The marine kingdom

Very fascinating and original conceptualization of the many dangers present in our everyday secular man-made world, that so many people are either oblivious to for lack of faith in Christ Jesus, or some who ignore the dangers in order to gain material stature and so called opportunities! Eventually in the end the question becomes, who had the actual opportunity, which is the real clincher!

This short lifetime on earth to actually exist which is a greatest gift and wonderful opportunity for each of us, from God Himself; to provide each of us the Golden Opportunity to be “His heirs” and achieve “eternal blissful life with Him through Jesus Christ!” But trials and tribulations are included in the forging and testing of each of us, by the Master Potter, who created Adam and thus all of us from the dust! But, since Eden this is also a giant opportunity for the Evil one who seeks to ruin and inflict suffering on all that is good, but, especially God’s most precious creation; we “His children!”

You mention the allure of fame and fortune through the music industry or Hollywood which I have firsthand experience with, when many years ago I was suddenly in the studios and went from the door step to the fast track through insiders to get a huge break into the business; there is no doubt that God opened that door for me almost magically, but for His good reason and purpose to show me what I needed to see! I saw and sensed thankfully, by keeping a Bible with me at all times, even in my car, to read each day and not be misdirected; because I did realize that evil is present in this world and anyone can fall prey to temptation; the bag of tricks of the father of all lies is vast! Many of those allures and traps were set all around me at the time!

I thank God that I was given special graces for some reason aside from what I already pointed out, which God knows a huge part of that reason was to pull me back from the precipice or what would have been a trap for me! I’m including this link to this short essay I wrote about this very time in my life, for anyone who is interested, and perhaps it will help someone even a tiny bit; I do hope.

I’m also including a couple of other links to essays that I know can help to inspire.

Thank you for this opportunity!

God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Witness for Jesus

Dear friends

whether you are a Christian or not, you may doubt what I am about to mention in the following article.
However, these findings that I am about to tell you about are not my inventions, nor do I enjoy imagining, exploring or encountering any of these phenomena/beings or experiences.
Please note that I am only writing about these things because they are very dangerous and I came to see that not many people are aware of them – including me before THE HOLY SPIRIT showed me all these things.

When we are not aware of a threat, it automatically makes us completely powerless against it. Imagine you would walk through the desert and had no idea that there are snakes there and if you saw one, you wouldn’t even know what this is and that it can kill you and that you need to stay away from it.

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