This is What Your Dystopian Leaders Have Planned for You

“Your mind is being conditioned in the media you see, the ideas and practices you are indoctrinated with especially subliminally”

High angle view of large group of happy young people holding smart phones and looking at the camera.



Group text

Now that you’ve been hooked they only need to reel you in; and they’re doing a damn good job as evidenced  by the sucker punch Plan-Demic that at least half of the US population took being real taking the JAB! The Puppet Masters got you played and they have another Real (Reel or Wheel) they are leading you to accept like caged rats!


“Your mind is being conditioned in the media you see, the ideas and practices you are indoctrinated with especially subliminally” when you watch TV or gaze into Cyber Space hour after hour being slowly but surely Programmed for Hell!

Now that they have you locked into the required mindset only a bit more conditioning to transform you into not couch potatoes but living, breathing human Gerbils that just do the tricks they are told, while sitting addicted to the Cyber World 24/7 with your phones that are almost surgically attached to you, and later to be accompanied by cyborg implanted chips that monitor your every move or behavior and even thoughts.

Screenshot_2022-04-24 Cubii TV Spot 2019

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A dystopia is a speculated community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is often treated as an antonym of utopia, a term that was coined by Sir Thomas More and figures as the title of his best known work, published in 1516, which created a blueprint for an ideal society with minimal crime, violence and poverty.Wikipedia

Definition of dystopia

1 : an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives There’s almost a flavor of science fiction to the scenes Chilson describes, as though he were giving us a glimpse into a 21st-century dystopia of mad egoism and hurtling hulks of metal.— Adam Goodheart Over the course of the movie, the late-60’s ideal of togetherness turns into a dystopia of violence, revulsion and finally death.— John Leland

2 : anti-utopia sense 2 writing a dystopia … leaping across the century to the 1990’s to attempt a dystopia about the disintegration of Australian democracy into startling, irreversible despotism.— Pearl K. Bell

Image: People use their smartphone to take photos on the Champs Elysees avenue during a public event in Paris
People use their smartphone to take photos of the L’Oreal fashion show on the Champs Elysees avenue during a public event organized by French cosmetics group L’Oreal as part of Paris Fashion Week, France, October 1, 2017. REUTERS/Charles Platiau


You have no rights and you will do as you are told period!



Getting children used to the term transitioning, transgender and transformed!


Zombie Apocalypse coming at ya!




Klaus Schwab wants you to die

The worlds most prolific serial killers in human history drew first blood!

Devil Gates





When this satanic SOB had 8 years as an instrument of the Globalists to poison!

Gates evil

Now actively altering the human race to their diabolical specifications!

Build back fucked

Cult Pope

This human waste product have been key implementers of the takeover  !




Satan’s own now have a majority of the human race on a digital string!


The Antichrist is rising to power and hard resistance is long overdue!


Are we feeling like Suckers and Fools yet; We Damn Well Should!
Here is a little video I posted back on March 14, 2020-Gee isn’t this the  Truth!

My COVID-19 Meltdown

And here is another Gem of a video I posted back on January 1st 2020 just before the Plan-Demic kicked into high-gear with that KID Greta speaking for the World Economic Forum which we can plainly see now was to get people into a fearful Frenzy just before MSM and world leaders pounced with Lock-Downs!  But it wasn’t planned right?  Well if you think that, sorry; WRONG!

A Poster Child of the Coming Apocalyptic World

Time to Confess, Repent and Seek God Almighty through Jesus is NOW!!!


Jesus take my heart sm print

Screenshot_2021-07-19 Why Did Jesus Say 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life' in John 14 6 (3)

Jesus hugs sm print

Jesus with hands to us sm print


Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

For your additional consideration:

If you found any of this helpful or interesting you may find the April 11, 2022 posting which actually came up as one of the 3 suggested articles at the bottom of the page, that was an update of what I had written about this topic back in both April and September of 2020 containing some world class expert perspectives which I leave the following excerpt as a sort of cursory benchmark for you to decide.


“The last several decades have seen the explosion of technology bringing many creature comforts and pastimes to the masses which lulled everyone into trusting man and machine more than God, until it more recently got out of hand or took off in earnest with the “digital age” at a “fever” pitch which is now upon us, where everything is micromanaged, even down to what the individual thinks or will do and not do.  We’re rapidly heading toward becoming a race of societies banded together by one core element, Control.” 

Jeremiah 17:5

Thus says the Lord: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man
and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the Lord.”

I did write previously back in September of 2020 how not only the MSM was being used as a propaganda machine for these powerful individuals to coax and manipulate the populace but new technologies were already deployed and being perfected to use mind control via radio and light energy frequencies to manipulate brain wave activity and consciousness via cell phones, computers, television and even music with embedded coding being transmitted to our brains over time to program first the most susceptible and then massive segments of the population with very precise targeting of certain individuals who  are needed to get this plan fully implemented and maintained in the necessary modality until the complete control is in place!

Why are imperfect corrupted humans making artificial intelligence when we can’t even live well enough among ourselves or fix our own tragic defects; why would we even begin to think like a madman Bill Gates that we can build some intelligent being; and for what purpose to make the world more chaotic?  Have we been working so diligently to find out why people don’t all get along, and love each other or how to fix that problem that is apparently inherent in us since Cain slew his own brother Abel?

Back in April of 2020 I became aware of a hostile entity that was taking over hearts and minds which I actually had some clues to this happening several years prior when I was targeted by nefarious diabolical persons that I later discovered were connected all the way to the Vatican and the fraud pope!  I was becoming acutely aware that our government was a massive charade and a deflection disinformation cover campaign was in full operation via many national and international agencies that are no longer serving the people of the world but are actually working against them with plans to gradually destroy most of us citizens of earth!

 “Lawyers & experts reveal evidence for world dictatorship under the guise of pandemics”

Author: Lawrence Morra

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