A Poster Child of the Coming Apocalyptic World

“Twilight Zone kind of world we have going”

Perhaps not by what this off the wall kid is spewing but moreover by what she never speaks to; such as faith in our divine nature and a God who set all of this in motion; subliminally in the very least she is speaking for the communists and at worst for the antichrist or Satan’s agenda!  Here I respond to a blogger talking about the “Greta Fiasco!”

Anytime I see this kid’s face I think how its a Twilight Zone kind of world we have going where a little parrot with absolutely ZERO qualifications obviously working for the leftist agenda NWO communist demons of our adult world who have this child spewing nothing but repetitive completely inaccurate or false data as though she is someone that knows what she is talking about and yet she has absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, to say or anything to base her childish wild conjectures about Global Atmospheric Science on, or for that matter any area of scientific knowledge that follows at least the simple axiom of deductive logic and quantitative deep research analysis of tried and proven factual evidence!  Instead she doesn’t have a modicum or shred of reliable factual truth to offer anyone!

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This is so boring and actually stupid that this amount of media hype and time is given to this asinine BS in our societies or public consciousness when we should be putting all of our attention on things that matter and not this entirely overblown climate change falsehood of continuous dribble being spewed by a punk kid via the corrupted politically biased MSM!  Please shut her up and the whole damn leftist propaganda machine; I’m already sick of them all long ago, and was never impressed or fooled by any of it!

Additionally, I see how this all dovetails with the nefarious sinister minions of hell like Soros who work and walk in lock step with the plan of the antichrist to brainwash the younger generations so they will all be a malleable mass of stooges or mindless herd of sheeple to rule over in the evil’s projected apocalyptic world as even foretold in the Holy Scriptures.  This they do as they seek to acquire political high ground or advantage for money and power or eventual ultimate control!  Is she the “poster child of the apocalyptic world” just down the road?

But regardless, thank you for pointing out once again how ridiculous and idiotic you MSM minion propaganda agents are along with this kid and her radical leftist backers every-time you put her out in front of the public!  For me its like a bucket of ice water over my head!

“Twit for brains!”

I could be off a bit or went off a bit, but I don’t think so really!  Many things these days are not what they appear to be and some things are exactly as crazy as they appear to be!  Living in an upside down PC, Over the Top, Lost in Space Society!  I grew up in a much better world and it might have gotten a bit tough or course at times but we learned how to navigate in the real world better that way and not whine or look for someone to fix things for us all the time!  Like my Dad would say, “you have to grow up sometime and it toughens you up to go through the ups and downs;” and I especially learned that the world didn’t revolve around me, and not everyone is a winner for just showing up!  I learned that rewards and opportunities came to those who were willing to put in the effort and work for them!

This Greta, I believe must already have a messed up head and I can only imagine what difficulties she will have in the future.

Peace Out!

Lawrence Morra

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PS please check out the comments below a couple of which I had to include in the blog that way after I wrote this article that came up in very important parallel discussion.

And in memory as well the words of the uniquely talented Rod Serling for your added viewing pleasure, “consider if you will:”

“Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Greta’s CRAZY Climate Change Arguments”

By The Daily Wire on in Political News

“The following video is brought to you courtesy of the The Daily Wire YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Ben discusses how the media has pushed Greta Thunberg to the front of the climate change debate and how there are no real solutions being offered.”

I must say in conclusion it appears for now that some people are only capable of offering solutions that are far more terrible than the original problem; which is a non-problem when actually examined honestly and with integrity not screaming at the world you are all stupid and so wrong “and me even though I’m a little guppy” am so much wiser than anyone that has lived or is living now!

No thanks, Left Propaganda Machine I’m not buying this dose of “Screwy Louie” (Greta) fiction either!

Lawrence Morra

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

10 thoughts on “A Poster Child of the Coming Apocalyptic World”

  1. Had to re-post this comment of a fine gentleman’s on another blog regarding the same subject which he had just said shortly after my putting this blog out!
    “All of this is moot and past time to be mute. Carbon dioxide and the other GHGs are responsible for nothing relevant to warming the atmosphere, climate or weather.
    By reflecting away 30% of the ISR the terrestrial albedo, sustained by the atmosphere, makes the earth cooler than it would be without that albedo/atmosphere. Remove the atmosphere and the earth receives 30% more kJ/h getting warmer not colder and becomes much like the moon in complete refutation of the greenhouse effect.
    Because of the non-radiative heat transfer properties of the terrestrial surface BB LWIR radiative energy upwelling from the surface is not possible. There is zero “extra” energy for the GHGs to “trap.”
    The surface is warmer than ToA per Q = U A dT same as the insulated envelope of a house.
    If the above statements are correct the greenhouse effect does not exist.
    Zero GHE, Zero GHG warming, Zero CAGW.
    It’s that simple.
    It’s all science.
    It’s all over.”
    Nick Schroeder, BSME CU ‘78
    Colorado Springs, CO

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  2. I admit I have a difficulty with feeling upset especially these days with all of the madness going on all around us which stems I know directly from the darkest evil in existence; and most unholy alliances are forming on many levels of our societal fabric that forms our modern civilization. I know my unhappiness is not only more acute because of this undercurrent of continuous assault upon all that is good about we children of God’s, but also much is stirring in my own heart because of what I was subjected to over the last dozen years by vicious evil attacks upon my life on all levels even physically, causing pain, suffering and damage by corrupted people working within our own government; which I’m still battling with directly having had to file my own legal actions all the way to the US District Court without any attorney, to seek justice and help to correct the derailed American Justice System which has become a two tier arrangement and one where corrupt partisan agendas have now suppressed the individuals Constitutional Rights and Liberties; but I still count myself among the blessed to be able to carry on and seek out God’s will for me so that I can try to fulfill it as best I can before my time comes to pass from this world. But also, being a mere broken human being my frailty at times is catching up with me and my patience which I always had an abundance of is worn thin and my temper rises to confront opposition head-on of course only verbally, wherever and by whomever it comes from. I know that is not the best approach and I need to restore patience by means of my own intellect and wisdom and much more prayer to God through our “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” who will send the Comforter His Holy Spirit to help me in such dire times of need so that I won’t trip myself up and be overwhelmed with “emotion!”
    I also want to insert here, that we can plainly see that some of these political unholy alliances I refer to; that even the Pope is engaged in currently with these corrupted agendas including the United Nation’s with its enabling and promotion of them; are pushing to abandon Israel and the Jewish people or in plain simple terms “commit genocide upon God’s chosen, which would be a statement to the entire human race and God Himself that Jesus Christ is to be abandoned.”

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    1. Lies on top of old lies, that is their game! Very much like the old WWII Nazi Gestapo tactic!
      Leftists and Democrats have nothing to offer so all they can do is attack! Very sick! Greta has evil parents that use her to make money by propagating lies and hysteria! Very sad state of affairs in this world! Thank you sir.🙏


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