Christians Cannot Be


Yes this is simply the Truth, God’s Truth! I have to say the vast majority of people on earth are following the “Ways of The World” as their compass or even in a sense their god! I was just watching this video out of my interest to keep an eye on what some people that have a large voice or audience are saying to the world! For example I know when I listen to Dennis Prager he speaks from a humbled and truthful perspective showing me his wisdom, which he gained through living his life justly by faith in God. But right now the richest man in the world Elon Musk listening to him I can’t sit still through his whole exhortation and listen to all he says; because I know his perspective is “way out there,” both figuratively and literally not the reality that God speaks to me about in my heart via the Holy Spirit! So to my understanding and way of seeing truth as it comes from God, Musk is talking horse feathers to me or even gibberish! I do see a man with way too much materially and it has affected him negatively, or formed his inner workings and consciousness, making him a double edged sword sort of guy, who can offer some good insights at times but then over all he is misdirecting multitudes of people vastly, with his far-out concocted rubbish! This guy is actually a freak and thinks we humans were meant to figure this all out and perpetuate our fragile fallen existence on into the future millions of years by using technology and traveling to far off galaxies, say like a Captain Kirk with his Star-ship “exploring strange new worlds, seeking out life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before!”

This is all distraction from what people better be doing to be ready for what is coming! And that is “Judgment and the final chapter” of this false material plane of temporary existence! In a sense this guy with all of his wealth, got a swollen head and thinks he is able to think for God, and tell humanity what is best, when he isn’t even speaking from a Scriptural standpoint!

We see many madmen in the world right now and they come in all shapes, colors and sizes; that are screwing the world up as fast as they can do it! Lost Souls!

Here is the video in which he speaks followed by my own previous essay about what I know to be absolutely the path to God and eternal life; the only way for me to proceed! So I don’t need Elon, any of the crazed world’s leaders or fat cats to point anything out to me!

Yes we all have enemies’ that is certain, and is an overwhelming fact of life these days! Look how many people cooperated and helped murder countless individuals with the fraud planned pandemic; many hands were involved in these deaths! So firstly Satan is out to destroy any of us that he can, while we have so many of his minions on earth, along with those who are too blind to see truth and often want to inflict pain or trouble on another maybe out of spite or hate, but no matter; we must remain vigilant at all times because the world is full of this treachery!

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Lord, I have many enemies! Many people have turned against me. Psalms 3:1 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

Christians cannot be friends with the worldly because we live in different worlds.

Christians walk the difficult Road to Heaven while the wicked dance with the devil on The Highway to Hell.

Because we shine like the morning sun we expose the wicked nefarious ways to them. This convicts them so they hate us. There is more of them than there is of us. It has always been that way and will continue to be that way until Christ returns to make things right.

So yes, we have many enemies who would love to destroy us. Indeed we are constantly surrounded by them.

Thousands of troops may surround me,but I am not afraid. Psalms 3:6 The Holy Bible The New Century Version

But, as numerous as they are and as…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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