Epidemiologist: We Could Have Reached Natural Herd Immunity in 6 Weeks

“makes as much sense as sitting in a car and hitting the brake and the gas at the same time”

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April 6, 2021

Herd Immunity Could Have Been Achieved In 6not66 Weeks!

“Lockdowns are not saving lives, they’re costing lives. Every respiratory disease … virus epidemic … everyone one of them, ends with herd immunity. There is no other way for an epidemic to end. So it’s not an invention — a strategy — it’s just the way nature regulates respiratory disease epidemics.” https://namelyliberty.com/source/news/childrens-health-defense/

Look people, I truly hope most if not all of you are really so called “Woke” as in Waking up to the “Truth” that you and I have all been lied to and played by the corrupted evil ways of the world system, which is all about “Big Money and Total Control” of we the little people who sit under the Tyrants of the world!  They’re all in Cahoots, and you know by now about “New World Order” which has been a plan for many decades when nefarious power mongers like the Rothschild’s spawned Big Pharma with others like the Rockefeller’s, to subdue and totally control the masses and even to eventually do some depopulation of the human race!

Why do you think China just made a deal with Iran to the tune of 400 Billion Dollars, an Islamic fanatical dictatorship that uses as its self-righteousness tool Islam, a false religion political ideology that was made-up by Mohammad just before he died in 632 A.D.; to rule the people in Iran? Both are totalitarian mindset ideology nations and China’s CCP crushes religious freedoms in China, especially Christians or Jews just as Islamic Iran does and intends to continue doing; so why would they team up with a fanatical Islamic nation?  It’s simple, they can both help each other to gain more power globally and for now have the same agenda. Iran’s Mullahs and Ayatollah want to destroy Israel and grow a Caliphate throughout the Middle East and into European nations, a goal they share with Turkey ruled by the Islamic Hardliner president/dictator Erdogan, who would love nothing more than to restore Turkey to its pre 20th Century Ottoman Empire stature; and has stated he would prefer a Caliphate in the region, all the way through Europe if they can get it like in ancient times!  “Sword and Scimitar”  https://www.raymondibrahim.com/  Iran is a State Sponsor of Terror and for all intent and purposes China is too without a doubt, especially now by backing up Iran; which will race to build nuclear weapons very soon, and China is enabling it 100%.  https://www.raymondibrahim.com/2021/03/31/white-victims-of-muslim-rapists-whos-the-real-racist/

Back to the local “Global Agenda Front,” does anyone think Dr. Anthony Fauci of the US CDC after working as an absolute government crony 40 years is still a scientist which he started out as, or a crooked lying politician; after now already having made himself hundreds of millions of dollars as a so called (public servant) government worker being tapped into Big Pharma’s many vaccine patents; and really cares a flying whatever about you or me?  All the lip service he provided during the Pandemic (Plan-Demic) and still is now, was carefully orchestrated propaganda designed to subdue the public with fear and draconian measures! We might as well say that he and many in our own governments have been and are in cahoots with China and Iran as well.  Because this all gets back to the Big Picture which is “Totalitarianism” is coming, and the “New World Order” is at the top of the “Agenda!”

There are those powerful individuals at the top of the system who are the most corrupted human beings on the planet, and I have to say even make Adolph Hitler look like small potatoes; because the global designs, strategies and AI/Digital capabilities are now mind boggling, none of which existed back during the WWII Era; making this a most dangerous world in all of human history; which is “primed for total annihilation” with these twisted evil minions that can do it!  Now they are working in concert methodically putting the pieces together to take full control of the planet, and to do what they want with all of us; as self-appointed masters of the world! Of course this all stands to reason how such a scenario is unfolding if you like me believe Holy Scriptures and Prophesy which clearly spoke to this nefarious plan evolving in Latter Days all of it a plan hatched and coming directly from hell. 

The Truth is growing more apparent along the way lately; as more people start to realize things just don’t add up, and now rather than blind fear they are interested in finding out what is going on after the fact of being hoodwinked or jerked around like some drunken fools, by many of our own elected officials; let alone nefarious overseas madmen megalomaniacs who are hell-bent to crush us all like insects!  Now many of us are getting damn well pissed off and sick and tired of being bullied or pushed into a corner; especially by some depot gluttons who were elected to work for us not the other way around!  So, as the saying goes you don’t want to corner a rat, that’s a good analogy here too, because if you do; that’s when you learn how that rat has a deadly bite!

Lawrence Morra III

Epidemiologist: We Could Have Reached Natural Herd Immunity in 6 Weeks

Source: Children’s Health Defense April 5, 2021 at 12:36 pm.

Why do governments persist with lockdowns, or the threat of lockdowns, given a growing body of evidence showing that lockdowns don’t save lives? Will lockdowns that were meant to only ‘flatten the curve’ now be sidelined because COVID vaccines are considered the panacea?

This week on Speaking Naturally, we interview Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D. He is an eminent scientist with a long track record as a biostatistician and epidemiologist. He was one of the earliest to call out the folly of lockdowns. His main recommendations to shield or treat early the most vulnerable, while letting the infection run its normal course through healthy populations — stated as early as March 2020 — subsequently became the basis of the Great Barrington Declaration.
Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins – Take Action

ANH-Intl founder and scientific director, Rob Verkerk Ph.D., caught up with Wittkowski a year on, asking whether he felt censored as a scientist, where we were in the epidemic, what role vaccines may or not play, what concerns we should have over new variants — and what solutions he felt might help us navigate out of our current predicament.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/r3RcSs3WDdU?enablejsapi=1&autoplay=0&cc_load_policy=0&cc_lang_pref=&iv_load_policy=1&loop=0&modestbranding=0&rel=1&fs=1&playsinline=0&autohide=2&theme=dark&color=red&controls=1&

Or listen to the podcast version:


Below are excerpts from the interview, organized by topic.

On censorship

Wittkowski doesn’t feel censored. But like many other scientists who haven’t parroted the mainstream narrative, he also doesn’t feel heard.

Is COVID just a bad flu?


“The virus hasn’t behaved differently from any other respiratory disease virus. If we had not had the capability to sequence the virus in January, and have identified — ooops! — it’s not influenza, it’s corona, we wouldn’t even have noticed. It would have been just another flu.

“So people got very confused and fearful about it. Especially after having seen…a lot of older people dying in nursing homes.”

Lockdowns were intended to the flatten the curve, right?


“The idea of flattening the curve — well, I was never convinced — but I understand why politicians would resort to that after having seen the hospital system in Italy having been under severe duress. But a month later, in the U.S., on April 17 [2020], the then director of the CDC, Robert Redfield presented data at the White House — and the data that this was the third flu that year — there was the one of influenza B, then of influenza A, then of COVID. And hospital admissions — or people showing up at hospitals — had already ceased — was down to normal levels.

Wittkowski goes on to propose that if the vulnerable had been shielded and the virus had been allowed to be exposed, naturally acquired herd immunity would have been reached in around six weeks.

What lockdowns did was treat everyone in the same way so that people with vulnerabilities have an equal chance of being exposed — so those who are most vulnerable become more heavily infected and consequently “they are the people who die.”

Wittkowski says “Lockdowns are not saving lives, they’re costing lives. Every respiratory disease … virus epidemic … every one one of them, ends with herd immunity. There is no other way for an epidemic to end. So it’s not an invention — a strategy — it’s just the way nature regulates respiratory disease epidemics.”

Non-compatibility of vaccine and lockdown strategies


“There are two things you can do. If you have a vaccine which is very difficult — we know this from influenza — influenza vaccines never fit or they come too late — there are no good vaccines. But if you have a vaccine, even if it’s only partially effective, you can reduce the time it takes to reach herd immunity because you don’t have to wait for people to get infected — you just vaccinate them. That makes sense — there’s no reason against that. The problem is that if you, at the same time, you do mitigation — you do lockdowns — you’re doing something that does the exact opposite … you’re delaying the time it takes to achieve herd immunity. It makes as much sense as sitting in a car and hitting the brake and the gas at the same time. You’re not getting anywhere.

“The problem is that if at the same time [as vaccination] you do mitigation — you do lockdowns — you’re doing something that does the exact opposite … It makes as much sense as sitting in a car and hitting the brake and the gas at the same time. You’re not getting anywhere.

“The problem is that politicians somehow invested a lot of their ego into lockdowns as the thing that has to be done until we have vaccines and now the vaccines don’t work the way it was hoped they’d work….not that any scientist would have believed it…Now the politicians are somewhere in a deadlock…They can’t say “now we can give up the lockdowns now we have the vaccines, because the vaccine doesn’t work – not in that sense. Because the vaccine comes too late. There is always a new virus or version that escapes. You have to wait a couple of months until you have a new vaccine against it. And by the time you have a new vaccine you have yet another new strain.  So that is a never-ending story.

“…because the vaccine comes too late. There is always a new virus or version that escapes. You have to wait a couple of months until you have a new vaccine against it. And by the time you have a new vaccine you have yet another new strain.  So that is a never-ending story.”

On vaccines and herd immunity

Wittkowski considered “absurd” the idea of getting to 70-90% coverage with the vaccine, the stated target of some governments such as the U.S., UK and some EU countries.

“As early as a year ago in March (2020), Sunetra Gupta said we probably need to have about 50% of the population being immune because the basic reproduction number is somewhere around 2. However about 25% of people have cross-immunity from previous coronavirus infections. So we need only 25% of people to get infected or vaccinated.”

He goes on to say that when new infections dropped to zero or near zero in June, 2020 in New York, 25% of the New York population were already antibody positive.

“So a reasonable strategy would have been to test people who have antibodies and vaccinate those people who don’t have antibodies. And then we would have reached that point where people want to reach much earlier.

“The problem we have with respiratory diseases is at the time the vaccine was developed and came to market, after the election on Nov. 4 – surprisingly [stated with sarcasm] — the Wuhan-Milano virus strain against which the vaccine had been developed was not circulating anymore. At that time we [USA] had the strains that were incubated in Spain and France … So the vaccines were designed to create immunity against a strain that didn’t exist anymore and had been replaced by strains that evolved to escape natural immunity and likely at least part of the vaccine-induced immunity.

“It’s a typical situation where the vaccines come at a time the disease isn’t there anymore.

“There is a discussion right now whether mass vaccination is bad. And it definitely is not. There is no reason to be afraid of vaccination other than the usual adverse events that we have. You may say ‘I fear the adverse events more than the disease because it tends to be very mild.’ People can have that position. But there is no evidence that vaccination causes new strains.

“It’s just that we’re adding a couple of antibodies to the repertoire that we have. And having more antibodies makes us a bit more resistant to infections … And that reduces the time we reach herd immunity and reduces the risk of resistant strains emerging. So vaccines are good but probably not as good as the politicians were hoping they’d be.”

When Wittkowski is asked about his views on the current crop of novel synthetic biology vaccines, he responds: “I have no fundamental problems with that. The only problem is if we engineer these artificial envelopes … to protect the mRNA that we want to get into cells — to infect the cells — kind of — that mechanism is not very well understood yet. So there could be adverse events coming from this creation of an artificial enclosement that we want to put the mRNA in.”

On Anthony Fauci


“Let’s talk about real numbers like American politicians like Anthony Fauci spill at any point in time … it’s a different number every month because the politics are changing … At some point in time he was a scientist, but he has been in a highly political administrative position now for — how long? — 40 years.

“So it was politically importune to say what I’m saying now — so It’s politics, it’s not science.”

Mutant variants

Wittkowski is resolute that it is lockdowns that give the greatest chance of creating new variants. The more stringent and longer the lockdown and the longer it takes to achieve herd immunity, the greater the risk. Spain, he says, the country that had one of the most draconian lockdowns, incubated the first resistant strain. It then came to the UK in October or November 2020.

“Viruses mutate … they have evolutionary pressure to mutate in two dimensions. One is the disease gets milder because a virus that kills the host can spread less. So disease severity is not good for the spread of the virus … so that more and more people get infected, remain alive, spread the virus. It can become more infectious and in the end everyone gets infected and no-one knows about it anymore because there’s no phenotype anymore … that is the normal course of evolution.”

Originally published by Alliance for Natural Health International.

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