Why Are So Many Women Lost Souls? OnlyFans Blasted for Reversing Course and Hosting Porn

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Hi again! It’s me the Christian Tech Nerd. I hope you are having an AMAZING day! I just read the below story and it made me so sad and I would like anyone’s feedback on it! I HATE websites and companies such as OnlyFans that exploit young women and…

You probably won’t like what I have to say but I don’t sugar coat things if I can be so blunt like that in the right circumstance!

The whole social media concept is flawed and leaves way too much to the imagination or to the nefarious minds lurking everywhere in the world! So sorry to say that anyone on the medium is responsible for any problems or hassles that result; this is not knowing people like say in college or at work for years and actually being able to gauge what you are dealing with, with a great enough certainty, because even people we know in person or think we know can turn out to not be quite the person we thought they are!

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Back in 1845 a writer I’ve enjoyed reading in my teens and watching some movies based on his fiction said something back then that spells out what I mean! Edgar Allen Poe said “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” Now in the context of what was his own troubled mind and the character in his story trusting and knowing what is really so, and what isn’t, was a dilemma as he saw it! Now today I can honestly say that back then people could lie to one another face to face no doubt and that was the only venue, so how much more exponentially do you think the problem is today with these realms’ of wizardry and high technology that I’m sure if Poe could be here now would say we are all lost souls fooling with black magic and the devil.

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My point is this is a very slippery slope if taken carelessly or to any significant level of importance in one’s real living day to day life! To me it’s a web of potential trouble and danger no matter who you are; so parents have a lot to worry about with their children being in this world no matter how safe they think they can make it! This can be a huge time waster for younger children too, and they can be absorbed with alternate artificial imagined realities that mess them up totally! I have to say it’s not good! Older adults can be taken advantage of in these places let alone children who have so much to learn. Besides that the Big Tech moguls and operators or governments that use them are not angels or great people that care about you or me, far from it; they are for the most part Greedy overly materialistic drunk with power and influence ruined people, who got so much so fast which is so unnatural and destructive for a human being!

Because I believe absolutely that its ill-gotten gain and gain should come from long hard work and dedication to proper principles in the Bible! But these so rich and powerful overnight individuals in this cyber Big Tech Business World makes no sense scenario; corrupts the soul it’s not natural or healthy for any soul, so they are corrupted to the core and prove it all the time with their nefarious undertakings of manipulation or exploitation! So you talk about exploiters dirty old men and such, but, that isn’t even scratching the surface of what problems are inherent in this modern running rampant open communication venues or platforms realm; the whole business is exploitative to the core! Do you think it was set up to help you and me to make the world a better place for all? Are there some angelic beings running this up above that only will allow it to be a wonderful thing; impossible. It’s not a good thing over all! I could go down a list of many things that make it not good, and just one example is that too many people are addicted! Like old timers sitting in front of a slot machine in a casino; do you see how much human capacity and time gets frivolously burned up with this technology? The old adage that comes to my mind is as in film acting, “less is more.”

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Back when things were simple and straight forward the world was a better place for it, but, now it’s the opposite and way freakier and scarier than anything Poe imagined in his fiction! Like for example one of the pioneers of this digital world Gates a sociopathic lunatic would love us all to be chipped and tracked! This is not science fiction it’s on the planning agenda table with some very bad powerful influential people in this world pushing it. Say like China’s CCP and others that want totalitarian control over all human beings! Where does that kind of wicked thinking come from? We know as Christians only one place; Satan. This is not going in a good direction for sure, because for any of the good that some of us derive from it, this tool, there is an enormous underbelly and building corruption by nefarious evil men with power that are going to use this to the hilt; to control! Sorry if my view on what is ahead in this regard isn’t pretty; but it can’t be and will never be!

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One big caveat to all my spiel is the only reason I’m on this platform basically and that is if I or you and anyone who is truly sincere, genuine and from the heart serving Jesus Christ here and helps to facilitate in this what I believe to be the End Time; the saving of souls, that is HUGE! Me as a Man following Jesus and knowing my own shortcomings as a man; basically a good one, but, still a darn sinner and not worthy enough; without Jesus Christ who can save my soul in order to make it to heaven. So as I see it right now, perhaps if I’m truly inspired by His Holy Spirit and do a bit of discipleship to “perhaps save one soul” from hell; my hope is God will smile upon me and judge me fairly; as I do believe it right to fear God, but nothing else!

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“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 25:41,46

God bless and thanks for getting me going on this! I hope you see clearly what’s going on. That is my only offering in speaking out!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

You belong to Me

Just a n essay I wrote last year that does pertain!


UPDATE 8/27/2021

Just the day after posting this article I received notification of a new article from another follower that got into some of the specific points i had said here are reasons not to put much hope in Social Media as being anything but trouble moving forward!   These ladies said  it accurately and  forthrightly so I commend them! here is an except and the link!

Hey everyone!! I’m so happy to finally write about the topic which I had always been wanted to talk. This is a collaboration post between me and Nivithasri from Fairy hacks. She is a lifestyle blogger who gives amazing beauty and health tips.

We are not going to give advice or explain the cons of social medias which everyone knows. Instead we will let you hear our stories, experiences and why we both are not that interested in social medias. We shared 5 questions to each other so don’t forget to visit her blog to read the other half of our collab.

Her questions:-

1) Which Social media platform do you dislike and what made you do that?

I don’t know why out of all platforms I hate Facebook the most. I still don’t have an account there. I think it’s because how insecure it is and how anyone can create fake profile and id’s to bully, blackmail and stalk others. The idea of chatting or getting to know my friend’s friend didn’t bother me. I just wanted a private platform to have one way conversation with my friends or relatives but facebook is like a open book for anyone to get to know even if you play safe. I know how it can be used as an powerful tool to teach, help, share knowledge or empower people but if I look back at my friends, they only use it for gossiping, stalking or flirting.

Social media has also given us so much freedom to ‘show and tell’ whatever the hell that we want but there is beauty in privacy. It’s okay to keep things private to yourself.

2) Have you ever come across someone whose real life is very different from their social media life?

Yes, totally!! It’s like they are a completely different person in social media compared to real life. I know a girl who continuously takes pic all the time so that she could post it for her followers. She also create many fake scenarios to get likes. It’s kinda toxic to see her posts because I know her true colors but her online friends don’t.


The Christian Tech-Nerd

Hi again! It’s me the Christian Tech Nerd. I hope you are having an AMAZING day! I just read the below story and it made me so sad and I would like anyone’s feedback on it! I HATE websites and companies such as OnlyFans that exploit young women and cause them to sell their souls to sinful perverted men! I am a young 22 year old Christian woman that had to delete ALL of my social media accounts because too many men kept messaging me with rude and perverse comments…and I BLAME gross “porn” sites like OnlyFans for creating a culture that rewards perverts. I DO NOT blame the women who sell their bodies on OnlyFans because I believe they are lost souls that need guidance and are being taken advantage of without their knowing. I urge all women to believe in themselves to be more than just a naked…

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