“No One Has Died From the Coronavirus” – Respected Veteran Bulgarian Doctor

As I’ve been saying in some of my blogging I’ve been seeing holes in this whole Pandemic Fiasco and my first article back in March I named My Covid-19 Meltdown and subsequent follow-up articles that just the simple fact that China was Ground Zero with obvious collusion by The WHO running the Communist Chinese Party narrative and the Dem party all over this as true and a reason to shut down the world until after the upcoming election in November was indication of a sinister plot and scam!  Now the truth is RISING!  People like Pelosi, DeBlasio, Cuomo and so many otther Dems are murders and absolute lying partners in GLOBAL CRIME to he nth degree! They should be hung! Dear Lord have mercy! Thank you Jesus. Amen.
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“COVID-19 A BLATANT NWO HOAX by Lawrence Morra  July 7, 2020
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  • THE STORY:More evidence is in: a Bulgarian doctor shares how many European pathologists state (after conducting autopsies) that COVID is not causing the deaths. Additionally, they cannot find any evidence of a COVID (SARS-CoV2) antibody.
  • THE IMPLICATIONS:This is more proof exposing the trick of re-classifying deaths WITH the virus to FROM the virus. If no COVID antibody exists, how do we know a new virus SARS-CoV2 100% exists, when it has failed Koch’s postulates and has never been isolated?

no one has died from coronavirus COVID

No one has died from the coronavirus

according to Dr. Stoian Alexov, a veteran and highly renowned Bulgarian doctor. Dr. Alexov has been a physician or 30 years, is the president of the BPA (Bulgarian Pathology Association), is a member of the ESP’s Advisory Board and head of the histopathology department at the Oncology Hospital in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. Dr. Alexov made the stunning claim in this video (speaking in his native Bulgarian). An English translation of the transcript is available here thanks to Rosemary Frei and Patrick Corbett who wrote a recent article about it posted at Off Guardian. For those who may be unfamiliar with it, histology (also known as microscopic anatomy or microanatomy) is the branch of biology which studies the microscopic anatomy of biological tissues. Histopathology is the microscopic examination of tissue in order to study the manifestations of disease. Dr. Alexov reveals that European pathologists haven’t identified any antibodies that are specific for SARS-CoV-2, and furthermore states that he thinks it’s impossible to create a vaccine against the SARS-CoV2 virus that is causing COVID. The lack of proven COVID antibodies is further evidence that the virus does not really exist, as I discussed in other articles where I pointed out that its fails Koch’s postulates, the gold standard in microbiology.

Claim: No One Has Died from COVID

So, how could this doctor, experienced as he is, support the extraordinary claim that no one has died from the coronavirus? Let’s consider his exact words:

“The main conclusion was that the autopsies that were conducted in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden do not conclude that the virus is deadly … I will explain why I’m not crazy … I’m explaining this from the perspective of pathology. And as a professional who’s working in pathology, we have certain procedures, protocols, which we apply to necropsy as well as to biopsy. Our protocol should list the first disease, second disease, third disease and reason for the death. When we say that the patient died because of the coronavirus, we mean that the coronavirus led to interstitial pneumonia, afterwards leading to the death of the person, with no other diseases in other organs and in other systems. But such facts haven’t been found; nobody has reported this.”

He then elucidates the central scam of this entire fake pandemic: dying with the virus vs. dying from the virus. This has been the key piece of manipulation all along, to ascribe deaths from other existing comorbidities to COVID in order to ratchet up the death count:

“And the people who died, did they die from the coronavirus, or with the coronavirus? The real term we use is that the people in Italy and France and in Spain are dying with the coronavirus — not from the coronavirus — on the top of their very poor clinical picture from their illness [i.e., they had serious comorbid disease(s)].”

He alludes to the pressure being put on pathologists and doctors worldwide to water down and ignore their usual medical procedures and standards to accommodate this scam:


“At the moment it’s a total resistance of the pathologists in Europe, in China, as well as in Australia and in Canada [because] the pathologists have been pushed and pressured: if the patient has a coronavirus, the reason for the death is to be written that it’s nothing else but the coronavirus. That’s quite stressful for us,and for me in particular, because we have protocols and procedures which we need to use.”

He talks about how the WHO (World Health Organization), funded by Bill Gates who will move from being the 2nd biggest funder to the biggest funder, is actually obstructing nations from following established protocols of pathology to determine cause of death:

“Dr. Alexov: In this case, now there is the WHO that doesn’t want us to do autopsies. I’m not clear why the WHO doesn’t want us to do autopsies when we need to prove what is the strength of the virus … I don’t know why the WHO doesn’t really want us to do autopsies; I assume they have the information that the virus is not deadly.

Dr. Katsarov: Is this the reason that in Bulgaria we’re not doing the autopsies?

Dr. Alexov: Yes. We’re required to follow the WHO. And I’m really sad that we need to follow those instructions without even thinking about them. But in Germany, France, Italy and England they’re starting to think that we shouldn’t follow the WHO so strictly, and when we’re writing the reason for death we should have the pathology [results to back that up] and we should follow the protocol. [That’s because] when we say something we need to be able to prove it.”

The COVID Antibody Problem

I have covered in this previous article COVID Antibody Tests: Here Comes More Trickery and Fakery that the antibody test (also called the serology test) authorities are starting to roll out are rife with flaws. Dr. Alexov points out how, when he questioned his professional colleagues, they confirmed that no one has found any COVID antibodies in the bodies of the deceased during autopsy examination. In the quotes below, Dr. Alexov refers to monoclonal antibodies, which are defined as antibodies that are made by identical immune cells which are all clones of a unique parent cell. (Monoclonal antibodies specifically bind to a certain substance, so they can serve to detect that substance, and thus are an important tool in molecular biology.)

“Dr. Katsarov: What are the specifics of the clinical picture from the histology of the coronavirus that makes it different from the seasonal flus and other respiratory diseases?

Dr. Alexov: I asked exactly the same question to Professor Moch [Dr. Holger Moch, professor of pathology at the University of Zurich] … two doctors from Italy asked if there is a specific monoclonal antibody which we can use in our pathology work to prove that the coronavirus [is present]. Is there such an antibody that’s been isolated? [Dr. Moch answered that] such a monoclonal antibody hasn’t been isolated — they don’t know of the existence of such an antibody at the moment.

The second question is, is there a different monoclonal antibody that we can use to diagnose a coronavirus infection when we do a biopsy?

And for both questions they answered no, there is no such antibody that we can use to prove coronavirus is present in a biopsy or in autopsy tissue.

In Bulgaria we’ve done three autopsies [on people whose deaths were attributed by COVID-19], [all conducted] by Dr. Nia Serbianova [spelling?][she’s the head of clinical pathology at Pirogov Hospital]. She asked the same question about this antibody to experts from Italy and Spain. They replied that there’s no such monoclonal antibodies. What all the pathologists said is that there’s no one who has died from the coronavirus. And I will repeat that: no one has died from the coronavirus.”

It is Impossible to Create a COVID Vaccine

I have covered some of Gates’ quotes and shenanigans regarding depopulation, digital certificates and COVID vaccines elsewhere. The concept of digital certificates or immunity passports is well under way with the launch of Covi-Pass (COVI-PASS™) in 15 nations. Dr. Alexov had some choice words for the WHO and Gates:

“And again I won’t talk specifically about a pandemic, because I believe we don’t have the facts necessary to call it a pandemic. I think it’s not reasonable that the World Health Organization is still saying ‘pandemic’ – it’s an epidemic. I haven’t seen such an ‘advertisement’ for a virus [before].”
The WHO is creating worldwide chaos, with no real facts behind what they’re saying.”

“I’m certain it’s not possible to create a vaccine against COVID. I’m not sure what exactly Bill Gates is doing with his laboratories – is it really a vaccine he’s producing, or something else? [joking/laughs]”

In a personal email to Patrick Corbett (see aforementioned Off Guardian article for image), Dr. Alexov wrote:

“I do believe the WHO is the best criminal medical organization.”

There is No Pandemic and No Epidemic

Dr. Alexov states emphatically at several points int he interview that there is no pandemic and there is no epidemic:

” … yearly about a million and a half people die [worldwide] from lung cancer due to smoking. If we compare that to the coronavirus, it would be like a pandemic and everybody [would be told to] stop smoking — let’s say ‘a pandemic of smoking’ … So I will say that this epidemic isn’t so much an epidemic of the virus, but it’s an epidemic of giving people a lot of fear and stress.”
“I want to accentuate that: it’s an infection, not a pandemic.”

Final Thoughts

More and more doctors and medical professionals are courageously speaking out to counter the COVID propaganda spewed out by the WHO, UN and governments worldwide. The emperor has no clothes. No one has died from COVID in the bodies that these European doctors examined. The virus has never been proven to exist, and now we have more evidence of this in the form of certified pathologists stating that there is no proof of the existence of COVID antibodies as well. It is staggering to realize that all the tangible damage that has been to communities everywhere – the destruction of small businesses, the increase in crime and domestic violence, the propagation of anxiety, stress and fear – has all been done in the name of a non-existent danger. We must attack this psychological operation at its foundation, because as long as it’s allowed to continue, more tyranny will be predicated on the basis of this hyped and invented threat.



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13 thoughts on ““No One Has Died From the Coronavirus” – Respected Veteran Bulgarian Doctor”

  1. Wow, Lawrence, this is certainly controversial !
    I admire your research ability, and the information that you make available.
    Still many unanswered questions on ‘the virus.’
    For sure, though, we have a pandemic of fear.

    Masses are supposedly opening this weekend in our area.
    I was reading the list of restrictions. The list is as long as my iPad !
    I bought some N95 masks yesterday.

    Now, I will venture ‘bravely’ into the world. 🤗🌷🐕🌎

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    1. Hi Sally and I’m glad you got to check it out quickly and find it interesting! Now it appears Masses never should have been stopped along with the lockdowns being totally grotesque just like the Swiss doctor said they were almost out of the gate! Yes you can play it safe and I had a mask with me in a couple of stores yesterday but I pulled it down off my nose and mouth as I walked around because I was beginning to put the pieces of this puzzle together and know I’m not going to put up with this crap anymore, now God helped me again to see truth and bring it forward to not only reassure me but to help others to begin to realize just how sinister and wrong all of this has been! Trump is pulling the US out of the WHO which is absolutely the right thing to do they are all liars! I hope you enjoy your excursions and tread carefully and take care.
      Check this out now and I know you will be very happy about this news! 🤗🌷🐕🌎

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lawrence, I have not yet played the videos. I was enjoying the pictures of the masks so much ! Your posts are always very comprehensive, and we appreciate that. 🌷🤗

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      2. Haha! That’s funny; 🌷🤗 but I’m going to print out a copy of the mask order and wear in stores with the mask on my throat at first which I will say I’m carrying ready to put in place in case I should run into someone that is obviously sick so I can protect myself from infection but other than that I have breathing issues that must be accommodated above other considerations!
        People will need to start pushing back against the evil government orders that are all political and wrong. I’ve noticed employees yesterday in stores having he masks pulled down off the nose partially which is what i would be doing if i worked in a public venue and if I had a union there I would be starting a rally and picketing to stop the practice! The videos clips I wanted to make sure they play on all platforms but I just took care of it anyway so take your time!
        Let me know how the experience out on your excursion goes and how people there are behaving when you can!🌷🤗 🤗🌷🐕🌎

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      3. Yes, Lawrence, I will. I have a charming pair of blue gloves to wear to compliment my mask.
        That is a good idea of how you will wear your mask. 🌷🤗

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    1. Exactly my reaction Marcia! This is really surreal what’s happening. We have enemies right here in the USA that hate this country and all of we citizens as much as some of the worst enemies around the globe! Obama and Kerry proved that when they went and held hands with the Iranian Ayatollah and mullahs dancing around the boat loads of US Taxpayer Cash they divvied up! Basically sold us out for a Cash Deal to one of the most hateful and anti-American regimes! And they were accusing Trump of colluding with Russians. Total unequivocal evil. ✝️ 💞🤗❤️

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