Seeing war in both perspective: the good and bad side of it

Thank you again Sister in Christ Jesus! Again Sally, you have come along at the precise moment that as I see it God willed.

This entire article is absolutely stunning and beautiful with so much of God’s Truth offered for anyone who will use their eyes and mind to truly see it!

I’m just going to quote the ending here as it puts it all in a nutshell or is the crux of that matter before us all!

“One must learn to stand up for truth and faith at all costs. SPIRITUAL COWARDLINESS is a factor that causes war to evolve. It shattered the freedom and bring the evil more in the open power. Any patriots, and Christians must safeguard what was under God. Do your share in this battle within by courageously taking God’s side. It’s about time to stand up with your faith and let the world know you belong to God’s kingdom. For the evil is terrified when the good people are unafraid! Commending with spiritual courage Pastor Artur Pawlowski who Shepherd’s the Church in the Street ; the most persecuted man in Canada” https://www.rebelnews.comlegal_update_pastor_artur_pawlowski_the_most_persecuted_man_in_canada

I’m adding a link to my recent posting which had to delve into this conflicted nature of humans or even the rebellion that is running rampant in the world now with so many people going it alone or avoiding God’s Truth in order to pacify or run off in their own concocted directions to no avail. My only purpose here and anytime I write publicly is to share God’s Truth and Love so eyes and minds but especially hearts can be opened to Jesus Christ the Savior!
Too many persons are heading down the wide road to perdition. Amen.

Here is a portion of what I wrote in this article.

Because of free will that we humans must have in this plane of temporary existence, this is a “devils playground” if we are not cognizant of the enemy and the tactics being deployed against mankind! Look back in history to the Mayan Civilization, where like barbaric blood thirsty madmen those ancient people used men, women and children for human sacrifices routinely to imaginary gods or spirits to appease them or perhaps follow their directives because some people come under the influence of demonic spirits that do infect humans! The same happened throughout man’s history from the very beginning to now with this Plan-demic we just experienced, all demonic, being no different than such murderous rampages or not unlike the Nazi approach to gaining power and control over the masses during WWII. The Druids regularly practiced pagan witchcraft and also sacrificial rights upon others, living in a freewheeling spiritualism, concocted and manmade but also influenced by freewheeling demonic spirits; over all having done nothing for mankind or individual salvation. Humankind is obviously plagued with horrific sin and violence which is not ever going to go away by anything men or the systems they build somehow leading mankind to Shangri-La.

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


The world … the earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, and natural features suffer a lot in the hands of man. If it could only say and fights back could you ever face it’s fury? It absorbs all the hatred, deceptions, manipulations and selfishness of evil through it’s minions. Even love from the children of God are blocked and barely felt. Haven’t you wonder what’s the real war they’re up to? Or could they just yielded to it’s power and bow down for there’s no choice and escape to take?


The evil expression or application of human creative skills and imaginations started in the craftiness of the Serpent, the Shining One, Lucifer, the Guardian Cherub in the garden of God. This evolved in the bloodlines of humanity. The fruits of the “tree of knowledge” are becoming more crafty as one can expect and these…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

27 thoughts on “Seeing war in both perspective: the good and bad side of it”

  1. When people turn away from God they cling to a substitute like abusive power mad globalist who will destroy them 💗

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    1. Boy or boy you keep pouring on the Truth Serum my Lady!!! Yuppers and absolutely happening in real-time and like they always said if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime but they got so hard of hearing so they are buying the farm on that one!!! They won’t get a redo either; they got their big chances here to prove they were worthy to have all of that authority over the people! They royally blew it Big-Time!

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  2. Lawrence I believe what these globalist ultimate dream is is to dye out anyone who has been living in old systems and that way new generations will be born into their system and not know any better they ultimately want to be Gods 💗🌷💗🌷🙏

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    1. It used to be wars of attrition where the biggie’s duked it out until one screamed uncle, so that was how we American’s with you British along with our other allies made Hitler put a bullet in his own head and crushed Nazism! That was when more people were moral and allowed the masses to have human rights; now we are like insects to them and the battle is between us and the evil government leaders or that NWO Cabal! I’m listening to Russell ATM about Putin! Lovely world that we need to deal with and look for a means to kicking some ass!

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      1. Exactly Lawerence they all speak the same language if you go against the masters they are just as willing to take you down on their behalf because they have groomed everybody into believing anything in relation to sovereignty means you must be let me think misogynistic, fascists white supremacy nationalist trump supporting deplorable the usual humiliation to make you second guess the globalists all one happy family user friendly tree hugging mask💗🌷🌷🙏

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      2. Operative work here Sister Groomed and there is so much of that going on! Back when Obama another complete plant fraud president that wasn’t actual born on American soil disqualifying him but the Establishment wanted him in, all part of grooming the public; so that helped the grooming process Bigly then when Obama bought into NetFlix they actually had young girl videos they were pushing that did get some flack but it was about making little girls sex objects and that is pure evil, and I hate anyone that was involved in that shit! But that is the kind of government and leadership that is running the show! Prince Andrew was in on the Lolita Island shit too! This world is a step only above hell!
        The giant lies and deception, Grooming going on in our faces is stacked so high now we need jet packs or wings to stay above it all!

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      3. Oh yeah Obama what a hypocrite puppet when 2 Russian planes were shot down in Syria when they were fighting the war on terror and even NATO thought it was a bit brutal obamas reply “ They have every right to defend their airspace “ hmmm while paying billions to CIA to overthrow sovereign governments Syria like really ? 💗🌷💗🌷💗🙏

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      4. 💗🌷💗🌷💗🙏 Ha ha you got me jolted then for sure; as that, was the deal absolutely! I just loved the middle of the night Obama/Kerry Iran Deal! Cargo Planes not Boat Loads of CASH, and of course they divvied it up over there so nice big chucks went to Obama and Kerry to stick in secret offshore accounts! These are the worst criminals in human history and the sickening thing is the F-N MSM plays them as Heroes; that grease Ball industry that I once was imbedded in working, but, even then I said I’m out of here; now I would probably get locked away for knocking someone for a loop! They all are so disgusting phony sacks of manure fake smiles and all while they make their millions being propagandists!!! 💗🌷💗🌷💗🙏

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  3. I don’t know if many were moral Lawerence most people during nazi times watched them loading up people who were obviously screaming and continued to go about their day as if nothing particularly out of the norm was happening as they had been either brainwashed or fearful. Most will not even speak up in a work situation if it involves crossing their bosses and that’s not even a life and death situation. Be sure that these times are no different anyone that challenges these control freaks will ultimately be left to face the consequences without so much as a whimper from the crowds they control everything now even the crowds 💗🌷💗🌷🙏

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    1. Reality check time!
      Oh it is indeed far worse now with the moral decline or pagan brainwashed foolish younger what I call sponge bob head mentality sorts being the norm now. Way back in the day I’m talking WWII or earlier there were 16 year old fellas that dropped what they were doing and fudged their birth papers to join the Army and go fight Hitler and his SS Nazi Thugs so tell me where you see that in the kids today! I mean morality was ingrained from a young age and they grew up in a much different world were integrity and honesty counted for something with more people than not; but now its every man and women for themselves and cheat and lie all you can to get what you want and its best if you don’t get caught but if you do don’t worry there are people in high places that will bail you out like the assholes did for Antifa and BLM when they torched cities created mayhem and even raped and killed bystanders during the summer of 2020 nationwide riots! Evil and depravity are given homage and support now Sister, and back in those old days it was the OPPOSITE!!! All those rioters and insurrectionists skated away no problem but the protesters of the fraud election are rotting in prison with NO BAIL and that is good? Things are upside down and totally evil!

      “What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. What sorrow for those who are wise in their own eyes and think themselves so clever. What sorrow for those who are heroes at drinking wine and boast about all the alcohol they can hold. They take bribes to let the wicked go free, and they punish the innocent. Therefore, just as fire licks up stubble and dry grass shrivels in the flame, so their roots will rot and their flowers wither. For they have rejected the law of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies; they have despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.” (Isaiah 5:20-24 NLT)
      “You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. People will be cruel and hate what is good. They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!” (2 Timothy 3:1, 3b, 5 NLT)

      We are there Sister! The contrast is like night and day and I see the difference so well but I notice how many other citizens don’t or maybe don’t care! Things have flipped completely end over end and that is the Truth!
      Like I say we are so between heaven and Hell but closer to hell on earth now than ever before! Nukes will cure this quick! Some of these nuts at the top might just decide to go for broke and to hell with it all!

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  4. Well they can’t take over a country without first making the people a slave of pleasure and vices ~ Cue Porn on every device in your home alcohol in every street corner drugs in schools I mean they did well because it’s Capitalism Socialism finally Communism and in my grandfathers day the West was actually not in favour of those things now they are signing up to it behind our backs and WWIII heroes are an enemy why even our countries history is an enemy everyone is an enemy everyone and now they are just crushing the citizens after making them dirt poor again ~Want ya basic rights and things you had before fight for it and see what we can do to ruin you !💗🌷💗🌷

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    1. Right-O my Friend! This is like China when they had their cultural revolution with Mao and the crushing of all descent along with what old culture taught so they could usher in the Commie Way of you think and do what we tell you to! Commies have bought into the US government totally just like Canada and Trudeau is a puppet for the CCP, and just watched a video about the governor of Nevada who is like Mitch McConnell a total traitor sell-out to the Commies in China! Like the old time Mob the CCP are like snakes buying off people to take control! Lenin and Marx said they would take over eventually with America falling like ripe fruit right into their hands; and how did they figure all that about 100 years ago? Because Satan rules Communists they are declared atheists and are evil to the core! Marx got his two daughters to commit suicide! Do they teach all the kids this in school now! NO WAY that is where CRT and WOKE come in to condition and groom the kids to be Commie devils! I speak Truth and so I’m an enemy of the current evil government and they just might decide I need to be snuffed and could do it with all their tricks and accuse me of horrible treason or some stupid crap just to get me in a cell then bash my brains in! We are dealing with abhorrent evil and it just won’t go away nicely! This is so damned serious and the masses need to wake up before they have no chance to take back Freedom and their own God given Sovereign Human Rights!


      1. Well I feel in order for them to bother themselves someone would have to have a very large audience like millions and usually if it goes that far they will try and pay you some money first because they don’t really need to recruit anymore most support them and help out when needed like in the elections everyone out celebrating Biden getting in ~ he can’t remember his own name but yaaaay Biden woooohooo💗🌷💗🌷💗🌷


  5. And it’s not like they don’t have all your information on you to use is it because no privacy in tyrannical states got to hand it to the West only place on earth where we enjoy going backwards in lifestyles I’m surprised everyone still insists on risking their lives on boats to get here rather than going in the opposite direction give it time 💗🌷💗🌷💗

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    1. 💗🌷💗🌷💗 Spot-On! Being Sheeple is so easy and good if you’re Lazy! And the millions they just allowed to invade our border are only coming for all the free stuff and live off the fat of the land!!! The Roman Empire fell partly to this same problem! Nobody learns its the same shit different day happening all over again! It makes me sick! I talk the way I damn please now because they know all there is to know about any of us now and have it in META Storage so what is privacy? It was written into the Constitution as a Right but that is all shit now! We have a government of instead of being Of the People and By the People and For the People its one of Run by the Criminals and Owned by the Criminals! The Voter Protest rally proved that! And they allowed them through check points that day so they could set them up; it was all orchestrated and now they surround the center there with all the criminals in the buildings not doing the business of the people but taking care of business as in themselves with military insulating them from the People! It’s a dictatorship! 💗🌷💗🌷💗
      They are cowards and punks and live in fear because they are so dirty and afraid to die! I have none and I will go when the time comes with honor and God!

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      1. Have you noticed that when it comes to illegal immigration it’s all our fault like here is an image of a child dead on the shores and YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! No actually global elites I didn’t personally go through every Middle Eastern country destroying them and overthrowing all governments to get global friendly puppets in that will protect my wealth while stealing all the resources and protecting foreign interests abroad and causes global terrorists to come over from there so if I’m a little worried about possibility of a terrorist living next door sue me aholes 💗🌷🌷💗🌷🙏

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      2. Cue Russia greedy sights on their vast wealth unfortunately gonna get nuked on that one they have brought the big boys in China 💗🌷💗🌷🙏

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      3. Yes you do see how unstable this nuthouse has become when the stupidest people are running the show and they keep making matters worse, when all they do is think they have us all by the balls but they are so dead wrong and stupid! Then the sad thing is they are inspired by wealth and greed, AKA the Devil, so only acting as his puppets and God surely is getting ready to slam dunk the whole lot as in Second Coming!💗🌷💗🌷🙏

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      4. Hey I agree you are saying it like it is and I’m all ears and eyes wide open! I see this same thing going on here as well there too, so we can’t all be totally wrong!

        Problem is like you say there are so many who go along for the ride or who are really that out to lunch and don’t get it any more!

        Hey I loved your posting and commentary so much I had to do this one just to give reflection on the Scriptures you inspired me to post; for anyone interested in Truth!
        Like I said Hun you brought it out in me today!!!

        The World is Upside Down a Step Above Hell

        Big hug and thank you! 💗🌷🌷💗🌷🙏

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  6. Welcome Lawrence it’s been enjoyable showing them how very much the wool is not pulled over our eyes blessings 💗🌷💗🌷💗🌷🙏

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    1. 💗🌷💗🌷💗🌷🙏 Absolutely my Dearest! We’re batting them out of the park today, just so abundantly connected and so much truth and love! This is reassuring for me as I hope it is for you too! And we won’t allow them to do that to us; no ma’am, no Siree-Bob; as in not a chance!🙏
      God does work in mysterious ways and is talking to us!


    2. Dearest what are you doing quoting this woman today? I told you she’s been trolling and stalking me for months injecting herself into every one of my long time followers and those bloggers I reblog to cause disruption to show me that she is thick headed and a mean woman; because I had blocked her the first week I crossed paths and told her to stay away from my site due to her sneaky ways that I became aware of immediately. Her response was don’t worry buddy I’ll avoid it like a bad virus; then she proceeded to do the opposite and harass me through my followers! Are you saying you don’t care?


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