“…By giving the impression that they honour the Mother of God, many Catholics will be led into a false sense of security….”

The conclusion of this prophesy states, “Mother of Salvation: They will need to find places of refuge so that they can provide daily Masses and the Holy Eucharist,” which you also end this current posting with; does stand out so powerfully for me. https://missionofsalvation.com/message-0879/


The following two excerpts are so telling and bring it all into focus!

“Satan despises me. He also fears me. To hurt my Son, he will, through those souls he influences, go to great lengths to defile my image through many secret rituals and black masses. My statue will be adorned with satanic symbols and I will be desecrated in many places by Masonic groups who have gained control.”

“Pray, pray, pray, children, every day, for the strength to confront this wickedness with courage. Do not fear it. Accept that Satan’s army is now controlling many nations, in every part of the world. When you accept this, you can then be given the strength and determination you need. When you ask for these graces, through the Crusade Prayers, you can and will help to mitigate this wickedness.”


Most people do not nor will not know where I’m coming from in all of my dissertations but how could they when they don’t really know me or what I’ve experienced firsthand and had to battle furiously to not only save my life but all of it in doing God’s will so I am still here to speak and be His servant; which is all I want to be, nothing else matters; nothing! To love and serve God is the best and highest standard by which anyone can aspire to conduct their life making it a truly purposeful life and not a lost soul’s demise because we are ALL FALLEN from the grace and glory of God!


I’ve witnessed firsthand Freemason assaults in the church locally and against me over the many years now since 2012, this being the period when my eyes would be opened as to what is happening to the Catholic Church and how enemies of Jesus in league with Satan were already doing great harm to the Church from within and without as a Global New World Order had been in the making since the early 1960’s.

“They will use the prophecies of Fatima to desecrate my image, by presenting a great deceit to the world.”
“They will use me in order to defile my Son’s Church…”

This so true how the hearts and minds of so many humans are such now that they follow the directives of Satan to denigrate the Holy Mother of the Church Blessed Mary who was sanctified and made Holy in order to be an instrument of God’s plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ who was born of this chosen one and blessed woman the Virgin Mary just like the Holy Scriptures point out clearly! But we see in this world now so many even some Christians that toss Mary aside as some garment that was now soiled and not needed when in fact God the Father wants just the opposite; that she be venerated above all saints and be a special emissary or liaison for His purposes until the final judgment day arrives; she being the Holy Mother of God for all eternity!


The Devil nor any powers on earth or anywhere in the existence will ever change my thinking about this; but it does sadden me to see so many people pass her off because as they do they disobey a prime tenet of God’s requirements for His truly faithful! They will have a huge gap to fill and account for so I pray there is an answer for them to do so!
I know how I see all earthly mothers who are far removed from what this chosen among all women became and is! But I see how a beautiful thing happens when a woman gives birth; she labored for the nine months being in complete union with another life, heart and soul forming an eternal bond that can never be broken unless they are separated in the end by Heaven and Hell! It is beautiful how a mother is so linked to her child; let’s try to imagine the Holy mother being united in that special way with Jesus Christ our Savior God incarnate, having that most special bond with God the Father and the Son Jesus with the Holy Spirit! From the time of the Immaculate Conception that eternal bond and life of unity began! She is there in Paradise with them now and forever will remain so our asking for her prayers is so crucial now while the world slips into darkest of days and yet to come wickedness upon God’s children!
Pray with love and devotion to them; they love us and want us saved! Amen.    All the power and glory is yours dear God Almighty in Jesus’ name! Amen.


Anyone that knows me realizes at times I can be a bit hard in tone rather not wanting to sugar coat anything I say it the way I see it because time is of the essence and no beating around the bush nonsense will cut it!


I recently wrote my initial sentiments about this supposed Consecration of Russia but I have no confidence at all in it; still I pray I’m wrong and major miracles are happening but I know and most anyone with their wits about them sees the great deceptions and lies being perpetrated upon the world by Satan’s minions.


I include the link for that writing in case anyone is compelled to check it out.
God bless you.

Pope Francis Consecrates Russia and Ukraine to Virgin Mary

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III



The consecration  and My personal battle

Was the Consecration really and properly done this time? Are the finer details important? I really must say I was terribly conflicted leading up to it. I read lots of posts, I watched many commentaries. I had many questions…

What my gut was telling me was that this was such a surprise – that this (pope)  I mean (PF, more properly called the FP) would do it. It was so uncharacteristic of him.I was sure he had an ulterior motive. I thought he was just trying to get all conservative Catholics onside, so that they would trust him, and that they would gleefully follow him into his New World Church. Let’s face facts … he has over the last 9 years completely destructured the Catholic Church and attacked/ twisted/ denied many of its teachings. He has mocked and blasphemed against…

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