Invitations from Our Lady – Recruitment for Golden Rose

How beautiful, this is news to me! Just awoke after a few hours and got up to think a bit when I found this just posted! I decided to pass along two things here a posting of my own yesterday and a portion of something I mentioned to a Christian Friend/Brother!

I suppose many think that but I knew a few nuns and several consecrated women of the church pretty well over the last 15 years especially who were and are all so dear and dedicated to the mission of the Church with their deeply devoted love of Jesus! Their being very beautiful human beings as I learned more about them; they were very comforting to me and displayed wonderful virtue that I admired totally, they really helped me immensely!
Just a side note; I love old classic movies, there was one based on a novel by Charles Shaw that I loved so much I ordered the DVD close to a dozen years back , Heaven Knows Mr. Allison after catching it on TV a few times, which was a story about a US Marine who gets marooned on a South Pacific island during WWII with a nun of all things, who is the only other person there; yea you should see his bit comical but very respectful sweet reaction to the situation especially in light of the fact that he doesn’t follow any religion; I think God arranged this meeting in this story to make sure someone gets to heaven, I just love this one and won’t mind seeing it 50 more times or till I kick the bucket, a very beautiful old film and great story! Two fine actors and a well written story at that which was orchestrated by a great director John Huston. It starred Robert Mitchum and a beautiful person and British actress Deborah Kerr! Those days are sure gone and they don’t make them like that anymore! But I always think of nuns like the one portrayed in the film! If you get a chance sometime check it out and let me know what you think!
God bless!

heaven knows mr alison docu.docx

I highly recommend the film to anyone, what a better time it was back then for humanity as well even just films that were made and what sort of persons made them; I won’t even mention what news headline caught my attention yesterday about a current generation couple and what they do as an occult ritual. It’s enough to say like Mother Miriam says; how we don’t have much time!

Thank you for everything!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Golden Rose

One of the ways you can contribute a rose for Wild Rose week is to commit a significant effort, generally amounting to an hour or more of your time, to active recruitment. But how does that work? Well in many ways the world is your oyster. You can hire an aeroplane with a banner or stand on a soapbox with a megaphone for an hour telling people to sign up… However the suggestions heretofore aren’t quite your style we’re going to explore a few alternative options in this blog post!

Giving out Business Cards / Flyers

This can often be one of the least intimidating ways to invite people to join. Basically it involves handing out business cards or flyers with information about Golden Rose (or at least the website url). Since it’s difficult to quantify such activity by time, the guideline for roses is that every 30 cards and/or…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Invitations from Our Lady – Recruitment for Golden Rose”

    1. Just in case I’m sending this site I found quickly which you may have found too that does have the full movie free!

      What a beautifully made film and I was heading in that direction some years ago to make it my career but living in LA and now I know I made the best decision for me to stay away from the seedy, twisted, perverted and outright demented evil that has infested that industry. Read yesterday that actress Megan Fox; who I never observed in anything nor will I, out there in La La Land how her and her partner share eating each other’s blood for a ritual and we don’t have to study this to figure what rituals they follow! She is proud that one of her son’s wants to wear dresses and female cloths! This world is screwed when the mainstream culture and arts has sunk to believing the diabolical is good!

      “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

      Hey, so I hope you find the time to watch the film again anyway, I actually pulled my DVD copy out and have it sitting by the TV for viewing this weekend! That kind of thing still puts me in a good mood and I love hat people in general once had all their marbles and good souls!


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