiping God in the name of Jesus Christ; seeking his guidance and will daily, while not being caught up in the “Ways of The World” at this tumultuous point in civilization, then our souls can be lost to eternal damnation as many are obviously are already owned by the forces of darkness! Biden has already signed his pact with Satan when he appropriated the 468 $Billion for abortion the largest amount of money ever, for even full term day of delivery murder of the most innocent and helpless human beings and his being proud that he achieved this in his first 100 days in the Stolen Office of President.

Bergoglio Pachamama at St Peters sm print

This while the supposed earthy moral authority the false pope sponsored him and blasphemed God allowing Biden to receive Holy Communion, making this act an offering to Satan as “human sacrifice” let’s remember this pope Bergoglio allowed the Pachamama pagan blasphemy human sacrificial icon from an ancient civilization that performed daily human sacrifices to false gods, right into the Vatican giving it praise, just as he did Biden promoting his illegitimate presidency; you should realize as I do that this is not going to get worked out in any way shape or form; this is the “epitome” of corruption of America the One Nation under God, in concert with the Roman Catholic Church which is fully behind this monster false president! This abomination cannot and will not be recovered from, as this is an insurmountable blasphemy and transgression against God Almighty! So His judgment is coming swiftly, we are only going to have a short time to repent and be saved, as the final events of prophesy and the Book of Revelation are fulfilled in accordance with God’s word and plan! Amen.

Glory to God in the highest through and in the precious name of Jesus! Amen.
God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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America’s credibility has vanished with its lack of morals and integrity! Read the comments at the end of the News clip; citizens concur and see what I see; and you I’m sure!



This message was given to us over 11 years ago, Never, in a million years, would we have thought that the Media would not tell us the truth, that it would be controlled to the extent that it is. We would never have thought that the Media would tell us blatant lies, and manipulate figures. Jesus has strong words for the media – read the message below

We would never have thought that what used to be  democratic and Christian countries, could be so tyrannical and deprive us of freedom and liberties that are ours by our very human nature. They have done all that and much more. We didn’t think that our government leaders would turn on us. We didn’t know how Communism (foretold at Fatima) would spreads its errors. Fatima may have been approved by the church, but it is not taught. Our Lady’s warnings were all…

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