Mr Majestic and Mufasa the Majestic

A brief text conversation: Later comes the big scene!

“What a beautiful majestic animal.  He deserves serenity in his aging life!  Like we all do! Lawrence Morra thank you for all your help & awareness!”

Holly Craig, my that is so beautifully put and sweet!  I’m very inspired by your kind words and faith in me to do some good while I’m still on this Earth! I’m becoming both joyfully and painfully aware that this one thing means the most while we are alive in this world; that is to do as much good as we can for others be they family members or other people in our lives as well as to be kind and generous to all sentient animal life here; all of which comes from God!  Like Mother always said to all of her children, “God only wants us to try our best each day!”  If only this whole human race could do that it would be so wonderful!  But we know that we can never expect that there will be perfection here, which is why we can look forward as we do try our best to the Kingdom to come, Eternal Life!  Thank you for your support here and throughout and May God Richly Bless You and Yours!

“Lawrence M. Thank you so much for such sweet words!  We just need to clone you!! Maybe spreading sweetness will become contagious.  We can hope right?”

Holly Craig, I do agree with you on the hope, we should always do that, mother also said that, “there is always hope!”   That there is, but as far as the cloning you should have caught me for that several years ago before the Mfers of the world got their hands on me and messed with my genes!  Gee, I was almost a perfect specimen before all that!  Now going to pieces like most slugs in the mud!  They tried to destroy me physically and I’m still here, but they really wanted to break me and they will never do that, no you fuckers, you can’t touch this!  Hard as Muther Fucking nails!

Lawrence Morra

A little bit later when I had nothing better to do than respond to a meathead in a post before Thanksgiving that could finally be set straight!

My delay was to lay off the HOT SAUCE while I had a very merry Thanksgiving and respected our forebears!  Now I’m back on the trail!  Root-in toot-in six shooter shoot-in son of a gun hard ass and hard as nails!  Only when I have to be because most of the time as gentle as a kitty kat!  It’s goingggg to be a new playyyy, remember the day when it was OK, to sing like the blue jayyy in the merry month of Mayyyyyyy!

Harry you can turn the page or get a different book to read!  You have heard tell about, “to each his own,” or “whatever floats your boat?”  See you think that in your business circles you have it all figured out and the way you conduct business is the real deal!  But, “there are more ways to skin a cat” which I would never allow anyone one to do that; but as the old saying implies being in the zone, “there are many or all roads to Rome!”  What you do for a living and I do are completely different things and we can meet and market our potentialities in a variety of ways and through various mediums!  This LinkedIn could be the rocket and indeed provide the fuel for the next best seller, which is advancing Business and Commerce!  I think the owners and operators along with the entire member base would appreciate that concept!  So you make your money and connections that you require and I’ll do the same! DEAL?   You see this can also be a platform for CREATIVITY and that is a line of gainful employment for many people, and some are entertainers as well, we all like a little entertainment here and there to break up the monotony of the hum drum business world!  You get jammed up again, hit me up, or check out a flick!

And don’t give me that jive about karma, I don’t believe in those fantasies, I do however believe in final judgment and it will come for all! Now on that being kind, maybe you would find some purpose in talking about that to the government officials that conspired, plotted and criminally attacked me because they are the NEW NAZIS and can rig it the way they want it!  Then they even afterwards have so called doctors in their network of NAZIS that can poison a person and get away with it!  Do you think the Former Russian spies that were poisoned by KGB agents in the UK are the only ones and in the only place that sort of thing can happen?  I have a news flash for you, it happens right here in the USA! I had it happen to me, and it failed, because I’m still not dead and can talk up a storm which I’m going to do!  So save your karma fantasies for fools and millennials I’m not even the slightest bit interested!  I have a suggestion, before you use blanket concepts make sure you know enough detail about whom you are speaking to, which will help you prevent more insult being added to INJURY!  This is not a game we are in!

I decided to give you a break and help you understand something you completely missed as it went right over your head!  You go on and on with all of your intellectual garbage that many on the post sucked up so willingly and I do not as you could tell when you tried to tear me a new one!  Can’t be done fella!  Read em and weep Joe College!  I was saying that you are becoming them who you talk about because you are caught up in the wrong axiom such as “pigs love to wallow in the mire,” and talking too much BS the bottom line is God, Liberals ran from God and now look at them they are all sick perverted trannies, same sex marriage and so on as well as being mentally ill fools that think they are above God and you are sucking up the same exhaust pipe, so you best get with God not all this BS! By attempting to blast away at the Libs the way you do it; you are ending up in the same boat!  You think you are above so much that is wrong and you are wrong!  YOU GROW UP and GROW A PAIR!  You’re the immature child that thinks he rose above the world in his academia!  You BORE ME!!!

I did work in the Photojournalism Industry which gave me a particular slant on things, not all good but it can be good; and like the lady said, when it’s good it’s very good!





Liberals and Democrats are some of the stupidest, craziest, out of control thinking people on the planet, lacking even common sense! If all guns were suddenly illegal that would open up a market for illegal gun trafficking just like all the other illegal trading that goes on!  Hard drugs have been illegal and cocaine or heroin have flowed into this country like there was no tomorrow!  Ivory or elephant tusks were banned and trading still goes on all based on supply and demand! If there is a demand for something then someone is going to supply it and it can be in the gun case the legal gun shops or the illegal black market or criminal dealer who will offer the supply to a ready and waiting buyers and market!

This country having a 2nd Amendment is absolutely necessary to allow the “individual citizen” the ability to defend themselves and protect their families even more so in today’s world of too many loonies’ criminal minded humans.  And of course gun ownership is necessary by the citizens if a Nation can remain free because I do believe that the NEW WORLD ORDER people like Soros, Clinton’s, and Obama’s etc. would have all guns taken from the public and that would mean the end of true FREEDOM in this country, as then the corrupted NWO government would set in motion a totalitarian regime because the people will be defenseless against the all-powerful government!

Liberals are the problem, they think take this essential right away from our Democracy and that will fix the problem.  But the real problem is that until Prayer is put back in schools along with mandatory Civics classes, wholesale abortion is banned, and all drugs including POT are not allowed; all of which would allow for the society to correct itself on a whole producing wholesome minded, sensible and GOD fearing humans.  Until those measures are taken this gun violence problem will just continue and more people will hate and kill until “civil war” happens!

This country is producing too many liberal, morally bankrupted individuals who are not appreciating the fact that God created all of this, and all people need to respect God and then each other along with Life itself; making for a strong and healthy society where citizens behave like human beings that can live free, civilly and peacefully as a Nation of strong individuals!  Anything other than what I’ve outlined will produce anarchy or weak and twisted people that continually conflict with one another hating and killing!

It’s NOT THE GUNS or GUN OWNERSHIP that’s the problem it’s an IMMORAL SOCIETY that produces too many sick minded or weak minded and very confused NO DIRECTION persons, that are in a state of conflict or at odds with one another! LIFE HAS PURPOSE which is GOD GIVEN! ALL CITIZENS SHOULD LIVE AND TREAT IT AS SUCH!

With all of the corruption in our government and nonsensical behaviors running rampant with no belief in God by so many in this culture I give the odds of what I’ve said happening maybe 5%, and even that is generous!

Lawrence Morra