22 March 2022 World Water Day and Remembering Chris Cornell

A tune with a “groove;” and I don’t know why so don’t ask but it made me think of Kurt in the groove with Nirvana! Stuff did get to him didn’t it.

“And for this gift I feel blessed” I just thought maybe this is one reason why?

So here are the lyrics on screen version and maybe something else will come to mind?

“Nail in my hand,
From my creator.
You gave me life,
Now show me how to live.”   (Audioslave Show Me How to)

Maybe that’s it a generation now that is so much unsure of how to live than previous ones or maybe making it more Complicated than they should when it’s so simple!

Loving the great photos of the trees!

Thanks for the idea at least and for the memories especially!
Peace out!

Got thinking some-more a little later-on and yea Chris you’re right, “have to let it go.”

To be

Check out 22 March 2022 Tuesday chat https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1433418732

Hello to you. Hope this finds you well today. I found out it’s World Water Day – water is life! There are simple things each of us can do to help conserve our most precious of resources. Stuff as simple as turning off the tap when your brushing your teeth. Taking shorter showers. Not rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. I found this National Geographic video that is short but shows some good examples of places where efforts are being made to preserve waterways- so many lives, not just human, depend on them:

https://youtu.be/aYNHNcmBxJM – The Worth of Water (National Geographic)

Here are some examples of lives awakening this spring that need water too:

Last night I couldn’t sleep and this song sung by Chris Cornell of Audioslave popped into my head:

https://youtu.be/KwKcMdiq60s – Audioslave Show Me How to…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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One thought on “22 March 2022 World Water Day and Remembering Chris Cornell”

  1. Thanks for this link Sister! This is so serious and to me so sadly accurate about this generation! With the horrid wicked people at the helm of government and even in many churches or other public community based venues is it any wonder that the youth will feel lost and with nothing or nobody to turn to falling into despair! I have to admit I even feel overwhelmed with sadness at times, and I have faith in Jesus, along with having been around the track several times and got a lot of lumps, earning some stripes along the way! The hard part for me personally was finding out how vicious and selfish many or even most people are; sort of in a state of demented delusion, not seeing the Forest for the Trees; hell what are Tress to most of them anyway! I even dealt with that madness in the form of some powerful people who thought I’m the crazy one to want to protect trees! And when I stood up against their worldly corrupted agenda they proceeded to tear me a new one and part of that was taking my trees! Now if that doesn’t tell us all where these control freaks are with their nefarious agendas especially now that the skirmish-line is far past trees and onto human life and the right to live! Yea the digital getting connected age might mean instant communication but yet getting farther and farther apart as humanity wanes; which has turned this supposed advancement of technologies into a Pandora’s Box on steroids with some evil spirits tossed in to boot! I won’t go into that here but the things they worship aren’t just money and power!

    We know the pandemic was a farce by now if we were so easily duped by our fraud media and government; but now if the true facts are surfacing while the world’s attention is distracted by the Ukraine, our lovely government is setting in motion a plan for blue and red states to have a passport system in place sooner than we thought possible, and are we the people voting for this tyranny, or even asked if we want such things stuffed in our faces! When we have a so called president that’s been a thief for over 50 years and in bed with China’s CCP, and now as the figurehead of the American government and nothing is happening to stop it, not even using some of those Constitutional checks and balances to prevent a complete overthrow of our once great system of governance; this has to tell us that things are looking terribly bleak to say the least! Now if I was a young kid again and lived in this I would be freaked or pulling my hair out wondering what is happening; making me feel so much despair!

    I will say this and I hate to do it, but, I never had any children and I always loved them and thought I would have a family of my own when I eventually met the right lady and settled-down; but that didn’t happen and for the sake of any kids I’m glad, because this world is looking terrible when I think hard and serious! Sure I can still think of the glass half-full and how with Jesus Christ things will manage to work out, but I can’t see putting others though this meat grinder of a world anymore as a super good idea!

    The caveat here is those that have already done so I completely empathize with and my heart goes out to them! Just a little while ago I was out on a path in the area walking with my dog and a little boy about maybe 4 or 5 was walking nearby with his mother and when we converged we stood and had a little chat! The boy was so adorable and said how they were going to stand still and pretend they are statues, and I said you have a good imagination and that sounds like a fun thing to do with your mom! Then we got to them mentioning an aunt was coming to visit and I said that sounds great because she probably has children too and when they get to your house you all can have a really nice time playing and using your imaginations together! The little boy said, yea we can have fun playing; and then I said very good because when you’re a child that is what children should do is have lots of good times playing together, because that is what children are supposed to do and then someday when all of them grow up its more about doing lots of work to keep things going and pay the bills! So I wished them a great rest of the day and to take good care!

    So my point is as much as I see things as too much of a harsh deal that isn’t the way to handle the current circumstances at all, because there are too many innocents in need now that need people even like me to keep plugging or even fighting to gets things to change for the better!
    We know a captain always goes down with his ship and for good reason!
    I will go down with my ship; no choice in the matter; have to do my duty!

    What a lovely lady and song she did; when Dido recorded this I was starting to get into my own battles full-bore but this song’s message carries over here too!

    God bless,
    Brother in Christ Jesus,


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