Interesting this idea of Rest or those doing any Resting.

When really it’s all about the Test and how every single mother’s son and daughter is being tested! And in this modern time far too many are resting or sitting on their “laurels and those of others” believing falsely that because they have impressed others or fit with the man-made world paradigm, especially this cyber-world social media, the make believe world of all these many followers and connections supposed friends, that they have really proved their worth to God! Is this what the human race needed to be, in this modern age with computers, Nukes, Industrial Scale Abortion Full Term; and so many magical concoctions or inventions, in order for souls to be redeemed; or could it be that Satan has most of the human race in his clutches now, and the clear evidence is staring us all in our faces! I say it’s the latter, and truly, the Latter Days; so hopefully more get their minds and hearts right with Jesus very quickly, because time is running out and so many are in a state of self-induced delusion and stupidity!

This additional commentary may be of interest to some of you, and to whoever it isn’t; all I can say is, God help you before it’s too late! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Varsity Experience

the mystery of rest

In A World Whereby There Is A lot Of Jostling And Bustling Here And There. Consciously Or Unconsciously, Even Believers Are Caught Up In The Web.

Rest Is The Hall Mark Of Faith. Rest Is Essential For The Miraculous To Flow. Until You Leave The Boxing Ring By Tapping The Hands Of Jesus To Step In, Winning Is Not In View.

When The Storm Came, The Disciples Were Wearing Out Themselves Frantically In A Bid To Save Themselves. But When They Remembered To Invite Jesus (Who Was Sleeping In The Midst Of A Storm) To The Situation, He Stopped The Storm.

You See, I Don’t Care About The Kind Of Storm That You’re Facing Right Now – Whether Stormy Marriage Or Academic Struggle. When You Invite Jesus To Step In And Take Over, Your Storm Will Be Over.

In A Jet Set Age And Restless World, Seeing Into The Realm…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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