Roe v Wade to be Overturned Per Supreme Court Leak

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What follows is the bulk of what I had written in my April 11, 2019 posting “The Abomination and Massacre of The Innocent” My hope and prayer is today that this nation’s government and legal authorities, namely the SCOTUS have seen the light while having the intestinal fortitude to do the Right thing and abolish the horrendous and completely flawed Roe/Wade decision issued back on January 22, 1973!

Right now the extremely demented Democrat leadership in D.C.; namely Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi along with all of their countless minions and RINO’s are feverishly working to circumvent or change the pending decision to strike down Roe/Wade! These government officials are freaks and evil minions of Satan’s who actually are so gloated with power and ill-gotten gains, they think they’ve always got to win or get their way regardless of how immoral and evil their goals are; seeing themselves as supreme! I know they are going to hell no doubt about it; but if this pending decision by the justices can come through and they take the high road regardless of any heat they may feel for it; many souls will be saved from eternal damnation; including their own!

“I realize that the first and foremost thing for any good Christian is to put all faith in God and do His will; but when all people are doing different missions as a friend told me everyone has one; I say many will state mine is to do this or that and some will say just to be gay or think that it is fine to accept all manner of heathen beliefs because all should just do what they feel happy doing. Modern secularism is what she was pointing to as a mantra! The now old phrase of “do your own thing” seems to apply.

We have to pay attention to what all the Holy Scriptures are telling us before all other considerations if we are believers! “Man-Made Missions” have nothing to do with being OBEDIENT to God! Satan was the beginning of all disobedience and transgression! Many are being fooled with nonsense and pop culture of man-made fads! Saying something is a mission is worthless unless you put God and his entire teachings first above all things on earth!

I know from personal experience it was very easy to fall into the snare of thinking I knew what was best, but all it was in the end was my own propaganda feeding my own folly and sinfulness! “Beware in the end times it would be so,” as the Holy Scriptures say that “men would be worshipers of self and all manner of perversions!”

2 Timothy 3:1-9 “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

“Massacre of innocent babies” in the mother’s womb, birth canal and now outside of the mother! Or will we all stand by and pass the buck and watch as most people in societies have for decades now, as the “hideous diabolical monstrosity of abortion” has grown into an industry, an “INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRY” of terminating human innocent life!

The “reverential sanctity” of human life has been cheapened and denigrated to the level of just being tissue that can be flushed down the toilet like any other waste!

You know what I’m talking about, and how even certain abortion Doctors snipped spinal cords of human babies outside of the mother! My standard is that at the “moment of conception” a “life and soul” of a human being have begun! Rationalize all you want but you ultimately “choose” if you will follow Satan into Hell or do God’s Will on earth and be a part of His “Eternal Kingdom in Heaven!”

Yes, let’s ask everyone who cares about animal life; what about the Unborn; the voiceless human beings with a soul from God that are being slaughtered by the millions partial birth and now even full term day of delivery lying helpless on the delivery table, or full term in the womb having their necks broken and then removed from the mother dead? These are Satanic events that the human race is conducting upon itself but to innocent helpless human beings; God’s children! This is even more diabolical than what Adolph Hitler wrought upon millions of Jews during WWII! This has been quite the war going on under everyone’s noses because the entire human race is either involved in this atrocity or turned a blind eye to it; making all who can say something and don’t guilty by association. I say anyone aware of this evil and able to have a say in it and doesn’t is in big trouble, because we all have been quick to fornicate or think lustful thoughts at one time or another warping and perverting the gifts that God bestowed upon us to procreate and add to God’s family; but so many stand on the sidelines saying nothing or are even cheering on and advocating abortion! Despicable and evil! Many will burn in hell.”

My prayers and heart is totally for Roe/Wade being struck down into hell where it belongs! I ask this in the glorious name of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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Amended Post Script:

Several hours after posting this article I received in my email and important letter perspective from an organization I have ascribed to for some time, which actually said it the way I was thinking overall about this egregious matter of the times leak out of the SCOTUS which I believe is too important not to quote here!


While we applaud the legal excellence and persuasive power of the draft opinion, authored by Justice Alito, reversing Roe v. Wade, and returning the issue whether, and to what extent, abortions should be legally permitted to the political sphere, to be fought on a state-by-state basis, we remain especially guarded in our applause.  Some thirty years ago we are told that another draft opinion, reversing Roe, was circulated among the Justices, although not leaked to the public.  We are told, further, that the sharp reaction to this proposed draft reversal of Roe on the part of pro-abortion Justices persuaded three Justices — O’Connor, J., Souter, J., and Kennedy, J. — to change course and join in a concurring opinion that left the so-called “essential holding” of Roe intact, while subject to a new and unduly vague “undue burden” test applicable to state efforts to regulate and restrict abortion.

We believe the leak of Justice Alito’s draft opinion to the public — an egregious breach of confidentiality at the high Court, that ought to be vigorously investigated and prosecuted — was calculated to provoke a public outcry on the part of abortion providers and supporters, in the hope of intimidating one or more Justices to refrain from supporting Justice Alito’s draft opinion. No doubt this blatant tactic was inspired by pro-abortion extremism. Thus Planned Parenthood is already orchestrating mass demonstrations at federal courts, as planned by the leaker or leakers of the draft opinion.

We hope and pray — with confidence — that pro-lifers everywhere will stand firm and counter these efforts to intimidate our Justices, and that the Justices too will be steadfast in adhering to the rule of law.  We look forward to the release of the Court’s final official ruling, which we now hope and pray will be a true cause for celebration in witness of Roe’s demise.  And then, we will renew our determination to fight in the legislatures and courts of each of our 50 states to win full and final protection for the sanctity of each and every human being’s life, from conception until natural death. 


Tom Brejcha

Tom Brejcha
President & Chief Counsel

Thomas More Society

The Thomas More Society is a not-for-profit, national public interest law firm dedicated to restoring respect in law for life, family, and religious liberty.

Please consider supporting our efforts with a generous, tax-deductible donation.

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The Supreme Court has voted to strike down Roe v. Wade,according to a leak of the initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito. It was published by Politico on Monday night. The word of Roe’s overturn shook the political world, and it means the right to abortion would no longer be determined by the US Supreme Court’s decisions, but by individual states.

Justice Alito’s 98-page draft opinion is dated Feb. 10, 2022. He is joined by Justices Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett.

The opinion is a draft and not final; itwouldn’t have been issued until the end of the Supreme Court’s session in June, except for this leak. It is being called the greatest security breach in the Court’s history, and the greatest crisis faced by Chief Justice Roberts.

Alabama’s Republican Governor Kay Ivey summed the…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Roe v Wade to be Overturned Per Supreme Court Leak”

  1. It says somewhere in the Old Testement that if a woman is raped or her life is in danger because of the birth she has the right to abort her child. That is the only time it is allowed.
    Speaking with women who got pregnant after being raped it was very hard for them.

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    1. I’m not familiars with that, but, it wouldn’t matter because the New Testament or New Way and New and Everlasting Covenant is all that I think matters now in such a horrendous act of actually destroying a sanctified human life created by God with a soul from the moment of conception. Human life is either sanctified by God over all other material world life or it isn’t; and we know that it is; being made in God’s image and likeness.

      Rape and inappropriate pregnancy is an egregious situation and any such culprit that forces himself upon a female should be given the maximum penalty allowed by law! The other factor today is that today abortion is an industrialized and scaled up operation or “business” that allows multitudes of women to use it as birth control and even to sell human baby parts for a variety of “wicked uses” such as experimentation or satanic rituals to mention a couple, which should not be happening at all; and this has to be, “an abomination to God!”

      I think where we all stand now in such a twisted even demented world is enough reason to understand that this is total blasphemy; and any ancient concerns of even rape during those times before the birth of Christ do not begin to rise to any level of grave importance in comparison to this upside down madhouse world today! As bad as rape is, its less than a fundamental or even secondary matter of importance when talking about striking down a completely flawed judicial decision, that was made by fools at the time; or men who were selling out and caving to liberal or radical pressure, basically passing the buck as it were, because the Congress or law makers at the time, both state and federal, didn’t want to deal with it! So left it to a Supreme Court judiciary to wave their magic wand and settle the whole mess that they didn’t want to; I can’t say what was in their minds but the whole case of Row/Wade was and is built on sand! It had no legs to stand on and was tragically flawed, and a horrible decision was made, giving a green light and precedent for human beings to get to the mess we have had for decades! Condoning and promoting generations to behave and act with such disregard for a human life to where now, just here in the US about 63 Million human babies having been snuffed out, even lately as you know full term and day of delivery, with now Maryland and other locales pushing State Legislation to terminate a human baby’s life up to 30 days after birth; while globally the estimated number is at 1.5 Billion! The human race got on a slippery slope to hell which is what we’ve been all part of; this is an atrocity not unlike Hitler’s, Pol Pot’s, Karl Marx, Stalin, Mao and others who committed mass extermination or genocide; and I see no difference for a society that condones or promotes this evil; in my eyes!

      I just edited the post adding in an important letter I received today which I hope you can check out at the end of my commentary where I inserted it! Thank you for caring and diligently working to do God’s will Brother! Amen.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


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