Moving Forward

Hello to Hope and her lovely family! God bless the baby boy he is so adorable, and I’m sure a champion like his mother and father are! Remember when how when as children wanting to learn how to ride a bicycle seemed scary, but, we really wanted to learn how to do it so we could be like the bigger kids and have some fun like that; but we needed training wheels didn’t we! None are so adept and born with a bicycle strapped to us that we can use like our arms and legs, and even those took some getting used to when taking those first little baby steps with mom and dad holding our tiny hands and comforting us to go on; and try now!

Yup we sure had to take some risk eventually in order to get to the point where it was no more training wheels and we could yell out so proudly, “look mom no hands,” I can do it! Confidence in one’s self is such a beautiful thing, especially for little children; but they always need to be under the watchful guiding eyes and hands of their parents, as they learn to take on more personal responsibility, very much something we never stop doing! Even as adults if we are growing in our faith to Trust in the Lord who gave us all of this opportunity, but, it comes with a caveat that we must try to do our best and be always willing to learn from our heavenly Father, each and every day what more we can do to Improve our doing what He our Maker put us on this earth for in the first place! We have a mission to first “Trust in Him Alone” and then to “grow in our love and appreciation of Him,” so then we are better able to “Serve His will.”

Your baby boy does trust you both as his parents and loves you more than anything now, and the more you reach out to him with so much tender loving care the stronger that loves grows as the bonds between you all, get stronger and stronger, until eventually the little boy will be a fine capable independent man who can reciprocate the tender loving care back at times to his wonderful parents; because the bond of Trust and Love will be unbreakable and unbeatable; as this is all connected by the heart.

My father would say something to me as a young boy when I would complain about my tummy aching after all the proper steps were taken to provide care to me as the child and make sure that I wasn’t in need of something more than the typical remedy; and just allowing nature to take its course so my body could deal with the stomach flu or the upset I at times caused in it by eating too much of one thing or another that didn’t agree with me. Once all the bases where covered my father would say, “you’re going to be fine, so stop letting this get you down so much and think positive about how you can lick it, and get back to doing all the good things you have to do; its just “mind over matter” now son! “Mind over matter” and my father saying that truly meant what it sounds like; but more! Sure determination and spunk was something he had instilled in me at an early age just like he had learned, to “be brave and not let every little ache or pain throw me into a tizzy teaching me that these things come and go!” But my father meant much more than that, and I learned in time that he was saying; “it’s time to Trust in the Lord,” because that’s who really is in charge, and so mind over matter meant “it’s time to build and work your faith,” because that is the best medicine and cure; for all the trials and tribulations we face in life!

That we need to learn as we grow up to make it a habit to turn to God in the name of Jesus for everything that concerns us; very much so when we are ill or injured! Over the years I did learn that my father was so right and that most of the things that ail us will pass, and we need to be putting a “positive thought process to work immediately” to not let the illness overwhelm “our own inner power and capability” that God put there for just these occasions. That with some prayer and the healthy living tips from mom and dad, this will have us on the road to recovery and riding that bicycle again in no time; through these difficulties faith grows and confidence does with it! Your precious little baby boy is growing in all the best ways, and I’m sure of that because God first of all is keeping His eyes on him; but the parents in this case are ever so watchful with their eyes and guided hearts, which are so empowered by their solid faith in Christ Jesus! Amen.
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


After an entire week of stomach bug, my son is finally acting more himself. Even still, he whines for sleep more than usual, and has been particularly grumpy and strong-willed toward literally everything I try to do throughout the day.

I keep declaring, “come on son, it’s time to move forward from this.” Because I know that once he moves, gets some fresh air, tries that first bite of food, gets a bath…that he will ultimately feel better for it.

Granted. It’s not easy to take those steps sometimes. Especially when we feel sick or worn down, or have gotten into a habit of dependency and a schedule of sleeping the day away,

Of course now, I’m speaking of us. My son is not the exception. He is human and therefore reflects our humanity.

We’ve all gotten into a rut before. Or have fallen into a pit and need to…

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