FBI Raid on Trump

Bold, Forthright and Astute article here of Truth! Great Job!

Maggie Haberman and her story is totally insane and a so over-the-top weaponized totally unsubstantiated accusation that she and others with her should be in prison for carrying out such plots and schemes!

This whole raid debacle is something many say could and does happen in Banana Republics under dictators; but I take it much further and say this is exactly the kind of mindset and tactic employed in Communist Russia or China and now the current administration, that is behaving no different than the WWII Nazi Gestapo under Adolph Hitler!

Back on August 13, 2020 former AG Barr said he didn’t want to do anything inappropriate before the election but that the US Attorney John Durham’s investigation was continuing and though they weren’t going to do anything that could appear as a politicized action to influence an election outcome which basically is what he was saying; yet if anyone from the former administration committed a crime they were going to be charged. Making it sound like he was going to present evidence soon but as the election got closer he changed his tune and revealed no significant developments, so he caved, and the Obama administration was no doubt guilty of many treasonous acts!
But with Biden and AG Garland we have the exact opposite approach of these people in the current Justice Department that go after parents at their children’s school PTA meetings as domestic terrorists which is absolutely acting like “partisans” and “Political Thugs” using intimidation and criminal tactics to get their way! This was the same thing that was done under the former Obama/Biden admiration when AG Eric Holder was a political tool of the left and all kinds of FBI fisa warrant violations occurred regularly!


Yes, so these are very Dark times, and I add quite “diabolical” as I know that Satan is behind all of it, just as he is behind Biden pulling all of his puppet strings!

In the name of Jesus Christ I ask that our Father in heaven please expedite your righteous indignation and absolute perfect justice upon all of the guilty involved in order to sanctify the innocent and faithful. Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Praying Citizen

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“These are dark times for our nation,” wrote President Trump,afterthe FBI raided his home in Palm Beach on Monday.The reason for the raid, as some speculate, is that the former President has official documents hidden at Mar-a-Lago, violating the Presidential Records Act.

The raid is a stunning move by the Biden Administration—and a supposedly non-political Justice Department—considering that Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, set up a private email server and, without consequence, deleted 33,000 emails.

A Ruse to Keep Trump out of 2024?

A provision of the Act states that a person who violates the law“shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office.”The penalty for being found guilty is a fine or imprisonment for not more than three years.

President Trump released a statement saying he hadalready worked with and cooperated with…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

2 thoughts on “FBI Raid on Trump”

    1. Nobody is perfect and Trump sure isn’t either! But just look at his offspring and then look at what Biden produced and how Biden always talks like he couldn’t be Prouder of Hunter; a drug and prostitute user along with being an international scam artist doing illegal by federal law backdoor deals! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; No former president has ever been treated along with his entire family the way Trump and his has been. As though they are all scum and from hell; but let’s look closely at all those behind that attitude toward them, and we see plainly the accusers are all corrupted establishment or liberal Marxist scoundrels and even spawn of Satan as you said!

      Therein lays the truth in plain sight of what is going on and why! When Trump got elected and indeed even as he ran for president that first term the determined pursuit to destroy him at all costs began; as with Hillary and that whole lie Christopher Steel Dossier of Russian collusion concoction which was criminally based on absolute proven lies! These people in opposition of Trump are the vilest and most evil people on the planet right in the same category as Xi Jinping, Soros, Gates, Fauci and let’s just say it like it is and add in a former WWII monster, Hitler! None of them have a conscience or any love of God Almighty; they love and worship self, money and power while they absolutely serve Satan!

      They the liberals, Democrat Party and Establish Machine tried to promote before Trump was elected that if he became president he would start WWIII, and instead he actually as president calmed things down with our enemies considerably, along with being the first US President since the Korean War Armistice back in 1953, to visit North Korea and walk right across the DMZ and into North Korea to talk with the communist dictator Kim in person. Now look at the way the whole world because of Biden and his crazy out of control Woke/Marxist team has the world on the edge of nuclear war and wars breaking out on many fronts already happening; both fighting wars and economic ones.

      The thing I loved about Trump being president and there are a few things I didn’t like such as the going along with the Covid BS too much, but Biden as soon as he was in office was ready to start sending Federal military to citizens homes to make them get their jab, obviously a Nazi move to even think of that! But as I say what I loved most was how Trump brought Christianity and traditional family values front and center in his administration and into policy goals even! While look at Biden how he brings drug addict, sex pervert, heathen, pagan and communists, LGBTQ transgender madness to the forefront as being better than all. While Trump had been attempting to restore what the Founding Fathers had built America on, Almighty God!

      So why else do we see so much hate and screwing over of this man Trump; Satan is on the other side of all that, and those wicked minded people doing the attacking are minions serving Satan’s desire to destroy Trump and actually anything truly Christian, the genuine article; nothing like the fake pretend Christians which Biden and Pelosi are that are being propped up, when they are truly horrible criminals!

      I think of the time Jesus our Lord was being tried and sentenced to death and Pilate states each year to show mercy they free one criminal so he asked the people what be their pleasure, “who would you have me set free, this man you call Jesus or Barabbas,” and the crazy sinful people instigated by the Pharisees, and Satan of course, scream out “free Barabbas;” the animalistic violent killer! We know Satan was watching all that so closely; just like he is now watching and instigating!

      God help us!


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