The New “Safe & Effective” Concentration Camps

“safe for health officials to use with no fear of any backlash”

“safe and effective”

Safe for who and effective for what? I knew the answer to this question back in early 2020 when I was aware that this and some of the other Fauci approved protocols were, all to flatten the curve were only “safe for health officials to use with no fear of any backlash” being EUA approved by the FDA and CDC while “effective to kill those patients being treated with Remdesivir for Covid-19 in the hospital setting, with ventilators being utilized in conjunction with this inappropriate treatment that caused the endothelium or in particular interior surface of pulmonary blood vessel walls to break down and cause the onset of extremely severe pneumonia . That coupled with the positive pressure on the delicate lung tissue by the ventilator being forced as part of the killer protocol caused a catastrophic cascading downhill effect, from which there could be no recovery and the only outcome being death in 5 to 10 days! And they knew all about this but still this was the killer cocktail being administered by the medical establishment under direct orders from Fauci America’s Nazi Angel of Death and the CDC! More of an old style Nazi Germany death camp type approach to something that would have reached herd immunity in six weeks as confessed by some top scientists and epidemiologists at the time; but most of that was totally suppressed in the MSM! I just watched the video here of Dr. Ardis with the Resistance Chicks, which I hadn’t seen since my first publishing of this article back in December 2021 and I was glad to see that he mentioned what I just wrote about Nazi Death Camps here today on the fly!

Dr. Ardis BACK w/ Vaccine Detox Protocol Update You DON’T Want to Miss!

Epidemiologist: We Could Have Reached Natural Herd Immunity in 6 Weeks

Remdesivir (brand name Veklury) and Covid 19

God bless you and yours!
Brother in Christ,
Lawrence Morra III

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