The Wolves are Licking Their Chops


Straight out of the gate I quote you here because this is a huge challenge to extrapolate any comparison that is even remotely possible for men of the current world system to bring about such forgiveness between sworn enemies and determined adversaries; especially when same have divorced all interest or belief in God.

“Firstly, we felt that we needed to show that in Narnia as here, old foes can be forgiven and can reconcile and work together, given the will to do so. Secondly, that in Narnia as also it is here, a common adversary will bring even the worst of enemies together and unite them.

Also, that the shapes and colours of a species’ body do not necessarily denote their character, that just because someone is a Minotaur does not have to mean that they are all bad. Finally, we kind of like Minotaurs.”

In fanciful imaginary human creations this may fly very well with the captive audience but in practicality terms say in facing the reality that “pure evil does exist” and is not to be reckoned with or reconciled in some way, even tamed like some former ferocious beast that is now a wonderful happy pussycat that’s not going to ever strike mercilessly if given what it sees as the ideal opportunity!

Even in simple Word Press site terms where a form of literary bantering does occur and as you mention here about cruise missiles flying with massive destructive capability, we see how even your site attracts “sorts that are probably more adept at flying broomsticks” like your mention here of  how “They are among the troops of the White Witch,” that show up as a blimp on the current radar only because someone like me had frequented this fly zone site for quite some time, but then suddenly maybe so bored or with nothing worthwhile to do but pick their toenails and instead perhaps as a show of aggression or tempting to trigger a response to provoke  that can then be taken as a hostile action that requires a full implementing of sophisticated weaponry to flex muscle or show who is boss, especially when America is at its weakest time in modern history, this is how wars start; and in society all the crazies are now running loose, even some on Word Press which isn’t Facebook, but it has its trolls!  Which brings us to the simple reality we know people like Putin and his communist party Hardliners want to do this muscle flexing at any chance that presents itself like what happened in Crimea to bring back the Czar Era which is a big dream of Putin’s, and then subsequently back to a more former Soviet Union might and stature that all the hardliners desire!  While China is playing for global domination and as perhaps friends by convenience of the same political totalitarian government style, they join forces to take on their biggest adversary America, to then if successful in kicking the one nation that has been the defender of true democracy and freedom during the 20th century out of the running, that would put these brutes in the position to begin crushing all other weaker nations under their boots.  This all tells me how it is true, that you can even shave a tiger right down to its bare naked skin, but; his stripes remain embedded!


Back in August 2020 there was a lot to be concerned about with China pushing the envelope with operations to dominate the South China Sea and the situation since then has only gotten worse. I posted an essay that was pointing to some very specific and powerful flexing of muscle and posturing rhetoric by China, and then SOS Mike Pompeo.


“Bradley Bowman, a military expert with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told CBN News. There are tremendous economic interests in maintaining the freedom of navigation of commerce through that area.

China wants to limit that access, claiming it has rights to almost all the South China Sea.

China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea are based on sufficient historical and jurisprudential evidence and are in line with the relevant international law and practice, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters this week.

Pompeo is pushing back, accusing China of breaking international law and urging world leaders to standup to Beijing’s expanding territorial ambitions.

If Beijing violates the international law and free nations do nothing, then history shows that the CCP will simply take more territory. That happened in the last administration, warned Pompeo.

America has opposed China’s aggressive ambitions, including efforts to turn several islands and reefs into military outposts, complete with aircraft, runway, and hi-tech capability.

So this is good old-fashioned ‘the biggest kid on the playground’ if you will, trying to bully others, to steal their resources and to push others who might get in their way out, and foremost of that is the United States, said Bowman.”

So Robert I can unequivocally agree with this statement I quote from your article as being the Truth and a powerful sign of what is coming and I don’t see peace on earth and good will toward men being any part of that scene!

“The power of the United States is waning. Wolves are licking their proverbial chops, eager to expand their spheres of influence.”

Now that the Good Guys are not so “Good” anymore, look at Congress as a prime example, where it hardly even exists in any measurable numbers that matter; it looks more like Hell on Earth is the Trump Card the Devil has ready to pull out of his ass!


The following link is that article with accompanying links that I see as a great warning sign of what is coming! Actually I just wrote another essay that points to what I’m convinced is absolute truth that Evil has a face and pure evil is so beyond what people today are thinking about; but in effect this evil as you rightly mention, the “Third Reich” is that same face we know from history with the likes of Adolph Hitler and the Beast from Hell; rearing its Ugly Head back then to only be pushed back from total conquest and victory over good by a massive loss on all sides, but, only because I believe America was still a predominantly God fearing nation of good people united as one nation under God along with the good allies at the time who were granted Divine Providence to succeed; but I just don’t see this unity or goodness to that degree anymore and when and if all hell breaks loose, this time it will be for keeps and the last hoorah for civilization! Of course I could be all wet and the Second Coming may occur in the nick of time just before it gets to that braking point, but no matter, “there is going to be hell to pay” in the short term; in my humble opinion!

I can add for now something that may put a bit more perspective of where I’m coming from in this regard that initially last week got me thinking when I was up against atheistic secular thinking when responding to someone on one of my postings but that all came to naught until today when it all fit tidily and actually dovetailed with another fine Christian blogger’s latest publication and I hope that by sharing all of this here and you with your extensive military background of which I personally lack other than my being on a Naval base in the past and catching a fair amount of scuttlebutt daily, I think your experience may even sharpen the focus of this prism of which I’m viewing the coming event in short order!

I’ll post here exactly what I added to the other article and if we can connect even one more significant dot I will be very happy in understanding just how serious and unstable the situation is and will get in the near future!

Because you brought up in this compilation Markus Aurelius which had me gasp to see this, after I had just presented a lengthy commentary to another blogger who commented on one of my blog postings last week! In it he was seeking to explain away Religion or the God Factor from a position that I see clearly as nothing more than atheism which has no material or spiritual basis, so it’s really nothing except arrogance, defiance, rebelliousness and antichrist insulting of God and His children! You even brought up Particle Physics in this fine article which aligns perfectly with my previous thinking and understanding of what is going on in the high tech very distracting or mesmerizing age that humanity is now locked into! All of which has a built in self-destruct button that few people are aware of or if they are they ignore this fact and keep playing their games or joining the Beast System Big Final Game as active antichrist minions and promoters thusly serving the Beast Corrupted Ways of The World System and therefore Satan!  I remained calm to present a clear and honest perspective to maintain some connection, but, to no avail.

The whole human race has been manipulated by the globalist cabal of Freemason Satanic worshipers and as we have seen the multitudes obey and cave in so easily as they do when the narrative is about Climate Change another Giant Lie and Fiasco; but they readily accept these lies and propaganda about our certain coming demise due to emissions; being up the road in less than 10 years, but, while they spew all this nonsense the real destructive factor is what Satan has already propagated in human beings to build and unleash upon this entire planet, a man-made Doomsday far beyond all of this continuous rhetoric which is only a distraction or deflection from the Truth!

I love that God inspired you to bring this information forward when this was all still fresh in my heart and soul in order to provide this profound opportunity to make our connection worthy of God’s praise, if I can humbly present what information I can here, which I feel and do believe is truly inspired; and an answer to my prayers!

So many people are lost in this world and they appear on this crazy internet everyday doing nothing but kicking the proverbial can down the road or behave like drunken sailors lost in the fog!

I begin with the commentary that I had provided in my blog essay which after the fruitless banter occurred and I finally arrived at the juncture where I knew this person was out to cause trouble or just disrupt; his along with my commentary was removed! I tried to accomplish good but felt sad, that it was as I said fruitless or ultimately pointless!  But now, it wasn’t; as you connected the other dot in this Truth from God that I had tried to do in that previous essay and couldn’t at that point, but now the right additional dots or pieces to the picture have been presented via your inspiration in conjunction with mine!

I’m not discussing thermodynamics and or particle physics as those debates in the world at large continue, as to whether the basic laws that govern the time space continuum are set or have absolute boundaries as Einstein was referring when he stated that “God doesn’t play dice,” while there are those that still concur that beyond the fourth dimension which they believe quantum mechanics appears to indicate there are fluctuations or vibrations that function outside of all established know physics leading one to consider alternate universes and the like, or multiple outcomes are randomly possible for the same static event or particle’s path when considered in the expanded time space continuum based on that conjecture; but some would or try to say that any such intriguing possibility that seems to be presenting such a potentiality; this is to me for all intent and purposes the God particle as a reference here far exceeding our conceptualization capacity, or that aspect that all else is based on which is God, which nobody is infinitesimally capable of understanding let alone competing with such enormous and vast power and understanding that which knows anything and everything! Take a look at what we really are to equate what I say; otherwise we are heading down the rabbit hole of atheism and non-belief in any highest intellect and presence in the universe and that in itself is ridiculous on its face, because it concludes that all is just random and there is no order or design intelligence to anything while reaching such a conclusion based on Nothing; making it all gibberish and a total fool’s errand; so in such a mindset anything goes and morals or integrity should be non-existent as well, so there is no right or wrong and if you hail from a that arena I can tell you categorically you are totally a wet blanket and dead wrong! In such a world murder and any malicious act is fine and all that matters is who gets the advantage over someone else say like the way the CCP in China function where they as of 2014 had exterminated 1.2 million Tibetans, and so my point is morality counts above most things on earth and there is a reason it does, and was meant to be such!! It is not meant to be the opposite of rule by the toughest and wickedest or only the most vicious bloodthirsty can prevail with brute force and cunning!

I have even experienced supernatural events that proved to me 100% that there is absolutely way more than meets our puny minute vision and comprehension! Oh and yes, there is diabolical evil it exists, and is a force that one way or another we will all grapple with to some degree in our own short lifetimes, or in the least when each of us dies and our immortal souls are then presented with the absolute truth; then each soul will see the basic truth and finds whether it has been in alignment with the inner light of God or instead the opposing force of darkness and evil. Which I have to tell you or anyone interested you don’t want to be on that negative side of the ultimate judgment equation, because the agony of what awaits such souls is far too difficult to fully comprehend in this present state of being; but, it is real and eternally finale for such souls! I would only tell you no matter where you stand in all of this you owe it to yourself not to cut yourself off from the life giving source, that which is all encompassing and made all things. Your point is based on the finite particle physics world, and what I’m talking about is far beyond mere matter and energy extrapolations!

You’ve seriously put yourself at a great disadvantage speaking about the spiritual in this limited finite closed system of terms! For now I can assure you there is far more to existence than meets the eye or what any equations arrive at as conclusions, all basically missing the bigger part of the picture, and therefore; not knowing enough to say there is no evil. This all takes many years of delving into multiple disciplines to break it down deductively; and or experiencing events beyond the ordinary to have any valid concise conclusion of science and beyond it; unless of course you’re happy with your limiting process, then you get what you pay for or pay for what you did when your time comes to face the music! The choice of course is and must be your own, but, I have made my mind up long ago and nothing in this world or anywhere else can alter my perception or understanding in a negative way! I’m all set!

I want to provide a bit more for you to consider what I’m saying about evil, and how real it is or how it manifests in human beings intellectually and physically; by reading these two previous essays and then I hope you will begin to understand my accurate perceptions that provide enough of a solid footing to say I have the best possible answer to our human dilemma or condition!

I must warn you I only offer this outpouring to you as a conscientious solid faithful believer in God Almighty, and I absolutely do not believe in arguing with set non-believers who have drawn what they believe is their proper conclusion based on nothing but rebelliousness, and I have to say darkness! I do this for your benefit not mine; I am all set, thank you!

Let’s take this opportunity to consider some words of wisdom here.

These quotes from the writings of Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations.”

“Everything which results in something beautiful is itself beautiful and is complete in itself, with praise holding no essential role. Therefore, whatever is praised becomes neither better nor worse because it is or is not praised. I assert this also of things which are commonly called beautiful, such as material things and the various arts and crafts. Does that which is beautiful really need anything in addition? No – no more than Law does; no more than Truth; no more than kindness, than modesty. Which of these is beautiful or ugly on account of being either praised or slandered? Does an emerald become ugly if it is not admired? What about gold, ivory, royal purple dye, the lyre, the sword, or a flower?” 4.20

“Take pleasure and rest in one thing only: making your way from one communal duty to another, always remembering god.” 6.7

“Stop philosophizing about what a good man is and be one.”10.16

And again some additional great insights and words of wisdom from a saintly man the venerable Fulton Sheen.
Regarding unhappiness he wrote: “One basic reason for tiredness of the mind is the conflict in all of us between ideal and achievement, between what we ought to be and what we are, between longing and our having, between our powers and the incomprehensible mysteries of the universe.”

He had this to say about the deep seated need of humans to search for Life, Truth and Love.

“These three things are not to be found in this life in their completion: on earth life is shadowed by death, truth mingles with error, love is mixed with hate. But men know they would not long for these things in their purity if there were no possibility of ever finding them. So being reasonable, they search for the source from which these mixed and imperfect portions of life, love, truth derive.”
Fulton Sheen also pointing out how we imperfect and greatly flawed humans upon seeing this fact about ourselves is very demoralizing but is the beginning or preparation to then realize it is necessary to take a step toward humility for without it achieving real joy is not possible; as humility is Truth and I say the facing of it makes us stronger not weaker!”

“Humility is truth about yourselves. A man is six feet tall, but who says: “I am only five feet tall,” is not humble. He who is a good writer is not humble if he says: “I am a scribbler.” Such statements are made in order that there might be a denial and thus win praise. Rather he would be humbler who says: “Well, whatever talent I have is a gift of God and I thank Him for it.”
“…this perennial tension in man can be accepted and made bearable only by a surrender of the self to God. Then whatever happens is welcomed as a gift of love; frustration cannot happen to us for we have no clamorous, selfish will.”

“Joy can be felt in both prosperity and adversity. In prosperity it consists not in the goods we enjoy but in those we hope for; not in the pleasures we experience but in the promise of those which we believe without our seeing. Riches may abound but those for which we hope are the kind which moths do not eat, rust consume, nor thieves break through and steal. Even in adversity there can be joy in the assurance that the Divine Master Himself died through the Cross as the Condition of His Resurrection.”

And all things in moderation is something I learned as a boy from my parents which they obviously learned through experience and from their parents and the teachings of Fulton Sheen I happen to know!

“The most intense and lasting joys come only to those who are willing to practice a certain self-restraint, to undergo the boredom of a preliminary discipline.” The Venerable Fulton Sheen.

So these are the kinds of things that truly matter to me and should to any sensible sane person in my humble opinion! Because the seeking of praise or confirmation by others is a vain and fruitless cause and an actual illness or diversion from Truth, and is rather a delving into foolish arrogance, conceit, self-worship or confusion which are not of God at all but the opposite! And those are the attitudes or behaviors too often times displayed and propagated on the internet, what become the actual motivations behind many of the bait clickers as I call them, and following chasers or praise seekers, by the multitudes of lost souls spending far too much time living in an artificial, fake and deceptive false world that has many allures or even snares to trap those foolish enough to partake of such a Pandora’s Box!

Time as we live it out in our short lives is far too precious to be frittering it away with triviality and non-reality such as we find on the internet; but those precious moments should be spent with the actual living in person and accomplishing tasks that need to be accomplished in order to do good in the world that which must be God’s will not our own!

I close by saying what I hope will make sense and help anyone who is genuinely humble to God in and through Jesus; only seeking to do the will of our Father in heaven and live by His Truth. But the current global system and digital AI technology couple with the greatest lust for material wealth and stature by so many has never been to this frenzied level to where it seems at times everyone is ripping someone off and fighting their way to the top glorifying self!  And all of this has the global system and many powerful individuals or cabals primed for the most diabolical plans ever unleashed upon mankind as we have already seen with the hoax Fraudemic of epic proportions!

I know for sure we all need to be on our knees daily in deep prayer begging God for mercy because I feel quite certain not enough people are doing that; or even concerned in those terms anymore! I see a lot of people spend most of their waking hours on this crazy internet and that is very sad, sickening and distressing to me! Looking to self and other men for the answers that only God can provide and only through Jesus Christ via the Holy Spirit of our Father in heaven; not any internet!  Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III


Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

6 thoughts on “The Wolves are Licking Their Chops”

  1. I think this has a lot of interesting components. I find the information on Einstein so cool. I believe in God and choose to honor and respect those who have different perspectives. I think being an example of His love and praying for discernment on how to approach situations is what is most important because it enables us to speak from a place of openness and receptivity towards other people’s life experiences. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


    1. Thank you for checking this out and giving your general overview! The biggest problem as i see and understand what you expressed is for example what China’s CCP and Xi consider as a prism from which to view the rest of the world outside of their Marxist based totalitarian government ideology which is completely atheistic and would never tolerate let alone accept your concept of openness and receptivity! As history and solid evidence correlates with what I’m saying, as for example what I mentioned as a 2014 fact that China exterminated 1.2 million Tibetans and is now in the process of doing the same with still other ethnic minorities which is spelled out in this current headline that is true. The Genocide of Uyghur-Muslims in China: Background and Situation Report
      Students for Uyghurs Exeter February 4, 2022
      Despite the UN promising in 1948 that “never again” would people experience the horrors of genocide, a systematic extermination of a Muslim minority is currently taking place. Never again, is increasingly becoming “yet again”.

      The Uyghurs, a predominately Turkic Muslim ethnic group in North West China are facing daily atrocities under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Unfortunately, much like in the case of Mladic, the international community is again failing to act in time to prevent further destruction of life. Uyghurs cannot wait 26 years for justice to be served when the systematic erasure of their culture and population is imminent.

      In the past, it has been frustratingly difficult to label what is happening to Uyghurs as a genocide, as our conceptions and definitions are predominantly geared towards acts of mass murder and gas chambers. Although there is evidence of the former, it is thought it is not being carried out on the scale sufficient to “destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” as according to the UN Genocide Convention.

      However, on the 9th of December 2021, the Uyghur Tribunal (UT) in London ruled that CCP policy in the region amounts to being genocidal. Why? Because mass murder is but one way a genocide can be perpetrated.

      Under international law, the tools of genocidal actors are more numerous than simply mass murder. They include:
      intentionally fomenting conditions that result in a group’s destruction
      bringing about serious physical or mental harm to a group
      preventing births
      the forced transfer of populations (for example separating families).

      The leading legal expert Geoffrey Nice QC determined that the CCP policies intent on preventing Uyghur births – via “removal of wombs”, forced insertion of IUDs “equating to mandatory sterilisation and forced abortions” [para 177d] – are sufficient to deplete the numbers of the future Uyghur population in the future. And therefore, the Uyghur Tribunal came to the decision that “on the basis of evidence heard in public, the Tribunal is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the PRC, by the imposition of measures to prevent births intended to destroy a significant part of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang as such, has committed genocide.”

      Christians have been ostracized or told to give up their practicing of faith in Jesus or have all benefits cut off; and or being sent to interment camps for reeducation or worse for simply having a Cross a predominate symbol of our Christian faith in their homes or place of group worship, forcing many to go underground and practice their faith in seclusion; and of course this kind of resistance to the CCP totalitarian control easily results in executions. Without going too far into all of this here my point is that in reality we are in an ever-increasing evil world with major players on the global level like the Chinese government that are hellbent on global conquest and totalitarian control and are carefully playing their cards as it were to get a complete stranglehold on all other nations! Here in the US the Communist Chinese have a major footprint not only in acquired land or business monopolization but also in effect influencing and controlling political agendas which they are now getting a leg up on taking more control away from American’s! Canada has a leadership I see much like that in Australia where the powers that be are working with or cooperating with China’s Totalitarian Globalist ambitions and it’s simple enough to deduct from the past and present evidence along with knowing what the Marxist ideology is all about that if this goes unabated it will be a hellish world not far up the road where religion won’t even be tolerated to any degree which is just what the antichrist is all about and why the Holy Scriptures the world of God through our Savior Jesus Christ spell this out clearly as to what would be happening to the world in End Time as per the Book of Revelation and many of the cross-referencing other books of the Gospel!

      You see what I’m attempting to point out to anyone who cares is that time is running out and the evil plan is unfolding feverishly in real time now so that means push came to shove and a stand must be made in my own Trust in the Lord and it tells me that it is Dark against the Light now for all-out battle in which I must be willing to die for Jesus rather than go along with Crooked Ways of The World and any wishy-washy thinking or approach that will never cut the mustard, but so many are just going along for the ride and taking what is handed to them; we clearly see this just by the fraud pandemic which has been nothing but a power grab by the NWO Cabal, Bilderberg, Klaus Schwab, Soros and Freemasons which are all parts of this same Totalitarian “antichrist” movement to destroy religions, especially Christianity, governments and peoples in order to have this one world controlling government and leader who will be the antichrist of Biblical Prophecy; we are in the run-up now I believe to hell on earth.

      “16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark— the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666.” Revelation 13:16-18
      God bless you.
      Yes Einstein had such profound insights based more on a matter and energy understanding of the Universe and God’s active hand in it all, which he could see most definitely in all that we see or perceive in the visible material construct of this existence.


    2. Interesting how this just came into my email right after I posted this response to your comment! I’m definitely taking it a s a God Send!
      Dear Lawence,

      Please SIGN and pledge to try to BUY LOCAL, rather than give your hard-earned money to the lying, COVID-spreading, genocidal, abortion-forcing, freedom-suppressing Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

      The Chinese Communist Party is an evil organization and needs to be stopped!*

      Pledging to buy local, and encouraging others to do so, is one small way we can personally protest the shameful lies, murders and tyrannical reign of the CCP.


      The CCP is guilty of the following heinous crimes:

      Genocide (the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region);
      Forced abortions (the one-child policy);
      Allowing COVID to spread across the world by their lies;
      Allowing dangerous sweatshops to operate; and,
      Suppressing their people’s freedoms and faith (think of Hong Kong and, separately, the persecution of Christians, Muslims and member of Falun Gong).


      With the Beijing Olympics now underway, the CCP is only interested in one thing: gaining the respect and admiration of the rest of the world.

      But, the CCP is only deserving of disgrace and rebuke, not respect or admiration.

      So, we must also do what can to hit them where it hurts — in the pocketbook!

      Please SIGN and pledge to try to BUY LOCAL. By doing so, you will make a personal stand against the despicable acts and evil ideology of the Chinese Communist Party.

      Then, please SHARE with your like-minded friends, family and colleagues.

      Yours sincerely,

      Gualberto Garcia Jones and the entire LifeSite Team

      PS – CLICK HERE to SIGN this petition which asks people to pledge to try to buy local, rather than give their hard-earned money to the lying, genocidal, abortion-forcing, freedom-suppressing Chinese Communist Party.

      Thank you!

      *Here, we want to stress that we are making a distinction between the oppressed people of China and their oppressive government.

      **Photo Credit:
      4 Family Life Lane
      Front Royal, VA 22630
      +1 (888) 678-6008

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