This post is realistic, sensible and honest; gee, what a combination, something we don’t see too much anymore with all that is permeating the MSM, Hollyweird and even the US Marines now with rainbow colored bullets; although I have a sneaking suspicion that any enemies that the Marines engage in combat, won’t give a rat’s ass what color the projectiles are being fired at them!


I guess that’s all about certain Marines “feelings,” and when those particular troops use their weapon in a war they certainly will feel so much more inclusive being able to shoot the color bullets he, she, they/them or xe/xer/xers, etc and whatever, because it could bring these accurate pronoun users more luck maybe or possibly more accuracy in marksmanship or marksxership; and really could make the difference in whether these accurate pronoun users live or die in battle!

And as far as what you state here, “As we all sink into a homogenous swamp where nothing is anything anymore,” YES, exactly and I think it all started with making “Nothing Sacred Anymore” to be perfectly blunt, as people has chosen the “lowest common denominator in values and morals,” so what else could these social engineers come up with for our betterment, they who are so wise having come down from Mount Sinai or something; I suppose we need to “trust” these sages or at least the science, maybe?

Meanwhile, to be a bit adamant and hardcore, just to let the world know in case anyone, “gives a flying leap about my feelings;” I’m sticking with the “Ten Commandments” and they can all call me a “Neanderthal or Fossil” of some kind, but it works for me!

Excuse me now while I go carve me a new wooden club! Yea, I still fight the old-fashioned way, Mono y mono, ya know with fists, sticks and stones; but Mom was right, sticks and stone will break my bones but Names ( or Pronouns) will never hurt me!


Hasta la vista, baby!




Lawrence Morra III

Thoughts Depart

Now let us make something clear, this post is not intended for those who identify as something unnatural. It is not meant for those who think 300 pronouns will make the world, miraculously, a better place. It won’t. I am currently addressing the adults in the room.

I expect it is discriminatory but I am honestly so unbrainwashed at this point, I can ignore your whims and fancies; I can look at you with nothing but pity.

Now that I have that out of the way, I don’t expect any of you are actually listening anymore. But before you run off to the telly, I want to ask you a question. What, in this twisted world, is identity? As we all sink into a homogenous swamp where nothing is anything anymore, do any of you feel even the smallest twinge of pity for everything you are losing? Or is everyone…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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