Heaven or Hell

This is for you and all

The Gift of Eternal Life for we sinful human beings

I did make it very clear that no one can lay claim to what Jesus Christ was, did and is! He was the Messiah that was prophesied from the time of Abraham and to deny that historical fact and truth is to deny God. This was God’s plan not yours mine or any other humans the devil, nor fallen angels! There is only one truth not multiple truths or possibilities as you would have others believe; instead you pursue lies with half-truth and actual lies or deception! I see through all lies, yes even the most counterfeit of them all who has challenged me for years, the Devil!  You have yielded to his temptations and lies for stature and recognition of self and false claims! You have taken upon yourself to know more than the wisest among us to think you have some ultimate truth of the universe and you have actually diddlysquat! There is only one true God the Creator of all things or there isn’t, you are a believer or a non-believer and in your case to take some pieces that fit another concocted or diametrically opposed philosophy or other belief system in order to make your own system is all a sham and lies! I dare say that what you do is blasphemy and puts your soul in immortal danger of eternal damnation! You are better to take one side or the other, to say you confess that Jesus is whom he was said to be the MESSIAH, or he is not, but this lukewarm nonsense is a travesty and that is something God says in the “living words of the scriptures,” that he would rather we take one side or the other but not to be lukewarm!  Again, I say this one fundamental truth to you and anyone listening, no other human being on this earth ever did or could lay claim to what Jesus Christ did and who he said He was! It is historical fact not maybe or supposes! He was the “Sacrificial Lamb for all Mankind,” in order to take away all man’s sins and cleanse all who accept this GIFT in order that they will be worthy to be in “Gods perfect Holy presence in Heaven eternally!” No other way is available, Jesus said, “I am the way the path and the life!” Therefore, I Lawrence his lowly servant on earth say, any other path leads to darkness!  Heaven or Hell, the choice is your own to make! There will be no multiple planes of existence or alternate worlds, evolution, transmutation or traveling, there is this material world, and there is Heaven and Hell which are the places where “souls” end up forever! Very simple and no mind bending gibberish that you speak of! For your own sake I hope and pray that you see God’s light quickly and turn completely to Him! He can and will forgive you of all transgressions as He will any other human being that accepts Him as the only truth, path and light; that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior! Amen.

Lawrence Morra

BY Faith Alone We Are Saved

What follows is a retort to someone saying that the scriptures don’t matter in following Christ!

The scriptures are the basis of what God did by sending his only begotten Son to implement the salvation of mankind.  The scriptures are God’s living word and the Word is God, they are inseparable. If that doesn’t hold true then nothing matters because there is no truth or meaning in God’s intentions, as they are lost in the wind with imperfect humans!  There must be “the word” that is why God inspired them to be written.  Loving one another is not some form of free-love; it comes from discipline and order, for if you plant crops any which ways then you end up with many weeds and the weeds choke out the good plants before they can mature!  I knew what the Hippie Movement was about from a relative’s first hand involvement with it, and all that got him was a blown mind and afterwards nobody cared as he sank into despair, where was this love one another then?  We have to follow Christ and be on guard to defend ourselves from lies, deceit, jealousy, hatred, and every manner of temptation that exists to run a person off course and into the ditch of despair.  And this world is riddled with sin and destruction, a no win proposition!  We all are doomed sinners, if anyone doesn’t like that they can pretend we are all angels to no avail!  As far as God updating, Jesus Christ said just as He took his last breath, “it is finished.”  Finished means FINISHED, and in reference to everything else He said while on earth, the new and everlasting covenant would be established, with his being the “sacrificial lamb,” so to say that an adjustment needs to be made now is absurd because it would mean that his sacrifice was improper or not enough, and that God made a mistake!  That is an oxymoron if I ever heard one, HOW can God be wrong?  Impossible and that is the bottom line my friend, the score was settled on Calvary and we either have real faith in that or we don’t. The choice is each person’s own choice to make, and it is made through either faith or not believing!

Lawrence Morra

True Absolutism is Unattainable

Jim I can agree with you on some of the points you mention here.  But I also base my belief on history and as the old saying goes those who forget history are doomed to repeat it!  But more importantly in this context we speak of historical evidence that exists and is being added to all the time!  So in a sense our perspective of the facts and truth is evolving as we move forward, but not because we control that fact, but rather that we have been given the opportunity to find eternal life by seeking God and all the truth that is God!  Without God there is no truth, light or eternal life!  Without God there is total separation from that all knowing truth and eternal life!  I agree that we face an apocalyptic juncture not far ahead, but there are opposing forces in this dilemma that will be the reason for this event to occur in the first place.  I for one don’t see this plane of existence as permanent or eternal, as we know from Einstein and others all matter has a half-life or finality build in.  I also agree that the matter of our existence is growing critical and the opposing forces are becoming frenetic which is increasing the misinformation and diversionary factors exponentially.  As you know well, that in this world there are no absolutes and humans are incapable of their own volition of identifying and then securing absolutism by all available means, as we are in a constant state of imperfection, locked into it if you will, and that absolutism can only be achieved by a power outside of our orbit, and even I dare say, beyond our comprehension.  To think otherwise is foolhardy and even wreak-less as that would be like the toy telling the toy maker it knows more than its creator!  Arrogance or rebelliousness can only yield disaster in this kind of affair, and again I reflect on Einstein’s theories of relativity and the time space continuum which has been expanded on since his time here on earth to include Dark matter and Dark energy theories that already with mathematical certainty have disclosed to our modern upstanding that there is matter and energy of the Dark Order or unseen dimension, outside of materialism, that far exceeds all matter and energy in the entire universe of this plane of existence!  And we are limited by this reality we live in to only have the capability to decipher the things of this world not any other!  I want to add that something very profound about this concept was said back thousands of years ago by none other than Jesus Christ.  He stated to the Apostles, “Verily I say to you that there is more in the unseen world than these is in the seen.”  This tells me that man’s collective consciousness and knowledge is now only catching up with something said thousands of years ago!  I conclude from that, that He Jesus was who He claimed to be and was more than a messenger of God, that He was God and came to earth in the flesh to make an everlasting covenant for mankind, to provide the true path to everlasting and perfect Life!  Jesus Christ was the only figure in all of history that can lay claim to what he spoke of and promised to do for all humans who will seek His truth and Salvation.  No other historical figure had been prophesied and lived out those prophecies like Jesus the Christ actually did!  I will conclude that I see our modern time being filled with diversion and confusion like no other before, and this will continue to lead to disaster for individuals and most probably the human race!  You mention evolution but that is not going to achieve neither perfection nor everlastingness, as what will we evolve to if using this material world as the building blocks?  Remember there is no capacity for any humans to achieve absolutism by their own merit or limited capability!  Even realizing more fully our spiritual connection to all of existence will not be in and of itself enough to transcend all imperfection, which would be an absolute!

Lawrence  Morra

The Dream About the Cliff and Deserts

This is a scene within a scene within a dream.

I just woke from a dream in which I was chumming around with Steven Spielberg overlooking some trees on a cliff, like a photo I’d seen comes to think of it. And, he had a child with him that he placed on one of the trees overlooking the cliff. The child then got much smaller and was clinging to the tree branches for dear life while trembling and I couldn’t stand seeing that, so I reached for the child and said, “Here you come with me and I’ll hold you keeping you safe from falling!” I hate heights myself and yet I was so strong and wanting to help the child! Then Steven said, “It’s good for him;” but I disagreed, saying “that kind of shocking someone that way is never good, it injures one’s mind!” Then it was like a jump cut I was hours later asking for Steven and no one knew where he was but he had to be afoot, because there were all kinds of film crew going about their chores getting ready for the shoot, and I wanted to find Steven in the biggest way to tell him I had a great idea to incorporate in the film I’m putting together! Then, I saw two lovely younger ladies that I knew sitting together looking so precious and beautiful, and sitting on the table before them were scrumptious slices of pies and cake, just delectable deserts! I went over and put my arm around each of them as many other girls on the set watched; and I knew they were because I was the new guy or kid on the block! I wanted them to see that these ladies knew me and trusted me as they all should and that I know what I’m doing, so when I ask for Steven don’t give me any hog wash! Then one of the young ladies took a mouthful of a pie and it was so delicious, she was overjoyed and almost in ecstasy, and I said, “Aha its whipped cream pie isn’t it!”

Lawrence Morra


The Beginning of Something Very Interesting

I like anti-establishment and thinking outside of the box even when it comes to writing! All that politically correct rubbish has gone too far at times and nothing if overdone turns out good! Writing is about imagination and creativity and so I say launch your ship from whatever port you decide to hail from and head toward whatever horizon you choose, finding all the adventure that you can along the way!

Meanwhile sifting through my imagination; I have to admit I wouldn’t mind being marooned on a remote unknown Island were the only inhabitants are all female, with lots of nature and fruit to eat! Oops there goes that one, the forbidden fruit thing got in my way!

Lawrence Morra

We All Might do Well to Give Pause


I believe sincerely that we are at a precipice as a Nation and in some ways damned if we do and damned if we don’t! But, I intend on doing just as I have been until such time that I can’t anymore!

Take into account these words of wisdom by Edmund Burke. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”     “Yes, there is a time when good men and women must stand up for what’s right, even when it involves risk, but that moment comes only after evil has already been well established and is powerfully on the move.” Evil is inherently weak. The truth is that evil survives by tricking the good into doing its will. “Without thousands of basically decent people confused enough to obey, evil would fail quickly.”

Hannah Arendt summarized evil this way: “The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil. “These people wouldn’t initiate murders by themselves, but in the name of duty, loyalty, unity, and/or the greater good, they cooperate with evil and give it their strength. But each plays a small part—none of them stretches so far that they’d have to contemplate the final effects of their actions.”

In the 20th century, however, the actions of such people led directly to the murders of 260 million people. And they did this precisely by avoiding decisions… by merely obeying.

“People think of murder, lying, and robbery as sins, but none of those has nearly the death toll of obedience.”      

Basically decent men and women obey agents of evil for very mundane reasons. The process often goes like this:

1.           Being confused and intimidated, they look for the center of the pack.

2.           They try not to make waves.

3.           They learn that they can avoid making waves best if they adopt the perspectives of their overlords. So they run the overlords’ slogans through their minds as a default program.

In the end, these people don’t make up their minds. Rather, they take on the minds of their overlords and do their will.

And so, the vast majority of evil done on Earth traces back to minds and wills that have been abandoned to fear and laid on the Altar of Obedience.

The Obama years were chock full of this abandonment and accepting what he said as gospel and we have seen the utter decaying of our Nation because of it!

So those prophetic words by Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” are so true even today and I suspect as long as humans inhabit the earth!

Fellow Americans, if you pray keep doing it, if you don’t, I pray that you start to! The only power that any of us should be obedient to is God the Creator’s! Seek God’s Will through prayer, humility, sacrifice, love of Him and a burning desire to do His Will in all things!

Lawrence Morra


I Just Might be the One to Teach You a Lesson, Punk

What follows is the opening scene in a screen play I’m working.

See my first impression of you was right!  There you go with your head in the toilet and spewing all sorts of foul disgusting dribble!  You think I’m the only lunatic on here?  And what qualifications do you have to gauge who is and isn’t a lunatic?  Moreover you made the statement that I’m a lunatic and you don’t know the first thing about me!  Yet you tell me to dig up proof for you, so you are satisfied that I qualified what I said!  Think you are up a little too high on that horse perhaps fella?  Climb on down and look me in the eye when you talk to me kid!  You come off with this spoiled rotten, brash, think you know it all attitude and what?  I’m supposed to cave in to that and kiss your ring!!!???  You better watch your step out and about with that silly head of yours; it might get knocked clean off!  Now go learn some manners and grow up while you’re at it!

Part of scene Two:

You of all people talking about truth!  You can’t handle the truth, it would eat you alive!  Time to repent, because the inescapable truth is that dark cloud following your every move!   And a megalomaniac was Saddam Hussein who ran Iraq with an iron fist and executed his opposition.  Just remember that you’re lucky you live here in America where you say what you want, maybe you could start showing a little more appreciation and respect for those that died so your sorry ass could do that!  And I’m a man of conscience and there is no way in hell that I could have voted for Hillary with Obama to continue leading from behind with her!  Another term with him or her, the country would be in much worse shape than they already put it into thru the 8 years they had!  A GDP of 1% and running the National Deficit up another $10 Trillion which at that pathetic GDP would never get paid down, we were well on our way to being worse off than some third world countries.  You want that?  If you do then you’re beyond stoned and quite literally insane!  Go watch “Apocalypse Now” to see what Mad begets!

There are plenty of articles that support what I said about the President being a Megalomaniac, a man more unconscious than anything else, but Mueller will fix that!I’m glad I live in a country with a justice system that can correct mistakes!

You can find any article to back up any point of view today with the internet and all of the polarization in this country now!  I wasn’t quoting from a “Few Good Men,” just that the words I used in that sentence fit you to a T!  When I wrote that sentence those words came immediately and I wasn’t thinking about any movie!  With “Apocalypse Now” I did use that film as an illustration along with Saddam Hussein for clarity of my point that we are far removed from having what you chose to depict, a (Megalomaniac) running this Great Nation, in spite of all the corruption throughout the Federal and States Government on both sides of the aisle!  Pay attention to that dark cloud that follows you, it isn’t only going to unleash rain, hail and thunder bolts upon you but the Day of Judgment is close at hand!  Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it in spades!  As far as Mueller and the total fiasco of having a Special Counsel to rip holes into the fabric of our Democracy; which really should have been done with the Obama Administration and Hillary, along with a host of other Democratic characters!  If he doesn’t cause a major Constitutional Crisis with his Deep State agenda, there will be a price to pay for all of this Democratic Party induced attack upon the integrity of our system.  And you like so many millions that voted to get Hillary at the helm with Obama silently leading from behind, failed to recognize that if that had occurred you would have set yourselves up along with the majority of the population like so much fruit ready for the harvest, as they went on with their NEW WORLD ORDER plan, of which you and the majority of the populace are not included in other than as footstools and servant class trash!

A narrative that takes place during the 2ND act during a pod cast

Yes, I believe we’ve been hood winked, bamboozled, lied to, discounted, marginalized, and outright attacked by these people who are the most nefarious person slime that call themselves American, but are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing!!!  There are so many people out there that still don’t get it and when you tell them this they look at you like they have holes in their heads, empty sieves!!! The Parkland School was in their playbook and they can program people now to carry out heinous acts to propagate their plan for the NWO.  I even thought and saw how it did fit the narrative of these NWO manipulators when Adam Lanza attacked Sandy Hook Elementary but first taking out his own mother! With everything that’s going on you would think they see it by now as plain as day, but TMI (too much information) to overload thinking processes and all of the diversionary tactics or programming; even via their own cell phones and Facebook is working superbly to deflect the truth from entering into their heads!  If and when some of these citizens see it, then it will be too late with no escape from the Totalitarian, Big Brother Masters that will own them lock stock and barrel!  On that note they will be the only ones with Guns, and if all the little people get a notion to resist, it will be a blood bath!  You can’t do much with sticks and stones when the power grid will have automatic weapons, tanks, chemical weapons, etc.!   This whole Special Counsel fiasco is the beginning of this take over!  The fools that believe it was necessary for the Democrats to get all hell bent about Trump winning and then selling the idea that he cheated with the Russians is all bull crap!!!  This is just what they planned if Hillary lost the election!  Now they have a good percentage of the populace thinking it’s important and necessary to investigate while guys like Comey and Mueller are traitors to the tenth degree, tearing holes into the fabric of our Constitution and Democracy!  Wake up folks before it’s too late!!!  My fear is that we have passed the point of no return and this is not America as we once knew it and will never be again!

Lawrence Morra

We’ve Become a Land of Shadow Government “Eyes Wide Shut”

I’ve wanted to say so much about how our Nation, “Of the People and by the People and for the People,” is being hijacked by those that are supposed to be serving us! They have “We the People” as their subjects, servants and yes, slaves! There is so much to tell you that I’ve uncovered myself, but, first I’ll let the experts spell it out with what good work they have conducted to help save our Democracy!

What follows is directly quoted from the American Center for Law and Justice:

“It’s an unprecedented bureaucratic coup undermining our security. The Obama Administration took action to empower the entrenched bureaucracy to subvert our national security right before leaving office. It has led to dangerous leaks, criminal violations of the Espionage Act, and the creation of a shadow government to sabotage the new Administration. We discovered that about two weeks before the Obama Administration left office, it rewrote the national security rule-book to share intercepted communications with more unelected bureaucrats. This dramatically endangers our national security and has led to dangerous classified leaks. Even the ACLU called this an “erosion of rules intended to protect the privacy of Americans.”

Our Government Accountability Project is mobilizing to fight back. We’re filing legal demands and lawsuits against the Deep State bureaucracy to: 1) Expose the Obama-era corruption. 2) Stop the soft coup and the rampant leak of classified information. 3) Defeat the Deep State in court.”

I hope this information motivates many of you to think about taking action to resist these nefarious persons throughout our society before its too late.
It’s time to stand up and be counted, and “We the People” can start to hold our elected officials and other bureaucrats accountable!
God Bless America and It’s People

Lawrence Morra

I Should Have Known-False Hope in Another

You speak about a spark of madness as if it were a bit of oxygen to the brain!
Do you know what it’s really like to have to be on a painful mission for many years to serve others and go it completely alone? Another person’s heart should never be taken for granted and especially not be used as a doormat. Perhaps in trying to act so well one cannot know when they are acting or actually living. Do you seek truth and light or smoke and mirrors? Do you seek true inner peace or clutter? There are too many fake and phony players and not enough genuine “Brave Hearts” in the world these days, which is why this media circus is full of narcissism. Thanks for the pretending to care while exploiting something real to use in making something fake, only a feeding! A gorging for one’s own ego, which will never lead to knowing pure humility! But it will lead to an empty heart and lost soul!
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.”

Doing what is right rather than what you want! It might be too painful but it is the only way you will grow. Letting go of self to let God!

Following madness only leads to unbridled self! So true!
Following madness only leads to more madness and eventual destruction!
Adolf Hitler had a spark of madness when he started out, which he was able to fan into a raging hellish inferno!

Lawrence Morra

The wayward child and lost soul.

“Someone Asked Me About Angels”

I’ll take the offer only because I’ve grown in my faith over the years and my ability to discern has increased to a point where I see the battle between good and evil is far more palpable in our lives today and just knowing the difference between right and wrong, can become murky! We now live in an age where information and the manipulation of minds, hearts and souls with it, is being used in an ever growing battle to defeat mankind with sin, hatred, chaos, destruction and a growing sense of hopelessness. We are all being put to the test big time, and the opportunity for evil to creep into anyone’s life is running rampant throughout the world because of the bombardment of our lives with TMI, (too much information), much of which is toxic or useless nonsense, and information does not always equate with knowledge and especially wisdom. If what I say isn’t true then we could expect that artificial intelligence with its speed of computation and large data bases from which to draw from would hold the answers for humanity with vastly more wisdom than the entire human race could acquire of its own volition. Man is subject to God’s “Supreme Power” possessing all wisdom and infinite intelligence that no other being or entity could ever come close to obtaining, and that ultimate truth means we need to seek out God, now more than ever through prayer and supplication, always remaining humble and willing to seek out God’s will for us, and carry it out to the best of our ability.
With that said, I have seen an actual angel, and it was very much as you said, very sudden and the message in this case was a splash of cold water in my face in a manner of speaking, because without that sudden but brief encounter I would not be here now to type this! I was in Chicago many years ago on foot having just left the well-lit comfort of the bus terminal to head toward a subway that was off in the darkness several blocks away in the evening skyline on an elevated track. As I walked closer through the dimly lit area approaching the track I became aware that the area I was in seemed devoid of people and later I found out the reason why. It turned out I was in an area of the city that during the night, after peak hours foot traffic became almost nonexistent, because it was a dangerous area with muggings, stabbings or shootings frequently, and the tunnel I was approaching which I would have to walk through to get to the elevated track still off some distance away, was a place a person even if not alone should not be walking during the late hours. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing or what the area had in store for a wet behind the ears fool like me at the time. As I got closer to the entrance of the tunnel a figure of a stout broad shouldered man stepped out nearly in my way and said with a very deep voice of authority, “Where do you think you’re going? It reminded me of my dear dad’s voice and directives he had given to me over the years; I sort of jumped in my gut and blurted out, “What, oh I’m just going to the subway.” At which point this figure in the darkness said, “Why, you don’t think you have enough money for your trip!” What this figure said was spot on and just what I had actually been thinking back at the bus station, and how I wanted to economize by saving some money for this part of my trip, so that I could use my reserve cash catching a bus from the outskirts of the city and then hitch a ride when I got to Wisconsin. I then answered his question saying, “I have enough money.” To which this figure replied, “Go back to the bus station and take that bus and your trip will work out!” I said to him, “You know that probably is the best thing to do,” and told him, “Thanks for the tip.” I was getting a very strange feeling about the whole matter and seeing this figure, so much so that I just wanted to get back to the bus terminal, and I again said, “Thank you very much,” and this mysterious figure told me, “That’s OK.” I walked barely a couple of steps away from this figure of a strong man who was only several feet away from me the whole time; and as I made my b-line to the bus terminal I looked back to see the figure, and he was gone as fast as he had appeared! No way could he have walked in any direction fast enough in those couple of seconds that lapsed to getting completely out of my sight! Later when back in the safety of the bus terminal I inquired about that tunnel and other such places in Chicago and was told by knowledgeable natives of the area that some guys have been killed in such situations. I know that God must have sent an angel my way because there was too much that I was still needed for on this earth, and I know that adds up because if I had departed all those years back many things that I helped with or prevented wouldn’t have come to pass! But, that’s another story entirely and maybe for some other time if I get around to sharing other purposeful events in my life, that I have the notion to share.
Blessings to All!
Lawrence Morra