Mother Miriam: Catholics who support LGBT movement are ‘on the way to hell’

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil”




“denominations have accepted and condoned homosexuality and same sex marriage while there is no advocacy for it in Holy Scriptures”

Republication by: Lawrence Morra III

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April 27,2022

Dear Lord above in the precious name of Jesus, I ask that you continue to greatly bless Mother Miriam; the Benedictine prioress and foundress of the Daughter of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, along with all like her who tirelessly serve our Father in heaven through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during these most perilous times as His most humble servants; doing all they can to help save souls by following God’s will through the Holy Spirit. They do this as they live a most humble spartan life style, turning their lives over to our Father in heaven to use as His instruments or devoted servants in helping to save souls by means of all their prayers, faithful obedience and countless acts of kindness throughout the world! Amen.

“It’s never too late to repent and turn around and teach your children and begin now,” she said. “Never too late to repent and live a holy life and live out your vocation. Papa, you are the head of the home, mama, you are the heart of the home. Do not abandon your vocation.” Mother Miriam-LifeSite

As soon as I read the heading of this fine article and the first few lines of text last evening I knew I had to republish it with some hopefully helpful additional commentary of my own!  And then today as I considered my deepest thoughts from my heart in prayer to Jesus I saw that some writing I was doing that was coming to me through I’m sure divine intervention dovetailed here with the purpose of this article!

Many will know and realize already that the Reformation that by Martin Luther initiated was a significant demarcation point in the Church going into the modern era.

“The Protestant Reformation began in Wittenberg, Germany, on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther, a teacher and a monk, published a document he called Disputation on the Power of Indulgences, or 95 Theses. The document was a series of 95 ideas about Christianity that he invited people to debate with him.”

But division began in the early infancy of Church which I’m convinced was by Satan and the ever present corruptibility or fallibility of men.  Ultimately division or breakaway splinter groups of Christianity have continued unabated to where its estimated by some sources there are as many as 40,000 proclaimed Christian Churches globally but at least here in America I can say more confidently that this breakdown is in the ballpark. 

“There are over 300 denomination in the Christian faith in the United States alone. The Roman Catholic Church has about 67 million adherents in the United States.”

More broadly it further breaks-down like this.

“There are about 41,000 different Christian denominations in five major ‘families’ of churches/communion. The percentages in brackets indicate the percent of the Christian population affiliated with each ‘family’ or group of denominations:

The Catholic Church [50%]
Historic Protestant and Anglican churches [18%]
The Eastern Churches (Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Church of the East) [12%]
Pentecostal churches [12%]
Evangelical (non-Pentecostal) [8%]”

And I’ve written before and expressed my personal beliefs or conviction that these schisms did great harm moving forward over time, being an utter disservice to Christianity and our Lord Jesus’ sacrifice!  While it should be obvious to any of the faithful today that the evidence of the damage done long ago is still reverberating, as the Church is still suffering the consequences from those many conflicts within and without!  Yet now even another schism of much greater magnitude is occurring whilst current Christianity is very broken and divided! For many years a number of denominations have accepted and condoned homosexuality and same sex marriage while there is no advocacy for it in Holy Scriptures, and I can say when a person seeks God’s Holy Spirit to guide and protect us on our path to firstly love and serve God above all else; that the Holy Spirit never condoned these behaviors or transgression ideas!

But now even in the Catholic Church the rampant infiltrating attacks have culminated to a major schism again to even further corrupt from within; as Mother Miriam points out.

“Mother’s remarks come amid a firestorm over the “Synodal Way,” a heretical initiative of the German Church seeking to change immutable Catholic teaching on sexuality and the priesthood.

Echoing proposals backed by the Synodal Way, German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, a close adviser of Pope Francis, earlier this month claimed that homosexual acts are not sinful and disparaged the authoritative Catechism of the Catholic Church as “not set in stone.”

This only convinces me more how being in the Last Days period before the tribulation and the Final Judgment of this world time is running out fast for anyone to make certain they are keeping their robes washed and doing their best to avoid all sin because Jesus we know from His teachings will come again “like a thief in the night,” and there will be the gnashing of teeth for those who are not invited in!

“27And he will answer, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you are from. Depart from me, all you evildoers.’ 28There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves are thrown out. 29People will come from east and west and north and south, and will recline at the table in the kingdom of God.” Luke 13:27-29

The rampant corruption and evil that permeates our societies and cultures is to me truly already unbelievable but this is nothing yet; because as the Tribulation comes upon the world the horror and evil will be many magnitudes worse and death will be a welcome friend!  This article and the urgency that Mother Miriam is proclaiming to the world should be taken to heart and then we all should be doing some serious unrelenting soul-searching of ourselves to be as prepared as we possibly can for any eventuality, whether we depart this life on earth before that appointed time or are still here when it arrives so that we are not caught completely off guard!

This article concludes with this specific text which to me is a sure sign of just how twisted and out of control the world has gotten because I see where far too many people do not abide by or even advocate this sound doctrine or the tenets of God’s truth!

“The Catechism, using language that signals infallibility, states, “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’” “Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

I pray that you will find the time soon to read this full article but to also read all of what I wrote today in reference to these problems and the dire straits we are heading toward rapidly, because my hope is this can help to inspire and perhaps open some eyes to how treacherous the road ahead of us is!

I hope this won’t be a hindrance but allow me to point out a few things off the top, then follow through with another apologetic dissertation!

“Someone has said: “A wrong deed is right if the majority of people declare it not to be wrong.” By this principle we can see our standards shifting from year to year according to the popular vote!

“Many of our news magazines carry stories of immorality. Theologians and pastors are quoted as condoning sexual immorality under certain circumstances.

The Bible says: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.” God has not changed. His standards have not been lowered. God still calls immorality a sin, and the Bible says God is going to judge it.”

Now these following points I believe indicate the systemic false ideology that has prevailed for many decades spawning yet new and even more dangerous mantras that people now live by! Like these concepts a very fine Christian pointed out to me; which have been ingrained in generations of younger people. Always question authority, If it feels good why not do it, and how an action or behavior isn’t wrong if nobody gets hurt!

I look around and it’s in plain sight how so many people are being hoodwinked, mesmerized and hypnotized into believing this is all normal and moving in a good direction; it’s great to do your own thing mentality! I see for example a young woman who professes to love Jesus Christ and builds a website using the Scriptures to promote Christianity but interlacing that with many images of self, some of which only appear to be those of some female temptress or a person inflated with self and looks, which is absolutely heathen as well a mockery of God to use Scriptures, the Holy Word of God in such a way, and multitudes of so called Christians see nothing wrong there!

I could go on for an hour writing here but I’ll close with this! I can see how this is truly the Lost Generation and people had better wake up fast and get off this modern digital age techno self-glorification ride; because they won’t like where the ride ends up taking them! I’ll admit even my own folly perhaps not in this newer arena of techno debauchery or even blasphemy but over the years I see how I was brainwashed and corrupted to see some activities for self, that I did participate in as being truly wrong or sinful, that I thought wrongly were OK; because modern culture and society condoned or advocated them!

As to knowing God and giving Him all due reverence, I can say that growing up and even into adulthood this was not of paramount importance in my daily life nor the lives of all immediate people around me as they were totally engrossed in their worldly activities and goals be they short or long term!  Culture and imperfect “Ways of The World” system of programs coupled with Pop Culture or Entertainment which was and is fused with Main Stream News were basically leading the people by their noses as to what is cool or good to do and think!  Only through maturity and some hard-knocks came my increased wisdom or insight to differentiate the nonsense from “the reality of God’s Truth,” which is the paramount reason and purpose for my existence, so that my objective is to love and serve God Almighty! So now I can say yes, I’m better off by far than I was years ago, but, also realizing sometimes habits or indoctrination aren’t so easy to brush away and can trip any of us up, because we are all creatures of habit too; and “all have fallen short of the Glory of God!”  

“9What then? Are we any better? Not at all. For we have already made the charge that Jews and Greeks alike are all under sin. 10As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one. 11There is no one who understands, no one who seeks God.” Romans 3:9-11

Of course God knows all and sees all of this beyond anything we can fathom and in the end he Judges it as Billy Graham said, so that finality and perfection of God doing what, He will; is the only perfection that exists! As I see it all I can do as long as I have the time here to do it; is “try harder to learn and correct my own thinking and behavior moving forward to better align with God’s Will and Purposes!” But with that I gain more clarity as to what is happening around me and one does begin to see the obvious corruption running rampant from what seem like little and inconsequential things people are doing, to some horrendous diabolical sins being perpetrated and fostered in plain sight! But even those little things that are morally wrong or do not meet with God’s acceptable standards; for even a broken soul and tainted heart will get out of hand if allowed to continue, just like it only takes a match or spark to start a forest fire that is raging totally out of control! We now on a different level with the same principle, see what has  just occurred in the Ukraine, and I see how it could slowly burn itself out or it may lead to nuclear fire raining down on a region all because someone lit that match and tossed it into a barrel of gasoline. And to this most critical point I bring to the fore I place this divine great scripture to all who will pray and contemplate its true meaning and then seek to correct their minds along with their hearts!

“1Therefore I urge you, brothers, on account of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. 2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. 3For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with sober judgment, according to the measure of faith God has given you.” Romans 12:1,2,3

On the immediate home front and religious level which is what I was most concerned about as a Christian citizen, is how we have a president that calls his self a duly elected one, and to boot a practicing Christian Catholic; and I can say with confidence he is neither!  I’m also sure you and many others see what I mean here and how so much of our modern Ways of The World System has become so infested and infected with corruption, or on that spiritual level of import; Sin! Let’s face reality when a Christian Catholic pope is promoting global politics and Marxism along with blatant lies or as a Presbyterian Church is actually advocating and fostering abortion and saying it is good, we have clearly reached a hideous place as far as humanity goes, and certainly in the eyes of God the human race is becoming a total atrocity on steroids, as fast as greased lightning!

“Standing in the Kentucky Capitol on Thursday, Presbyterian pastor Rev. Wayne A. Gnatuk proudly declared his support for abortion.

Gnatuk, a retired minister from the Presbyterian Church USA, joined Planned Parenthood abortion activists for a rally to criticize two pro-life bills that could help protect unborn babies in Kentucky, according to WLKY.

“As an ordained minister, I am proudly pro-choice. I am also very proud that my denomination as a whole is pro-choice,” Gnatuk said. Along with his ministry work, he also is the chair of the pro-abortion Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.”

Here, back on August 27, 2021 this is what I wrote about the matter!

These are not Christians abiding in the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  They have turned away from God and accept Satan who is fully for Death, especially the most vulnerable and innocent life in the mother’s womb; and the evil one desires that more human babies be murdered as a sacrifice to him and his evil hatred of God and all that is good! Abortion is an Abomination to God and the Massacre of the Innocent!

I don’t know where these so called Christians took a wrong turn or perhaps never really were followers of Jesus Christ; but I don’t want to know and shouldn’t care, because it is now a foregone conclusion that they have delivered their souls into the clutches of Satan for eternity!  These are the literal “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” and are damned to hell.

OK, so my main point is with no fanfare, or as I like to say, no sugar-coating, this is over the top atrocity and blasphemy; which it is running rampant throughout ‘civilization,’ a term to me which is loosely used in the here and now modern age; because I see the human race absolutely becoming far less civilized and human than ever before! Which points out vividly how powerful a grip Satan has on God’s children and Armageddon can’t be far behind now with all of the smoke and mirrors or such vast deceptions!

What the planet went through for the last two years and let’s call it out for what is; a total evil lie to manipulate and control the global population and usher in the “New World Order” all of it directed from hell itself!  Now why is it that so many people I see are doing just the same things they did before this event or throughout most of their lives? Are they that brainwashed and perhaps stupid; what’s called “willfully ignorant” or sadly, is it because they really don’t care and love worshiping self and seeking pleasure, money and power above all?  For now, I say it’s all the above; depending on which subsets or individuals we speak of!  

God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

Mother Miriam: Catholics who support LGBT movement are ‘on the way to hell’

The Benedictine nun said that parents and pastors, in particular, will face eternal damnation if they lead those entrusted to them to LGBT lifestyles.

Mother Miriam LifeSite News sm print

Mother Miriam speaks at Conference of Catholic Families, Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 22–23, 2018.

Tue Apr 26, 2022 – 6:16 pm EDT

– Mother Miriam issued a stark warning to dissident Catholics risking damnation by supporting the “heresy” of the LGBT movement.

The Benedictine prioress and foundress of the Daughter of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, stressed in an episode of LifeSite’s Mother Miriam Live! that Catholics from the pope down who reject Church doctrine jeopardize their and others’ eternal salvation.


Catholics have been “given more than anyone on the face of the Earth,” she said. “If we do not live up to the truths that we’ve been given, to the grace that we’ve been given, through the Scriptures and the sacraments and the Church, we have no hope of salvation, and that goes for every single one: priest, bishop, cardinal, pope, layperson.”

“Anyone, according to St. Paul, who teaches another gospel, he will be anathema, he will not see heaven,” Mother Miriam added. “Very, very serious.”

She singled out pastors who promote homosexuality and transgenderism, saying that they are on the “way to hell” regardless of their position in the Church.

“If you’re a shepherd and you’re leading sheep astray, if you are proposing or you are a proponent of same-sex so-called ‘marriage;’ of homosexual unions; of LGBT+, Q, whatever, lifestyles; of gender ideology – if you are a proponent of any of those, no matter who you are, what state you’re in, what status you have, you are not on the way to heaven,” she said. “You are on your way to hell, unless you not only repent, but publicly confess your sin, and warn anyone who has followed you into such heresy, in order that they be saved.”

RELATED: Cardinal Müller: Transgender ideology is ‘self-mutilation,’ promoting it is a ‘serious sin’

Mother Miriam emphasized Catholics’ especially great responsibility as “the chosen people of God, chosen in Him before the foundation of the world.”

“He died for every one of us, and woe be to any soul who leads little ones astray,” she said, referring to Jesus’ admonition that anyone who “causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt. 18:6).

“Little ones” includes “everyone for whom God died, no matter age,” Mother Miriam clarified.

The Church is in “awful shape today,” she continued, lamenting that “our prelates, our shepherds in great, great, great number have fallen. They have lost the faith – if they ever had it – and they’re leading the sheep astray.”

But Catholics who follow false teachings will still be “accountable before God” even if the errors they believe are endorsed by Church leaders, Mother Miriam warned:

So, if you’re a sheep out there, if you’re baptized, if you’re a Catholic, you must follow the teachings of the Church, you must follow the Catechism. If any pastor, any prelate, any bishop, any cardinal, anyone goes against the Catechism of the Catholic Church, goes against the Scriptures, if you follow that, you will be accountable before God, because we are mature. We can read. We need to know the faith and not be, as James says in James Chapter 1, “led astray by every wind of doctrine.”

“We need to be strong and faithful, and I don’t think we have a lot of time to fool around and decide to follow God,” she said.

Parents ‘will not be in heaven’ if they don’t protect their children

Mother Miriam also pointed to the special duty of parents to safeguard their children from “sin and debauchery” widely taught in both public and Catholic schools. Parents guilty of “leading a little life to hell” by permitting their moral corruption “will not be in heaven,” she stressed.

“If you’re a parent, you are responsible for your children, to nurture them and teach them the faith,” she explained. “It is not the schools or the Church that is responsible to grow your children up in the faith. It is you. You are the stewards of your children.”

While God will hold schools and the Church accountable for their failings, the Benedictine nun noted, “parents have the number one stewardship of those children.”

“If you don’t know what they’re being taught in school, and if they’re being taught gender ideology, they could be a boy or a girl, or whatever, or an ‘it,’ whatever they want, or that ‘LGBTQ’ is OK, and all ‘inclusiveness’ and every manner of debauchery is OK, and you don’t know your children are being taught that, you are accountable before God,” she insisted.

Mother Miriam instead urged parents to homeschool their children: “Take them out. If they’re in public school, get them out and homeschool them.”

“You must protect your children no matter what.”

Single parents who can’t homeschool should find a suitable home school group or a family member who could teach children in the home.

“But don’t send them to the devil’s playground,” Mother Miriam pleaded, “which is any public school that teaches heresy, that teaches the devil’s theology, and especially a Catholic school under the name of Catholic that teaches sin – that’s even worse.”

Reports of radical LGBT and racial ideology and graphic sexual material in schools across the country have exploded in recent months, with some schools found to be promoting “transgender” identities to children as young as just three years old.

Several Republican-led states, including Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, have responded with legislation to limit discussion of sexuality and gender in grade schools. But other states have doubled down on sexualized instruction for children. Starting in September, second graders in New Jersey will have to understand the “core ideas” of “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.”

“We don’t have time left, and God will judge us for what we have done and what we have failed to do,” Mother Miriam concluded, calling on parents to rediscover their vocation.

“It’s never too late to repent and turn around and teach your children and begin now,” she said. “Never too late to repent and live a holy life and live out your vocation. Papa, you are the head of the home, mama, you are the heart of the home. Do not abandon your vocation.”

Mother’s remarks come amid a firestorm over the “Synodal Way,” a heretical initiative of the German Church seeking to change immutable Catholic teaching on sexuality and the priesthood.

Echoing proposals backed by the Synodal Way, German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, a close adviser of Pope Francis, earlier this month claimed that homosexual acts are not sinful and disparaged the authoritative Catechism of the Catholic Church as “not set in stone.” People are “allowed to question what’s in there,” he said.

The Catechism, using language that signals infallibility, states, “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’” “Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Mother Miriam: Catholics who support LGBT movement are ‘on the way to hell’”

    1. She’s obviously to me a woman not just by her vocation who fully and honorably gave her heart to Jesus to serve our Father in heaven while she is being focused on teaching by example from her own Catholic perspective, wanting to encourage others to see and live by God’s truth. So any other denominational Christians who are willing to listen to what she is saying can apply this truth she is conveying to their own personal perspective and stand within the Church body, so that the focus remains on the “sin and transgression” and not to pontificate about one denomination over another.

      Personally I see basically how things evolved in the Church over the past two thousand years to where they are now because this is a world of conflict and all peoples are different or from different ethnic cultures and circumstances or other restricting barriers, so it’s almost automatic and inevitable that differences of opinion or interpretation will arise, but the Devil is always playing these factors to his advantage to trip up the human family! Thus look at the mixed up political deceptive world we are all living in, where even the truth of God and His Church is distorted and manipulated over time to have so many varieties of perspective. Which is not healthy and in time has watered down too often the important “vital teachings” to then allow some “new stylized approach or finagled interpretation” of God’s truth, to satisfy someone’s or a group’s agenda! Which we see profusely in this modern age now; where many “human God given rights” are being stripped away while “license is being given to all manner of debauchery and sickness!”

      So here for example we speak to LGBTQ promoters taking God’s truth and His Church on earth and making a sham out of it, trying to say “its fine to transgress,” God’s will of “a man and a woman joining as one flesh in marriage” to increase His human family, but somehow that isn’t all God meant to say! Same with some denominations now promoting “killing unborn human children of God,” as they “slumber in the womb;” and even day of delivery or unbelievably now in a few locations in America, legally ending the life of a baby child of God, up to a month after birth! I mention this because if a person doesn’t see how “sick and demented” this world has become and “isn’t willing to say so while taking a stand with Jesus Christ” and then to do our Father’s will whatever He requires of each of us; then “we are culpable in this horrendous degeneration!” Much of which has unfolded for the past two millennia but then exponentially decayed in this modern era, as God’s plan has been twisted and concocted into something very distorted in many instances; and He our God isn’t going to just let it go! Which is why “His judgment” of the entire world is surely due, and as the Scriptures say “this will all be brought to an end;” a “fiery one” with this whole creation being burned up.

      Too many people have pretended to be true Christians and allowed things to just get worse and worse, just like my nation’s government has degenerated and now the communists are taking over! “Hell on earth is happening now;” this world is not pleasing to our Father and humans are the primary reason for this all going so terribly wrong; because people do listen more in this “Lost Generation” to the crooked “Ways of The World” than their Creator; and thus they are open to the prince of this world, the father of all lies; in many of their endeavors.

      I prefer to “look at things as they really are” as they say “face the music,” and “not sugar coat” or say “oh well not to worry it will pass,” or “things will get better just you wait and see!” No they won’t get better; and only an idiot thinks that way because we can plainly see all around us they have gotten progressively much worse! And it will not stop until God puts an end to it; once and for all! End of Days!
      God bless.


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