District Collectors and Magistrates

This is a very in depth portrait and exposé of those days back in India’s British colonial period a century and a half ago. I found all of it educational and intriguing not just for the presentational quality but my lack of specific knowledge about that period there does call out for understanding not for personal edification but to be better equipped to see my own current time here in America from a broader worldwide prism while thinking in comparative terms of the human condition! The following excerpt I had to quote because I actually felt like it could be talking of the precise time we are in now; this is so uncanny!

“These civil servants were not bound by lofty ideals of improvement or self-sacrifice – their only interest in India as such was what they could take out of it. Unshackled from any obligations, with no oversight into their doings and not concerned with either public opinion or legal liabilities, they embarked on their own crusade of how to get rich, and how quickly.”

The more things change the more they stay the same; isn’t that adage so true in considering the behavior of human beings and the wanton drive for money and power! I immediately thought about the Big Pharma upper echelon of that corporate organization globally along with the major government and international agencies like the WHO being all on the same page and in lock-step in their pursuits not having anything to do with what they claim it to be regarding the well-being and care of human beings but rather the opposite as all persons outside of the power loop are expendable and of no concern because the bottom-line is how much more money and power over everyone can be acquired!

What a slippery and dire slope the human race sits upon and so sad is how there is so much well documented history like you present here that should make it perfectly clear what human beings should and shouldn’t do in order to be as benevolent and helpful to one another as they humanly can; but alas we again see how that is never the ultimate goal by those in a position to truly effectuate change, is it!

I hope that you will perhaps find this additional writing of my thoughts I leave with you here which came to my mind early today when I was waking, and I do know God is there always but we must try to pay attention to Him so we can be ready to listen to what He requires of us to change for the better or serve His purposes here on earth among our fellow human beings.

While too many of you social media aficionados who’ve been so busy playing the game of look at me I’m so popular and I have so many followers; the real individuals with God in their hearts and some real “cojones,” who were and are busy biting the bullet for Truth and Justice; some are saints; this posting is in honor and recognition of them, because I recognize who “cut the mustard!”

Then after writing that paragraph I immediately thought about one individual out in the world who fit this category to a “T” was a research scientist I had read and written about but in addition to some of my many postings where I also pointed out the radical manipulations of our world that are taking place right under our noses, within our own bodies and in the sky above to alter life as we know it!

Because those same nefarious diabolically empowered megalomaniacs that have always been around in all previous generations are now equipped with tools to overwhelm minds, hearts and bodies of the human race now! Which they are now unwisely moving calculatingly and so rapidly toward accomplishing exponentially beyond any past ruling class mass manipulators; not caring who or how many innocent human beings suffer and die in the process and actually to some of these dark agents the more that die the better!

“…In 1977, the CIA contacted Margaret Thatcher and gave her all the details, elf frequencies, to induce cancer, paranoia (4.5 Hz), depression (6.66 Hz), manic rage (11.3 Hz) [2001] The Secret Uses Of Microwave Mind Control By The British—-Tim Rifat’
‘…My research has found that microwave weapons are targeted on middle class troublemakers and researchers who cause problems for the establishment. Russian and American research has found that pulse modulated microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when modulated with ELF which mimics specific brain patterns change the behaviour of the victim at the flick of a switch. It has been found that UK security police, such as MI5 use the 450 MHz frequency used for this research (legally allowed to be used by the police) for behavioural control. A vast catalogue of mind control frequencies in the MHz range, FM radio, TV and mobile phone frequencies, have been measured, which are used in the UK for mind control and killing or disabling victims: 147, 153, 197, 199, 447, 453, 456, 466, 853, 883, 884, 887… Symptoms can be depression, befuddled thinking, loss of memory, stress, not being able to cope, manic behaviour, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, physical collapse, brain and nervous system damage, heart attacks, cancer…..Readings I have taken show that the 750-1000 MHz range is used by the intelligence services for inducing nervous and physical collapse. Microwave ovens give off 1000 MHz. MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat” expose-news

That long quotation was to preface what I will post in my next article regarding that scientist that I mentioned along with a couple of other previous articles that spoke to this developing technological nightmare unfolding in real-time! This alludes to the exponential factor at work now in mankind’s affairs on the global scale as we are well aware now, after the last two and half years of madness!

Thank you for writing this fine article Eva, and bringing it to the fore now; as it quite appropriately overlaps previous history with our current history in more ways than one, when we look at human behavior and government agendas!
God bless you and yours.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Mutiny Reflections

Henry Cotton dispensing justice in Bengal, 1880s

In these writings we have often come across civilians – men living in far-flung corners of Empire, many hundreds of miles away from their compatriots, entrusted with the task of running a district thousands of miles larger than any county in England. Their task was to be fair, considerate and collect the revenue on time; they were consummate writers of reports no one would ever have time to read, obeying orders from a government that would never visit the mofussil but would draft laws, pass legislation and make decisions, all without ever seeing the people it affected sometimes without even reading any of the hundreds of pages the diligent civilians sent. It was the duty of their men in the field to impose these strange new laws and deal with the consequences while the whiskey and cigar officials in Calcutta could mop the…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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3 thoughts on “District Collectors and Magistrates”

  1. Those really were very different times brother. Britishers never really cared about justice. Whatever gave them more advantage and money was the ultimate justice. It is saddening that such a mindset still very much prevails in the world we live in today.

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    1. Yes my Friend Sanjeet this is my sadness and point how nothing has changed as far as the flawed human nature but the level of this treachery is now exponentially far beyond those horrid times but is truly out of control!
      Something I’m posting does correlate here and will appear soon.

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