Save Ukraine Save the World

Hope and Prayers for Salvation for the people of Ukraine.

Absolutely and then to this; “It’s incredibly scary being a witness to the horror unfolding in Ukraine,” I must add this! It’s equally and actually worse, what I and all people have watched unfolding around the planet, as the human race has been deteriorating into a bunch of out of control and even vile creatures that have allowed 1.5 Billion abortions globally with 63 million alone in the USA with now many being full term day of delivery since 1973; all of this the execution of the most helpless innocent humans; which the current madman psychopathic fraud president of the Unites States Biden was so proud to have appropriated 468 $Billion exclusively for abortion in his first 100 days in office!

If this doesn’t point out clearly what the human race has become and is capable of nothing ever will convince such people even as they go up in a nuclear fireball! Putin just like Xi Jinping is a total atheistic communist megalomaniac murderer and human devil, as in Xi’s case as of 2014 alone was proud that the CCP had exterminated 1.2 million Tibetans’! So with such maniacs and now combined with the lost in space Biden who professes to be a Catholic which is totally false and impossible, he can’t even remotely be a Christian of any denomination; so if anyone believes that I have 100 bridges to sell you not just the Brooklyn! These cohorts of hell have no problem with destroying the human race and the entire planet’s ecosystem which the fraud equally evil Democrat Party say they care about with all of their fake Climate Change Rhetoric nonsense and loony tunes like AOC screaming we have to make everything electric or battery operated which is another false load of manure and impossible let alone there isn’t any money to do such a crazy thing.

My main point is that God was left in the dust and much of the human race has opted to go it alone and think there isn’t any God Almighty and that Jesus Christ is a myth or fairytale yet they are all willing or believing in things that are real fairytales and gibberish, out of sheer arrogance and rebelliousness; as why else would half the population of planet earth fall for a Jab of unneeded and horribly concocted experimental substances being injected into their bodies, and now this is all the byproduct of that stupidity!

Even one of the greatest minds of the 20th century Albert Einstein said God doesn’t play dice! Too many people are idiots and worse so what does that create other than what we are now faced with?

All I can say is anyone that really wants Salvation better turn to the only one who ever offered it to humankind and can deliver and stop falling for the mumbo-jumbo BS that men will save men!

I pray that all who truly want eternal life and love God wake up fully if they haven’t already, and those that “don’t give a rats ass,” I still hope and pray they wake up anyway before their time runs out!
This is all about deciding where each of us will spend eternity!
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Amended due to author’s response: 3/1/2022

“Lawrence you have been a tremendously supportive of my views and for that I am extremely grateful and I respect that what you say and believe is with 100% good intentions and conviction on how to live your life as a lover of Jesus and his teachings and you also believe your strong convictions that you hold with what you do and say here on this earth is for the greater good and benefit of all. I also hope your following of Jesus teachings provides you with the gift of everlasting life in heaven.

Our views are so different in perspective I am not a follow of Christ I do not accept Christ as my personal saviour but in the 21st century I am a mature and experienced spiritual being that with the knowledge of the past and present can weight up moral, spiritual and philosophical rights and wrongs, goods and evils myself.

Throughout the history of Christianity follows of Christ have done a great deal in the name of Christ and to ensure they go to heaven which I would perceive to be morally wrong, sinful and unwise, considering some of the wars and deaths and witch trials done in the name of Christ by mortals it seems to be completely at odds with the teachings of Jesus.
I don’t believe as humans we have the right to judge other fellow children of god as merely evil or on a hell bent path because they disagree with our perception of what is morally the right thing to do. God is always the final judge of us, when we leave this mortal plane. Though we can threaten others with the prospect of eternal damnation none of us are in a position to truly know whether we are right or wrong in our judgements or hate and condemnations towards others.

Jesus lived a love of all lives and that was non-negotiable belief in his heart and soul, which is one of the many reasons he never committed a sin within his own lifetime here on earth. You sound extremely forthright and committed to your views and I would not wish to change or even try to change who you are and where you are coming from.
Likewise I am no spring chicken and have strong convictions of my own and do not expect you to understand or change my views on God either and how I aspire to live a morally and spiritually good life that God would support or respect or even love and endorse.

I have posted your above post out of respect for you, but in no way condone hate speech towards those saving lives of others by means of modern science and vaccination programs or Christians advocating that they know best when it comes to who is going to hell or who is a real catholic and who is deserving of everlasting life in heaven or hell. Only God knows this alone and it is our jobs as spiritual adults in the 21st century living on this planet to do our best by and for god and let him judge us when we die.

I am sure you have many other websites including your own to express your views and opinions on to people that will benefit from them, I tend to find god is the greatest listener of them all anyway. But I am strongly of the view that you no longer post your opinions here on this blog and I also don’t think you should share my posts as I do not condone the type of hate speech that you advocate. Your beliefs and mine are miles apart.”


My response:

Hello Huw!  First thanks for the genuine thoughts and response to my always genuine from the heart words and deeds.  I want to say from the start corruption in the human heart has caused and does now cause great pain and suffering in the world!  The Christian faith is like anything else in this world it can be corrupted and has often times been by individuals or groups with agendas, very twisted self-serving ones so they twist and concoct any, even proven truths, into lies or weapons to use against others just like you mentioned.  Never toss out the baby with the bath water as all of this strife is work of the Evil One and I know for a fact these diabolical forces are at work all around us and are not imagination; but, they are very tricky and cunning fooling many souls to perdition and eternal suffering, I know this is not what you want to hear but God says otherwise to me, you and all! Because of free will that we humans must have in this plane of temporary existence, this is a “devils playground” if we are not cognizant of the enemy and the tactics being deployed against mankind! Look back in history to the Mayan Civilization, where like barbaric blood thirsty madmen those ancient people used men, women and children for human sacrifices routinely to imaginary gods or spirits to appease them or perhaps follow their directives because some people come under the influence of demonic spirits that do infect humans! The same happened throughout man’s history from the very beginning to now with this Plan-demic we just experienced, all demonic, being no different than such murderous rampages or not unlike the Nazi approach to gaining power and control over the masses during WWII. The Druids regularly practiced pagan witchcraft and also sacrificial rights upon others, living in a freewheeling spiritualism, concocted and manmade but also influenced by freewheeling demonic spirits; over all having done nothing for mankind or individual salvation.  Humankind is obviously plagued with horrific sin and violence which is not ever going to go away by anything men or the systems they build somehow leading mankind to Shangri-La.

Now I understand, I believe that you see some mechanism somehow that brings your life force or soul on into some continuum, but, the question becomes, that is based on what body of evidence and substantial history with eyewitness accounts, prophecy and quantitative data that can be extrapolated to arrive at a very convincing perspective? I’ve looked at science since I was a kid studying it into college and ranking the highest in my class at times contrasting science with my religion; and even Einstein was admitting that you reach a wall that never will be penetrated by our human means; there are no alternate universes or multiple random possibilities for each particle or wave of energy and even us people too I say, there is a God set order; so Einstein is correct saying this is infeasible by our extremely limited capacities and faculties. Now that said, Jesus Christ when looked at in the full perspective of all the history and the entire biblical reference record, proven prophesies and so on, anyone in their right mind has to understand that nobody ever existed that could make the claim that He did; and nobody ever will.  For me with my scientific background and other studies over the decades along with some very real mystical God Sent experiences, I have no doubt that there is no other venue or answer to address our existing as we do and what it is all for; this is all God’s creation and we humans are the center piece of His plan; so it makes perfect sense that in order for us to be created in His likeness and image, to be His children in heaven, could only be completed or come to its full fruition or completion, by no other means other than what Jesus Christ delivered to humanity as the path to God’s absolute perfection and glory, in order to have a personal relationship with God!  Becoming unique perfected individuals together for eternity!  It’s not complicated nor footloose and fancy-free do your own thing and still be a winner; just like life really isn’t unless we try to make it so, which would be a fools errand.  And thus that is exactly what has been going on with people making life way more complicated and conflicting than need be, but, that too in the final analysis will be and is for a good cause; so that each individual gets an opportunity to not just exist, but, to choose to accept God’s love and His all-knowing plan and love Him back with all of our hearts and souls or to reject it; because if this were not the case then he would have a bunch of robots!

But you are as I see it here trying to say there is no right or wrong and that is an outright lie; because God gave humans a conscience just for this reason and if people don’t use the conscience that God gave them then a serial killer psychopath with your freewheeling philosophy could be condoned or justified and that is totally absurd and ridiculous on its face, and that would even say Hitler was doing what he thought was best to do from his perspective so why not!  Same would apply with Putin right now why not he can do what he wants he is in charge in Russia or him and his communist atheist party! You talk about Christians doing harm and you don’t jump on the fact that atheist communists have and are butchering millions of people throughout modern history! You’re off the rails and not heading in a healthy direction as I see it, but that is your choice and I have nothing to do with that; nor wish to either. My only intention would be to help anyone see Truth and not fall prey to many of the falsehoods that abound in this current wicked concocted world. But ultimately, I can’t do anything to make sure a person won’t toss truth and their life to oblivion. I can only pray for such people.

I don’t know what you’re listening to but I assure you it’s not coming from God our Creator, and it points out that you are failing here in this life as I see you losing yourself in confusion and fantasy. You have nothing, to stand on, other than what you have concocted out of thin air!

May God the Creator of all things reach your heart and soul to awaken you.

God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

Welcome to Huwspace

Hope and Prayers for Salvation for the people of Ukraine.

My mind is racing and my fears and thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine.

It’s incredibly scary being a witness to the horror unfolding in Ukraine live on TV and I have been guilty of watching it nearly around the clock taking short breaks to sleep at night and fortunately working during the day so as to not be watching the news then also.

No matter how scary or fearful I am concerning the people of Ukraine it does not even touch the tip of the iceberg compared to what those unbelievably brave souls are going through themselves in their own country. That is why I promoted the donation page on my website and also donated to International Medical Corps last night one of the organisations providing medical support on the ground in Ukraine.

There are so many…

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