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“This is the End, my Only Friend the End”

Very good to bring this up as I just recently wrote an essay which focused on the Vietnam War and the current signs of the times we now are caught up in, another much bigger ongoing quagmire; yet this all to me ties together with what you brought attention to even Now!

I’ve been writing according to what I genuinely felt the Holy Spirit has been saying to the world since early 2020 and I knew we as a species that were created for God’s plan and purposes have strayed much too far and too many people have been worshiping self or one thing or another, excusing themselves from this transgression by calling it entertainment or just doing their own thing, which even includes now full term day of deliver abortion with a monster in the White House “America’s Own Man of Perdition” truly a Satanic possessed individual who appropriated 468 $Billion exclusively for abortion in his first 100 days in office and if that isn’t “writing on the proverbial wall” as to where this is all going and you can’t see that, then I’m right, far too many people are blind to the Truth and have become evil! I just wrote the other day how this is all being allowed to go so wrong, because it’s being a darkest of clouds to ever come over the earth, actually does have a silver lining as in being a final warning for more humans to wake up fast before the judgment comes; and it is on the fast track!

Some people have the audacity these days when asked if they are religious or believe in God to say, I’m spiritual, which means they are faithless toward Jesus Christ and on a trip down the wrong road; that infamous “road to perdition!” I’ve known for some time that this whole thing about the “new normal” or when are we going to get back to the status-quo and just settle back into the old routines or habits that most people were so accustomed to, like even just living like a heathen basically, while turning to the nightly news to catch up with what’s important, was all a huge lie and pure bull shit! Most people have been living in a delusion of either grandeur or just letting their minds vegetate to the mainstay of going along to get along and in that process they have submitted to the Beast System that has its deadly evil tentacles wrapped around the world NOW, and isn’t going to let go until God Almighty stops it, by the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

But, looking back the good reason that I made that connection with them there was for my insight NOW, as to what is going on with the world and so “NOW” it ties into me personally, in a revelatory way how Mr. Coppola’s Masterpiece and epic genius film “Apocalypse Now” and I see that is where this world is heading now, without a doubt, only it’s not a Vietnam story but a Global Story, which applies to that old movie concept, of “Apocalyptic Changes and Events” so this sequence of the film and the classic Doors smashing musical score, “The End” hits a deep nerve straight into my heart and soul, sounding an alarm that this world is in, “Big Apocalyptic Trouble NOW!”

I insert this excerpt from my posting back on 4th of June 2020

Treason in America and Heretics in the Church
Arch Bishop Gregory said, “I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people, even those with whom we might disagree,” he said.

Brian Burch, president of the conservative nonprofit Catholic Vote, hit back by saying “millions of Catholics in the United States, including many within the archbishop’s own flock, are grateful for today’s executive order.”
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said the church, a historic fixture in Washington, does not belong to the Episcopal bishop.

“We don’t look into other people’s hearts and souls, and discern and judge what their faith is, why the president felt compelled to walk there, why he held that Bible,” Mrs. Conway told Fox News.

I Lawrence Morra say to you Arch Bishop Gregory; did you find it odd or reprehensible that Francis brought a human blood sacrificial bowl from an ancient Amazon pagan idolatry religion into the inner sanctum of the Roman Catholic Church alter in the Vatican? Where was your disdain and outcry you heretic hypocrite! You and Francis have blasphemed God Almighty and you are going to be held accountable! God have mercy on your souls!

The metaphor here is surreal but rips and tears at my heart as “True Full Reality” in the making when for example “Captain Willard” in that opening sequence says, “shit I’m still only in Saigon,” and the way I see it, we are in, or should be asking ourselves the same thing; “shit, am I still in this nightmare and nothing has changed for the better!” It ends bloody as that story moves forward just as it will here in this “Real Time Nightmare!”

God bless you and Jesus Christ save you! Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Whipped Owl

March 7, 1965:

3,500 Marines are the first American ground combat forces to go to Vietnam.

The US had already been engaged in an extensive bombing campaign and providing advice to the South Vietnamese military. Its commitment of ground troops would eventually swell to more than half a million and result in 58,318 casualties over the next ten years.

Taken From: This Day in History by Jim Daley; Copyright 2019; Publications International, LTD

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