14 March 2022 You Are Significant

Hello and hope you’re having a very nice day; seems like you should for sure!

This is a very straightforward and a very realistic outlook about moving forward and upward!
Here is immediately what stood out as a great self-revelation that’s really so important to see.

“The void in me that was created by the divorce is being filled with getting to know myself better and getting closer to God.”

The part about getting closer to God as I see it can only be the best thing to do, for not just you as you explained your situation very well, but anyone that is genuflecting deeply looking for that clear and totally honest assessment of where we are coming from, and most important where we need to get to! Yes even in the short term of dealing with this life, but, then where we really want to be for eternity; because I do believe this is where we get to choose that final destination by how we live and ultimately seek God as our truth; the only real answer to it all.

But then the first thing in that statement about a void, that got me thinking about actually something that just came into my view today, early this morning when waking, which I never thought about! A bit of truth and some information I had decades ago, but didn’t appreciate well enough and see it for what it was, like not seeing the forest for the trees perhaps because I was being too sure of myself or just foolish thinking I knew so much but knew squat! And then fast forward I wonder and ask myself did I blow it, and all I had to do was use that information to take a step in a direction that would have landed me right where I as a teen thought I wanted to go which would have required me depending on someone else’s connections which I actually fought all my life not wanting anyone’s favors; to not be beholding; so instead I did try to go in that direction only did it completely without that advantage or actually any connection, and it all ended up being a dead-end or disappointment as I saw it then; or I got perhaps disillusioned and feared the unknown possibilities, so I let it go and changed direction.


Now the kicker is here I am a very mature much older and hopefully wiser man, who for a moment I still just have to wonder did I handle things poorly when I thought I tried hard to do what I dreamed of doing in my own way; but that was a mistake? So what I’m saying is anyone can look back and see in retrospect how one thing or another could have been done just a bit differently or even a golden opportunity being handed to get the leg up needed and perhaps that would have made things so much better or successful! Whether a marriage or a career choice it maybe would have gone very well, but, that one big glitch blew it all up! You know how in some deep love relationships it happens sometimes where one or the other might do a very foolish thing and cheat, in a time of weakness and totally ruin the marriage when the one cheating really had no intention of hurting the person that they made that forever promise to, yet it got botched up because we are human and make Mistakes; we all do!

My father told me as a teen; “son we all make mistakes but what God expects us to do is admit it when we do, and learn from it so that you never do that again, and that way prove you are truly sorry! Now I know it’s too late for me to do anything about that choice I made and the opportunity I maybe could have gotten to flourish in a certain way is long gone, and I don’t want to have regrets at all, because I do believe another thing my father told me many years later after making a few big choices that landed me right back where I started; he said, looking me straight in the eyes, “right here where you are this moment is where God wanted you to be!” So my father with more wisdom and insight, as well as knowing me better than I know myself was I think saying, “don’t second guess now, because you made some big decisions and ended up right here for good reason; this is the life you should be living this moment and not the possible celebrity one you “maybe” could have had, if you took those steps in another direction way back then.” Then I recall in that conversation I said, well I just wonder because now I can see how if I did this or that being so full of imagination and energy at the time I probably would have gone to the top and I just wonder! He looked deep into my eyes how he always did when talking so father and son, and said, “you could be dead too!” I just shook thinking and writing that, because, he was absolutely right, so maybe yea I ended up deciding what I did and going the opposite direction from where I had thought I should head into! But because it would have led to any number of potential troubles or heartaches even an early departure from life, or in the least a pile of problems and hassles that would drive me to drink or even give up; I’ve seen that happen to some dudes who took big leaps and later crashed and burned, many of them were famous or very successful in the business for a time, but then; Shit Happens!

God I love this article you wrote it makes me tear up right so much thinking about it all now in this way; because as much as I can second guess or imagine myself doing something quite different in my life over all these years and how cool or fun it could have been, there is always that double edged sword involved when getting so much all at once, how that can be and many times is be too much to handle, which in turn will cause tragedy to strike; we see it in great stories and many famous families like the Kennedy’s and so many others. The truth is dad is absolutely spot-on and so wise, because who gives a care what the frig I could of done; that whole thing of coulda, woulda, shoulda malarkey might get one thinking, but doesn’t God know what is really going to be my best end result, and not all these imaginations or second guessing that I or anyone can do, especially when thinking about voids in life; “when in the end, if we Trust God” the best possible outcome will arrive and “it will be forever!” Right now I should be more concerned about being just a servant, an instrument for Him alone; just serving Him better and better; while like you said getting to know Him better will make it alright!
God bless you!

Thanks for bringing this out today when it matched up so clearly with my sudden thinking/emotional process I was going through wondering!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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