Where is Fauci?

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https://youtu.be/U6mu4ZZQVgg House hearing with Rep. Jim Jordan

Just to put it mildly Fauci has a shit load of enemies now and even though our government is corrupted as all get-out there are still plenty of people in high places along with countless persons around the planet that would love to have him alone in a locked room for ten minutes!

But let’s face the stark reality of the fact that with all of the smoke and mirrors going on here in the United States and around the globe any number of scenarios could be playing out where he may disappear permanently! Or he is being protected to prevent the situation from getting out of hand more than it is already with regard to blowing the lid off of the whole false narrative that the evil MSM and many Politicians or other government officials ran for two years; which if this were to happen maybe they lose the whole war in the short term; with the tides completely turning on them!

Or what I’ve thought right along is this is all political theater being displayed by the movers and shakers of our government, Big Pharma, WEF and other nefarious players to give the impression that things are working toward seeking justice for the citizenry; in order to keep things cooled down enough to get through the next election cycle and on into the next Big Phase of the Global Reset Plan! Vaccine Passports and communism taking over!

I definitely lean toward smoke and mirror bullshit being the order of the day because I have little to no faith in people in high places anymore, and to me they all suck! “Too much water over the dam” as they say, has occurred! But now way too much innocent blood has been spilled, for any of the people with power who are to blame, to come clean or for any of them to pull the trigger on bringing about any “Actual Justice” for Humanity! I mean look at the Clinton’s and Obama just for starters with all they got away with, and then Biden and his criminal son with all we know they did; but all we hear is crickets, or it’s like listening to grass growing! For anything of that magnitude to happen would take a Global Revolution of unprecedented proportions; and I just don’t see how that is possible outside of the “Second Coming!”
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


House hearing with Rep. Jim Jordan

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