Biological Weapons Expert Exposes Labs In Ukraine And China Run By U.S. Government

This is the right kind of comprehensive truth report that must keep being brought to the fore continually but it probably is far to late for the catastrophe coming in short order to be forestalled or especially stopped dead! The nefarious diabolical fusion of Satan with the most evil human beings to have ever existed on planet earth has already not only happened but gained all of the leverage and stranglehold on the global military industrial complex which gives those controlling this absolute control of the economics, resources and food production on the planet! This means that the agenda to enslave the entire human race is well into the later stages of implementation and there is no escape from the nightmare and totalitarian control that will ensue.

I didn’t have much factual raw data on all of this very well hidden plan that the US CIA and all high levels of government including the White House under the hideous former Obama/Biden administration but equally as evil was the previous Bush/Cheney cabal as well, which by the way is why Colin Powell with all of the deep factual hidden truth knowledge he possessed about the fraud Iraq war and the rigged 911 attack died recently; because certain key individuals have become too much of a liability that could potentially if not slow down the advancing of the agenda could easily gum up the works; so people die or disappear!

Depopulation and intense control of human populations is well underway so dramatic changes that will be earth shattering are ahead unless nuclear war or more intense biological warfare is deployed fairly soon! And the only thing I believe can stop what is coming would be the Second Coming; mankind is on the fast track to annihilation and hell is totally behind it!

Even without massive amounts of secret data early into the fraud pandemic hoax I had been thinking for quite some time prior that many shady operations were afoot and what we see is not what is really going on, so I wrong based on minute fragments of truth and my own intuition in such a way as to portray a sense of what is going on in our civilization also attuned strenuously to Biblical Prophecy. A few of those essays I want to provide here to allow anyone who is interested to examine so they can see what kinds of thoughts anyone reading may have had all along that are similar so they might realizes how far humanity has slipped into the beastly quagmire of End Time!

To temper my own free thinking I have to be sensible; could this all be leading to the bitter end, I say of course but because I do believe in Hope and that everything is in God’s hands, this all could miraculously resolve in completely unexpected ways and then postpone the real End decades or hundreds of years into the future. But, I’m a realist and logic along with my faith added to my experience tells me that because too many humans are not kind heartened and not ruled by brotherly love the way I definitely prefer to be, it doesn’t look encouraging for us at all. So like they say, prepare for the worst and hope for the best; as you keep praying faithfully!
God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Did You Know

Guess what all the DNA they collected from the PCR testing will be used for? The PCR testing could not diagnose anything. The only thing is was good for was collecting DNA.

What they want all that DNA for. They want to weaponize it. I said this some time ago, when it came to the PCR testing. The only thing it was good for was collecting DNA.

Dr. Francis Boyle joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to deliver his expert analysis on the U.S. run biolabs in the Ukraine and across the world.

Everyone really needs to listen to this. They could also use this tech to kill animals or birds. Like the one that kills chickens, for example.

Dr. Boyle is the author of the international agreement prohibiting gain-of-function bioweapons research, signed by Reagan in the 1980s. And since that time, Dr. Boyle has been battling the efforts of…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Biological Weapons Expert Exposes Labs In Ukraine And China Run By U.S. Government”

  1. Rainbow Warrior

    2 hr.

    All their crimes will come out in the end. They are slowly but surely coming out. Dr. Francis Boyle just confined what I thought they were using all the DNA collected via PCR test. One more piece of the puzzle..

    My Reply
    I hear you, and I was praying for this many years ago, or especially for all of the Crimes Against Humanity during the Giant Pandemic Hoax, and that the CCP could be destroyed along with all commie evil leaders! But, I don’t hold my breath with people in the know anymore; I just say like the State of Missouri slogan, “Show Me!” I only trust results that are biding and complete! Done deal!

    Unreal isn’t it; I read the other day about the PCR testing and you know way back I didn’t trust that, not only because the results are bogus but because of this very reason of who the hell is making them and how do we know there aren’t any viruses attached like a bio-weapon, or in the least to make sure the Covid spreads and the numbers go sky high! Big Pharma in my book will always be deeper and filthier than the deepest cesspool; they are scums of the earth; all of them!
    A guy I grew up with from my old neighborhood was saying a while ago, wow you’re one of those conspiracy theorists and basically blowing me off; and guess who is eating crow now and should have long ago, hit here; left leaning! The more people that wake up, to reality and realize who and how many enemies we have right here in America that have been selling us out for decades; the better! I just feel it’s too little too late like too much water over the dam as they say! What would turn my thinking around would be many hangings of the top scum!

    You did a fantastic job here and I’ve been trying to back off and lay low on this heavy stuff for one because I get so worked up and also to let some dust settle but you got me motivated Bro!
    The operative term; Not WOKE, but get WORKED UP and care people!
    See you later!


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