Tiger Woods enrages left by saying what they’ve deemed off-limits in George Floyd response

Dear Erin Coates,
Forgive my tense and hard words but truth must be brought to the surface and held up for all to see. I appreciate your candor as well as your bold commitment to ensure that a full measure of justice will be served in this and all critical matters of injustice that our Republic is facing.
The Left can take a long walk off a short pier! They along with the criminal conspirators of the MSM have done nothing positive for this country in years as they nefariously plot and scheme with the Nazi Dem party to run this country off the rails and allow communism to take hold; so they’re putting spin on anything they can to ruin the Trump Presidency which is outright treason sedition while they have continually run the narrative of how bad things are so they could do just what they are doing now, as they had fomented all of this violence! The individuals responsible for a death only needed to be held accountable by the judicial system as they indeed are but there was absolutely no excuse or reason for all of this evil mayhem and deprivation of our already ailing society from the Corona Plandemic which had killed hundreds of thousands around the globe and did the world or America erupt into this horror over all of those unfortunate souls who were basically murdered by a NWO scheme, and the Dem party is in there with this whole catastrophe I assure you just in light of the fact that we know since Trump was elected president they worked overtime with the devil to bring him down with all false and concocted lies or falsehoods that God is going to hold every one of the responsible despots responsible for it! The Dem Party with the former director of the FBI Comey the CIA’s Brennan , DNI’s Clapper, Special Council Mueller, George Soros and a slew of others were involved in a coup d’état to destroy the Trump Presidency and they all should be in GITMO! Where was the justice and outrage by all of these fomenters that exploded into to mayhem over one man being murdered, but it would be legitimate regarding how our Nation was being attacked from within by outright traitors?

All this anguish and anger lashing out at anything and anybody, all of which had nothing to do with Floyd’s death, needed to be addressed in a totally different way; but it wasn’t because nefarious powers that are quite diabolical even our MSM saw an opportunity to spin this matter into what we have witnessed! This has been and is nothing short of war and good against evil.
The only place to place it is at the cross, because this is trouble like never before and biblical prophecy is at hand. So much evil is at work in this country alone that I don’t see a path to any proper resolution, because too many major injustices have been committed by our own Dem party’s highest ranking officials including and especially Obama, which they continue to get away with so what about that injustice and all the waste and evil they have fomented! I’m pissed off like you don’t want to know!
I demand justice too and who is protesting and marching for these atrocities and treason? Nothing happens; but now one man is dead and the country rips open with all this madness and destruction? And they protest; but who was this upset about what Pelosi and Schiff and the rest of the conspirators have done, especially in light of the truth that they concocted everything; all lies? The men that caused Floyd’s death should be handled by the judicial system like any other criminals; that happens every day and it isn’t just Blacks, Whites and Hispanics are victimized every day, and children are abused and raped and murdered too, and does the whole country explode over any of those martyrs? This is being played and the spin by the media and the left agenda to milk it for all its worth, is abhorrent; that Al Sharpton won’t let a bad Black against Whites story go to waste as he makes it an us against them story as he did in the past, that exploitative heel made a fortune race baiting and puking his guts out taking advantage of any situation to further his own agenda. Evil is at work overtime. It wants to win at any cost, even destroying this Nation or the planet. The Communist Chinese Party is licking its chops and isn’t ever going to be a friend we know for sure! The outpouring of ungodliness from hell itself has been prophesied for the end time, and it is already in the works! Demonic influence and possession has increased exponentially and the Church knew this over the last couple of decades that this was coming, so it prepared more exorcist priests. But, nothing is stopping this abomination, only God can do that now. Lord have mercy on our wicked twisted man-made evil ways of the world. Amen.
Lawrence Morra
Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,”
Here is an appropriate article I wrote one month ago.


By Erin Coates

Tiger Woods was quickly criticized after he broke his silence about the death of George Floyd and released a statement Monday evening on Twitter.

The 44-year-old golfer said that his “heart goes out to George Floyd, his loved ones and all of us who are hurting right now.

“I have always had the utmost respect for our law enforcement,” Woods said.

“They train so diligently to understand how, when and where to use force.”

He added that he learned from the Los Angeles riots in 1992 that education is the best way to move forward.

“We can make our points without burning the very neighborhoods that we live in,” Woods wrote.

“I hope that through constructive, honest conversations we can build a safer, unified society.”

Fans and other Twitter users were quick to criticize his statement.

“Soft. You golf…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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