My conversation about morality with an atheist millennial man

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If you define morality as “whatever I want to do” then you’ll always be “moral” I spent some time talking to an atheist millennial recently. He considers himself a moral person, and he is very helpful to others. I asked him to define morality, and he said that morality was…

I happened to read this article which is a well addressed report about a subject that I’ve been actually planning to look into when I could get around to it, and this statement completely shocked me to see how bad things have gotten and how disturbed our society is, actually far beyond what I anticipated to find out; especially since I was so contemplative the last few days after reading about the life of Saint John Paul II and what his absolutely clear perspective was on so many vitally important matters to Catholics and all Christians, as a whole Jesus’ Church; but also overall the human race.

Screenshot_2021-08-05 SAINT JOHN PAUL II - PRAY FOR US (23)

This saintly special man of God could be trusted to see into moral matters of our existence and what underlying truth is clearly evident within them. And I know he was absolutely right in all he said about the “sanctity of human life” especially in matters of abortion which shakes me to my core what is going on in this perverse nightmarish world we’ve allowed to get completely out of control, by it’s being infected exponentially with “sin, confusion and lack of true morality!”

These following statements didn’t surprise me and actually confirmed what I had learned over the years reading various articles and mainly observing world affairs, but, especially what is happening here in the US when I even see people around me living within certain lifestyles and displaying behaviors for the world to see plainly, that show a total lack of genuine responsibility, accountability and most frightening a total disconnect regarding morality!

“Forty percent of all births in the U.S. now occur outside of wedlock, up from 10 percent in 1970, according to an annual report released on Wednesday by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the largest international provider of sexual and reproductive health services. That number is even higher in the European Union.”

The EU has a higher rate of fatherless births because they have high taxes and big government to allow women to have children without having to commit to a husband! Basically as I see it socialistic societies in the EU and the US now increasingly moving in that direction make it easy for a people to become immoral and live like heathens with no need for morality when the big “Sugar Daddy” governments say commitments don’t matter because we tax the hell out of everyone and make it simpler and less work or taking ownership for one’s actions but more easy money is available to provide for your children that you have out of wedlock or otherwise, and the same funds will pay for all of your abortions with tax payer dollars; making it much easier to not work and let the government pay the bills.

“More welfare and more government services make it easier for women to pursue relationships with men who aren’t interested in marriage. Hot bad boys who give them all the tingles. Big government makes those boring, predictable marriage-ready men dispensable. Big government also makes it much harder for a man who does marry to afford a stay-at-home mother for his kids, because he has to pay higher taxes for big government.”

This lack of ethics and accountability is disgusting to say the least and I see where it’s a foregone conclusion if a country or society allows this stupidity to continue and propagate the human race will be a totally out of control disaster with more and more people being born to grow up clueless and aimless as trash; that only believe in trying to “feel good” as their goal in life and not think or have a Godly purpose for existing in the first place, further cancelling God out completely! This ultimately opening the door or a Pandora’s box of complete moral denigration where pretty much anything goes, if you can get away with it; which is how our leaders are behaving lately, and now our communities are getting just as bad, where for example in Oregon many formerly illegal street drugs are legal allowing people to become drug addicts and nobody cares, from the person using them on up to the law and court system! This will do families and moral living so much good won’t it?


Here I quote from one of our wonderful Saints who told us what is coming if people didn’t wake up and soon! “As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” – Pope John Paul II.

Lost Souls! We are there folks not looking good for this Lost Generation!

Here is the evidence right in our faces of how insane the human race has become and the leftist loonies have been allowed to propagate “Satan’s Desires” throughout civilization on an exponential scale with “non-God fearing unbelieving pagans” that are heading straight for the cliff to jump off in droves like maniacs! A society where human babies are exterminated full term day of delivery on an industrial scale, basically being sacrificed the way a fallen and self-destroyed civilization did regularly using humans for sacrifices!


Look how the masses of fools blindly followed lies and concocted BS about a pandemic to make them mask up and lock-down to the point where I was seeing people driving down an interstate highway alone in their cars with masks on up to their eyelid; totally insane out to lunch idiots! People this messed up and immoral to boot shouldn’t even be capable of having children, let alone raise them in a messed up family in which the evil government is daddy!!! Looks to me like so many people are primed and ready for the antichrist to rule them!

Apocalypto false god pagan leader

And currently with the blatantly corrupt Democrat party in control which has America’s own “Man of Perdition Fraud POTUS” and the Marxist’s that are attempting to destroy the Constitution and replace it with communism; while they Tax and Spend like there is no tomorrow, setting up the plan to completely ruin civilization and make sure that as many souls go to hell as possible!

“If you ask an atheist millennial, they think they are doing a great job of being “moral”. They don’t see the messes they are making for children as something that they are causing themselves, with their own foolish feelings-based decision-making. They think they know everything about relationships through their feelings. They think that they are exempt from the patterns of cause and effect in the peer-reviewed research.”

I pray more people wake up faster than what has been actually happening!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


This is one of the memes from the Wintery Knight facebook page If you define morality as “whatever I want to do” then you’ll always be “moral”

I spent some time talking to an atheist millennial recently. He considers himself a moral person, and he is very helpful to others. I asked him to define morality, and he said that morality was feeling good, and helping other people to feel good. I was trying to think of a way to punch a hole in his feelings-based utilitarianism. How could I show him that happy feelings are not a good basis for morality?

Now, you’re probably thinking that abortion is the most obvious example of something that is morally wrong – it’s just killing a baby because adults don’t want to take responsibility for their foolish pursuit of pleasure. But atheists typically don’t think of unborn children as people. They usually believe in naturalistic evolution, and they are committed to a view of…

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