Instead of Relying on Our

Quite true and this is why my own father was always right when he told me you need to have a routine and discipline to follow through at all times on your responsibilities and obligations to God and then yourself and others! Being fallen broken children it is a natural reflex almost to seek the path of least resistance just like electricity does when a broken power line arcs and finds the quickest path to ground!

But as spiritual human beings we should learn that the right path is not always and usually isn’t the easiest or most direct; it requires character, stamina and an unshakable determination to accomplish what is right, regardless of the personal sacrifice or pain! We are all fallen and have a long way to climb to get to the summit!

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I know these things but still I must pray hard not to lose my footing and slip again as I have countless times, but so thankfully Jesus was there to make sure I didn’t fall, God always knowing what is best for me, but in my case the climb has gotten much more difficult the closer to the summit I have gotten, yet still trusting that I can make it there!
“It’s not over till the fat lady sings” and we’re not “home free” until we are actually with God in His glory!

But regardless of all these trials and tribulations “the greatest gift and opportunity is still before me” as I take each breath and step; I know this so I climb!

God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


God gives us wisdom when we seek His knowledge and understanding instead of relying on our own.
Stormie Omartian

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Instead of Relying on Our”

    1. Yes absolutely Kiki! This is a great point of light to focus on! We are by nature creatures of habit and want to naturally follow patterns that give us the things we need and want as flesh cries out for! But being fallen broken beings we don’t always want what is right for us, and that is where sin and fallibility enter into our life equation. Believe me I know too well how this part trips up the best of us, not even saints avoided all temptation or even wrong thought! But yes indeed, the key is Grace as you rightly bring out here; though I see graces from God as the proven salts of our existence and purpose here; God is sorting out every little minuscule thing about each of us, as he seeks to know us by our hearts fully, as I right now write these words and tears come as I’m also again listening to that film clip from The Thin Red Line; and so to me “graces are earned” or perhaps “achieved” as we climb and struggle through our many trials in this fallen world; I guess what just came to my mind immediately was what my grandparents, and my own father told me growing up, how we each have to earn our keep; then I just thought how I’ve seen little children born with defect or difficulty that they struggle with all through their lives and I cry for them; that is suffering I never had, being so fit all my life! That is all on the basic flesh living survival level, we shouldn’t expect a “free ride” because Mom and Dad are here to worry about all the many headaches through those tender years, but eventually we have to and must take on more responsibility for our upkeep and produce through our own efforts; acquiring those things we need to survive in this life.

      So I see it as on the spiritual level we are doing the same with our Creator who will see to it that we “gain what it is we need most of all though Him” if we are earning or growing and learning, with love and appreciation how beautiful and precious this gift and opportunity is that was bestowed upon us to exist! Then He the all-knowing God Almighty gives us those graces and tender mercies completely with His absolute eternal love! We give our hearts to Jesus and He gives us His eternal one; full of love, mercy and grace! Amen.

      Thank you very much for bringing his out and sparking my heart to express all it can here!

      God bless you fully now and always! Amen.

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