Lara Logan goes off in epic rant on Ukraine, citing ‘fake NGOs,’ Vindman, Hunter Biden, Romney’s son

“Mitt Romney’s son… by the way, who is disgusting as the rest of them”

March 21, 2022 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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March 21, 2022

What a woman, mother and honest journalist with total integrity and a human being above all who knows that God is watching and all we say and do matters!!! I love this woman beyond measure, OMG if I could have been as blessed as her husband! Well God bless them both and their children I’m so happy for them all! Amen.

I was just writing today about these very smoke and mirror propaganda charades going on all around us and how this is not what it appears to be!

“Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

I wrote this today before seeing Lara’s fine work and she mentioned the same despots in government that are sending their family members over to Ukraine to get all those lucrative back door deals set up for mega bucks like the dirty traitors they are!


This is all BS, when are people going to realize none of us mean diddly-squat, and just like 9/11 was a rigged event this all is too, because the “power mongers” on all sides are in it all for themselves and the people are chaff to them! Our Congress plays ball with Communist China and Russia as well as Ukraine behind closed doors wheeling and dealing for the upper echelon on all sides to get more wealthy and powerful; why else do you think Fauci, Gates, Soros, Biden, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, McConnell, Romney, Lindsey Graham and on down the long list of elite are not in jail rotting away! George Bush and his whole clan along with former V.P. Cheney was and are part of the Illuminati, just like Putin, Xi Jinping, Merkle, Macron and all of them are; playing us all for the simpleton powerless fools that we are; do you think Colin Powell’s passing recently was natural, Not!  Excess baggage or too much liability risk and threats get eliminated all of the time!

‘What I Saw, I Hope No One Will Ever See’ Says Greek Diplomat Returning From Mariupol

None of these people have any conscience and obviously sold out to the Devil long ago as they are now owned by him.

People ruled under the Marxist leader Pol Pot, “the Khmer Rouge tried to take Cambodia back to the Middle Ages, forcing millions of people from the cities to work on communal farms in the countryside.” Under his brutal regime the bodies stacked up to the tops of trees!!! Under that monster and the many others like him fueled by the communists of the USSR and China he crushed the people and freedom was nonexistent; only total control and death prevailed! Communism is evil and allows the butchers of the world to slaughter and crush human beings like garbage waste products and rats in a dump!

Here are a couple of other essays I posted that should spell out clearly to anyone interested just how bad things have gotten here in America and around the planet!

Lara said something at the end of her pod cast that I never heard her say but I stated it in my writing today again and I’ve said it for at least a few years; how “there are Evil Horrible people who want to Rule over all of us and Enslave us!”

Hot Dam I love this Woman!

We’ve all had the Big Wake Up Call; the Warning Alarm!

Just open the following link to watch Lara’s Pod Cast!

(Video Credit: Cowboy Logic)

Lara Logan goes off in epic rant on Ukraine, citing ‘fake NGOs,’ Vindman, Hunter Biden, Romney’s son

March 21, 2022 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Journalist Lara Logan appeared on the Cowboy Logic podcast and proceeded in an epic rant to expose Ukrainian connections involving those such as Sen. Mitt Romney’s son, retired Colonel Alexander Vindman, the country’s alleged ties to the occult, and its purported history involving the Nazis.

The wild ride highlighted her brutally honest and frank opinions concerning Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. She didn’t hold back and made one controversial statement after another, tearing into globalists and politicians alike during her rant.

Logan began by saying that “no one wants the people of Ukraine to suffer.” Having said that, she then got to the meat of her allegations charging that there are those here and abroad that want a bigger war and don’t want de-escalation of the conflict.

“Sure, there’s disinformation on both sides, no doubt. The Russians are good at it and so are we. However, there are certain things here that are true and we need to ask more questions about them. For example, when Putin says he’s going to rid the Ukrainian military of its Nazis and we all jump up and down and say, ‘Oh! My gosh! That’s not true because look at all the hundreds of thousands of Jewish victims of the Holocaust.’ Well, absolutely there were hundreds of thousands of Jewish victims of the Holocaust. And you know what? They weren’t just killed by Germans. A lot of them were killed by Ukrainians because western Ukraine backed the Nazis and was a headquarters of the Nazi SS,” Logan stated.

“And when you see that black sun of the occult on uniforms of Ukrainian soldiers… and by the way, not just one battalion, not just a handful of soldiers… look at the pictures of female Ukrainian soldiers being lionized and you know, sort of worshipped by the US media, right? They’ve got that black sign of the occult. Now, why is that significant? Well, that was another emblem of the SS, wasn’t it? Because there was an occult dimension to the SS that we again don’t like to talk about,” she continued.

“And why is that significant? Well, go to the Azov Battalion in the Ukrainian military that is funded by the United States and NATO. Not only do they have the black occult as the background of their logo, but they have the sideways lightning symbol of the SS,” she pointed out, noting that it is foundational to who the unit is. She also said to just imagine how that would be viewed if one unit in the US military used symbols of the Nazi SS.

“I encourage everybody to look at the work of a journalist, an American journalist in Ukraine who has been there for years and years and years and has done extraordinary work trying to uncover how Ukraine is at the center of this cult of globalists. How it is a center of money laundering for the oligarchs and their allies in the United States. How it is at the center of Russia collusion and the whole false narrative. How it was amazingly a Ukrainian dossier, right, that put Paul Manafort behind bars…,” she railed.

Logan continued to point out Ukraine’s history while taking a smack at retired Colonel Alexander Vindman, whom she called “moron” and said he was “obviously a spy.” She mocked his staged history endlessly and thoroughly. Then she astutely asked, “Where is counterintelligence?” and said “There’s a reason that man was escorted from the White House at the end of that theatrical trial,” referring to the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

She called George Soros’ Open Foundation Societies and “all these other fake NGOs that are nothing more than brown shirts and SS rolled into one” and who “were running their radical policy through the United States embassy, through USAID, using our tax dollars to slit our own throats.”

“Now they’re covering their tracks in Ukraine, not just hiding all the evidence of John Kerry’s son, Biden’s son, Nancy Pelosi’s son, Mitt Romney’s son… by the way, who is disgusting as the rest of them,” she raged.

Logan spoke of the bio labs there, some of which were leftover from the Russians. She pointed out that the whole truth of that has not been aired either.

She spoke of no one trying to de-escalate the conflict and then called Zelenskyy a “moron,” claiming he was “selected” while prancing in stilettos and black leather pants on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The journalist concluded by telling people to wake up. That there is real suffering and a real war going on but there is also a lot of propaganda out there coming from all sides.

“…they’re being exploited by evil, horrible people who want to rule over all of us and enslave us. And if you don’t think that’s true, you think that’s a conspiracy theory, I got no time for you,” she concluded.

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