Locked in a 10×10 Room with a Democrat

“Bates Hotel Territory in a Hitchcock Psycho Ward”

Bates Motel docu

What’s it like for a Republican to be living with a Democrat during a pandemic lock-down and having to avoid each other as much as possibleWhat a dilemma; being complete opposites on the political spectrum!  And, making it especially difficult is how Democrats deny facts and truth at all costs, sometimes even going so far as to get rid of it; one way or the other!

Scarecrow Wizard of OZ 3.jpg

Sort of like being locked in a 10×10 motel room with the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz! Yikes!!!! OH MY!!! But, he is a smiling jolly sort of fellow; though brain deprived!
I guess someone is either off to see the Wizard or just Going Off their Rocker, oh, ooh, that could be the “Bates Hotel Territory in a Hitchcock Psycho Ward!

Norman Bates docu.jpg

Sounds like so much fun maybe even like a barrel of monkeys, but in this barrel one of the monkeys has rabies!  This actually got me thinking what effect the pandemic will have on all those unhappily married couples in the world that usually are like passing ships in the night hardly seeing each other working  different  shifts and having many outside of the home recreational activities!

Psycho scream docu 3.jpg

But, now everyone is supposed to maintain social distancing and self-quarantine, avoidance of other people as much as possible!  Can this be the beginning of the collapse of society at large or in the least the start of flooded divorce courts and packed prisons with individuals with domestic violence charges and pending long delays for trial!

Noman Bates trunk of car.jpg




Bloody  Mary.jpg


Psycho Hitchcock and Norman docu.jpg

Lawrence Morra


We all Go A Little Mad Sometimes  “Norman Bates”


Truth about Mother


Psycho shower scene *(adults only)* No Weak Hearts


10 Stupidest things said by Democrats

Hopefully you all laughed; even the unhappily married couples and maybe by chance many of you Democrats!  Ciao!!!

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

15 thoughts on “Locked in a 10×10 Room with a Democrat”

    1. Hi Jeanne! Hope you and Larry are great! I know you are cooking up a storm with all this time around the home! Hey, I softened up the original Idea which would have been scarier like you allude to but then I said I don’t want to really scare people do I? So, then I said it has to be more about laughs and maybe even a few people could wake-up especially some Dems, LMAO!!! Thanks for great comment and I did a little piece and others with the Twilight Zone Motif, actually one of my favorite shows on the cable and have many copies of the shows!
      This is the one I mean. “The Blog that Never Was, Yet”
      Feb 2, at 10:02 PM
      Let me know how you feel about it and keep in touch, I’ll be looking for you more too! God bless you both and thank you again dear Lady!

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      1. 🤗 I was hoping that because it was the original intent; and one of my sisters who was always on the same wavelength with me growing up felt that way too! She was really getting a kick out of it so I was hoping for you to have a similar reaction and fun too!!! So glad you did and I’ve had a whacky day so I may have to catch up and see what you’ve been cooking on here and comment tomorrow instead of tonight! Didn’t get much sleep the last few nights! Let’s keep in touch and you are the best Jeanne! Big hugs and will include you guys in my prayers tonight! 🤗

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      2. Thank you Jeanne! Hope all is well with you and smooth sailing! A few glitches here this morning but now I’m moving ahead slowly and still tired even after a good hike earlier with my dog! 🙂

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      3. They sure are Jeanne! Although I felt compelled to tell some guy to take a hike of the not so good kind the other day! Because he was an obnoxious arrogant troll like man that I could only compare to a stubborn alcoholic in denial saying something so stupid on some ladies blog post who wouldn’t take a hint graciously. I had to remind him he wasn’t on Facebook and that he was on Word Press. I had a few other words for him then blocked his account! So back to the good hikes; it’s the wee hours here and I’m about to head out with my dog for a longer one before it warms up too much for her. This should be a least 5 miles and lots to view along the way! I’ll try to catch you on the other-side of that! Have a lovely morning. Ciao. 🤗

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  1. Hi Lawrence !
    This made me laugh.😁 You use some good adages , like a ‘barrel of monkeys’, or going ‘off their rocker’.
    And, you also make good points in your comments on relationships.
    During difficult times, the true nature of relationships shows through – strong relationships grow even stronger, while troubled relationships become even more strained.
    Thanks for posting.🤗

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    1. 🤗 Hi Sally my dear Friend! Once again you crystalize the commentary perfectly for me!!! You’re like a professor for me! I was initially going to go more for the scarier aspect because I’m a horror and sci-fi buff but then I did wake-up and think about what you just said how people are having it very tough and then with economic issues and depression it is very serious and some couples are in dire trouble, so, I really said at the bottom how I feel and hope any of them will avoid conflict perhaps realizing or actually have an epiphany from all of this about what really matters and that sometimes things can get much better if both persons in the relationship see the light together and want to be kind and willing to be humble to one another! We say our prayers for the ones having the worst and all the rest hopefully they get a couple of laughs too! Thank you so much again Sally! 🤗
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      1. Hi Lawrence….I chuckled when you said I was a ‘professor’ for you, but thank-you…
        Yes, the uncertainty can bring difficulty for everyone, and hopefully, these days will give people motivation to work on their communication skills. As you say, a skilled communicator has the motivation of being kind, and always speaks from a position of humility and respect.
        Thanks again. ( I like when you said that couples will ‘see the light’ ) 🤗

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      2. 🤗 Thank you again Sally! Glad you got some chuckles and it is funny but at the same time true that you are a great mentor or professor!!!
        We are on the same radar screen on many tropics and I’m glad this one especially, because what you just pointed out here is exactly what many people need very badly and even many of us who are doing well in this department can always look things over and make sure something hasn’t been missed or overlooked and maybe even needs a tune-up! In other worlds another adage fully applies here; “there is always room for improvement,” and I sure will be trying to make a few soon! Always a pleasure to hear from you and everything you say means so much to me! Ciao!
        Lorenzo 🤗 🙏🙏

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      3. Hi again Sally! I’m off to bed but something just came to me which I suppose I should consider a good development because some other considerable Blogging and News forces took note of my article and dovetailed it to some major new developments which I wasn’t even aware of yet! This looks more like the good guys are gaining serious ground and the despicable types like this animal from hell are going to be getting God’s justice but also before they leave this earth! Remember how we’ve discussed and seen how the Dots are being connected through God’s Holy Spirit!

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      4. You’re welcome Sally! The main thing is even with what appears to be an encouraging sign for things to improve and justice to be served it’s all in God’s hands so I’m trying to be balanced about it and not expect too much too soon, because of past experience having high hopes only to be disappointed. I hear some Christians profess after saying a prayer that they claim this or that result because the Lord will grant it if you are devout being mindful that the Lord wants us to achieve the result we believe it appropriate. I’m not so sure it can work that cut and dry and sometimes a person can pray for something incessantly and nothing relating to the prayer request comes. I think what I’m trying to say it’s not like talking to Santa and making a list but more about staying faithful no matter what the outcome, not to deviate from our faith; and trust in Him. This controversy with this presidential candidate is just one in a litany of points to be made why he is far from being an unsuitable human being to be running the most powerful country on the planet; his character and integrity are in serious doubt along with the fact he has been caught saying and doing things red handed that were wrong on a number of levels; and he is obviously unbalanced. So, therefore I’m very concerned, but still I must leave it all with the Lord at the end of the day, I can only do so much hoping and praying for this particular concern to be corrected sooner rather than later!. 🤗

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