Hospitals KILLING The Unvaccinated

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They’re not only Killing these Patients they are Murdering them!!! The science and procedural protocols are well known as to the usefulness of Ventilators and their limited efficacy in such situations! So to override those absolute known parameters and place these unvaccinated persons on them is a very calculated and nefarious move and premeditated murder! I assure you I know what I’m saying and though not a lawyer I fought my own complex legal case in court sick and all, because no lawyer would fight the crooked system for my benefit; and yet on my own succeeded when the system is as corrupt and jaded as it’s ever been!

So God was the only reason I made it and got to fight the work related injury case the worst thing that ever happened to me against a huge law firm working for the government, I’m a living testimony to God and His righteousness; so that you all know He is real and wants you to turn to Him! My case revolved around severe injury to my pulmonary system that should have killed me but always being a nonsmoker and having good genes with healthy living I was resilient enough to spring back over several years of struggle!

But I know about the inherent dangers and delicacy of the breathing apparatus that God equipped us with, and with our living in a modern world of many toxic potential injuries that can occur, say like the 9/11 Twin Towers attack and subsequent toxic soup released into the air that killed many individuals in the short term or long term! And I can attest to the fact ventilators put a positive unnatural pressure on very delicate and in many instances damaged minute capillaries deep in the bronchial and lung tissue causing a cascading effect with more cell damage and resulting double pneumonia with infection; which cannot be overcome once into that danger zone or “past the intricate balance threshold!” These idiots are doing the exact opposite thing needed to save lives and they knowingly do that! Murder!~

God willing I do pray daily the guilty and all those responsible for all of this totally unnecessary suffering and death starting with Gates, Soros, Schwab, Fauci, Xi Jinping and so many culpable accomplices throughout the fraud pandemic that they will be held accountable and the only sentence for such monsters must be death! Amen.

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

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