Dying Young Woman Has a Message for Us

^BModel released. For editorial use only.^b Healthy newborn baby seen within 24 hours from birth. The stump of the umbilical cord is kept clamped for two or three days to prevent further bleeding. The cord usually drops off 7-10 days after birth.

Most if not all of the eyes that see what I say here will not like what I say and definitely won’t like me; but I couldn’t care less because i don’t want your likes or even a passing thought from any of you!

This is a very poignant story but do you know how many new born babies are dying right now? Multitudes and a number would be meaningless because you’ll never know them and you really don’t care to! How can I say this well first of all since 1973 1.5 billion abortions have taken place and right here in the USA it’s about 63 million alone! I don’t see any major concerns out of every single living human being here in the USA about that on a daily basis, except for the hardcore pro-life dedicated that are actually doing something trying their best to put an end to this human sacrifice of beautiful helpless, innocent babies; the real heroes fighting the evil Beast System which is pushing to continue these abortions even Full Term Day of Delivery especially being pushed under this current antichrist administration we all live in; while all these murders that are happening right this minute continue!

Brooke is going home, and that is nice because if she is as good a faithful soul that is depicted here which still is not answer because only God judges; she will be in heaven far away from all this madness and evil. But, of course all of you out there in cyberspace think you are doing so much good and have something to say that is making a difference which really serves God Almighty! Oh, is that so, and you are what a special worker for God and saving those unborn by all of your clamoring on the internet and getting likes or a following? Take a look at yourself in the mirror and really think about what you and most people have become in this modern world and if you see what i do it will make you very ill and want to vomit!

You all need serious help and way beyond doctors or stories! Most people have souls that are in jeopardy of going to hell; so really think and then act on what you see in your own mirror as you live your pretend lives in cyberspace!

If you’re too busy to read Truth then Good Luck to you!






Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Full Term Day of Delivery now being Snuffed Out!





The Fight of Faith

Meet Brooklyn; she is a young woman living out her final few days at home on hospice care. Though her outer self is wasting away, her inner self is being renewed day by day, and she is a bright and shining light for the rest of us. I encourage you to follow her Facebook page, Brooklyn’s Journey Home, and walk alongside her as she faces head-on, the last enemy death. With the shield of faith and sword of the Spirit, you will see a woman of courage, standing in the grace and strength of our Lord.

She suffers from a connective tissue disorder, and the doctors have sent her home to die.In one of her earlier posts, she says, “All treatments have failed.I have fought very hard for a very long time.With much prayer, Godly counsel, and medical advice, God has made the way forward clear.It’s time to go home.”

She is…

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